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Introducing Geography: Here’s Why

Map drawing, like reading, or algebra, is a difficult skill to learn, and if an 8-year-old were to place a map of the United States and say “draw this,” the child would be as overwhelmed as if he were himself. faced reading Shakespeare before he could read The Cat in the Hat, and would quickly give it up. Sure, a child can understand and appreciate the story of Hamlet as well as read the map at the age of 8, but if you ask your child to READ or DRAW the map, that’s a different story. A child’s intellect far exceeds his skill, and if you demand too soon from his skill, you can forever extinguish the desire to have more. and locations by states, provinces, and countries. By doing so, I hope to invite them further into the beautifully complex world of geography. Read: how to draw canada Are these drawings cartoons? Absolutely, and in the best sense of the word. The word “cartoon” is of medieval origin and means what we now call a “sketch”, which the artist drew as he came up with or prepared to draw his masterpiece. By getting students to draw “cartoon” maps, I hope to give them the confidence to one day try real things.

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Read more: How to make a wedding bouquet with chrysanthemums Whenever we discuss a person, place or thing, there is a “place” about it. Where were they born? Where do they live? Where did it happen? Where is it made? Geography is a necessary, if unopposed, key element in these discussions. A child who knows where Ohio, China, or Togo is, will get more out of such discussions than a child who doesn’t. All the books about history, literature, and science will become broader and deeper for children who are already acquainted with the world around them, who know the land. Through books and videos, a child can virtually travel to faraway places; Geography will augment those trips and his journey will be much richer because he knows where he is going. Read more: How to throw a knife at the breaking point.

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