Do’s And Don’ts When Using Sawtooth Hangers

Hanging something on the wall sounds pretty straightforward until finding the right hardware becomes a guessing game. D-rings, keychains, serrated hangers, alas… even if you narrowed it down to a cog hanger, which would you use? These little guys are some of the most common on the back of something destined to hang on the wall. Serrated hangers are easy to attach, providing great hanging flexibility and savings. know about cog hangers and more. So let’s learn about it…

First, what exactly is a cog hanger?


Serrated hangers are small metal bands with a flat edge on one side, and a serrated edge on the other. In other words, they look exactly like saws. They are best suited for wood-framed paintings and art that weigh less than 25 pounds. Serrated photo hangers come in all shapes and sizes. Some serrated hangers can be attached to the top rail of the frame via nails or screws, while some have prongs that can be driven directly to the frame. Here’s what you need to know about the different types of serrated hangers: Read more: how to reduce grain during a premiere

Different types of serrated hangers

  • Nailless Serrated Hangers – These are self-mounting hangers for wooden frames without nails or screws. When you have a lot of frames to hang, using these can be a good option to save time. You can choose nailless serrated hangers with black oxide or galvanized finish.

  • Serrated Hangers with Screws – These serrated hangers are safer than screwless hangers because they use screws. That means they’re ideal for slightly heavier artwork, like framed paintings, mirrors, and canvas art. You can choose from small, large and heavy duty serrated hangers with screws.

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  • Attaches to Serrated Metal Frames and Metal Frame Hangers – While most serrated hangers are for wooden frames, this variety works especially with metal frames. Simply attach it to the metal frame channel for a tight and secure fit.

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  • Plastic Serrated Glue – These are clear plastic hangers with strong adhesive that can withstand 3 pounds. They usually come in packs of 10, 30, and 100, but if you need to hang a lot or need to keep stock, you can order up to 1000 pieces here on the website. These serrated plastic hangers are great for hanging ultralight items like foam boards, overlay art, and maps.
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How to hang a picture with a serrated hanger

Read more: how to minimize particles in the premiere Read more: Yoyo Binding Tricks Hanging a picture with a serrated hanger is quick and easy. You will only need the following: Steps 1-3 will be about attaching the hanger to the back of your frame. Steps 4-5 will be about hanging it on the wall. Let’s start!

  • Place the frame face down on a flat surface. You can place a blanket underneath the frame to reduce the blowing force when you attach the cog. Check that the cog face is facing down while the plane is still on top.
  • Measure the top rail of the frame and find the center. Mark it down for your reference. That’s where the serrated hanger will be attached. PRO TIP: Use a piece of tape to secure the serrated mount in place while you hammer or screw it into the frame.
  • For a serrated hanger without nails, you can go ahead and hammer it down. For screw-type serrated hangers, attach the screws with a screwdriver.
  • To hang it on the wall, find where you want to hang the frame and leave a mark. Drill a hole appropriate to your anchor size. Then install screws or nails. Don’t forget to leave ⅛ inch open just so you can hang the frame.
  • Hang it up and admire your work. Don’t forget to use a level to straighten your frame!
  • Cog hangers are generally easy to use, but you may want to remember the do’s and don’ts when dealing with cog hardware.


    • Check that the item is within the weight limit of the cog hanger. Most cog hangers are only suitable for light paintings and artwork that weigh 25 pounds or less. However, we do have a special heavy duty hanger that can carry up to 250 lbs.
    • Use the right tools to attach the hanger to your frame. This may sound a bit redundant, but you’d be surprised how many people end up damaging their frames simply because they didn’t use the right tools when attaching the cog hangers. That said, if you’re using a screw-in serrated hanger, use a screwdriver. If it has nails, use a hammer. Note that these pieces of hardware are often small and can be more difficult to handle, so use extreme care when using these tools. PRO TIP: you can use painter’s tape to help you tap smaller nails without hammering your fingers. Here’s how to do it:
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    • Don’t choose a nail with a tip over a braided nail in the wall. Confused about which of the 2 nails to use in the wall? Go for the tip nail for extra safety. The nail head will act as a stopper to prevent the frame from falling. Make sure the nail is firmly anchored to the wall, then position the frame so that it is firmly engaged in the cog.

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    • Use 2-3 serrated hangers if the frame is longer than 2 feet (24 inches). This is to keep the frames larger and more stable. If you are using two, attach an equal one on each side. If you’re using three, attach one on the left side, one in the middle, and one on the right side.

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    • Do not attach serrated hangers to photo frames that weigh more than 25 pounds. Always remember that pound rankings are not cumulative. That’s a big word, but doesn’t simply mean you can’t use 2 regular serrated hangers for a 40-pound painting. We recommend using heavy duty serrated hangers instead. Not sure which hanger to use? Check out the weight instructions provided below.
    • Don’t stress too much about finding a wall nail to tap. Usually, picture frames have serrated hangers that are light enough to ignore the studs. But if you can nail or screw into the wall, go ahead. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.
    • Do not use serrated hangers for large and expensive works of art, especially those displayed in art galleries and museums. In fact, most galleries don’t accept framed artwork with serrated hangers. Professional hangers will say that the correct method of hanging is to use D-Rings and J-Hooks. Museums further secure their frame using a patch plate, a device that keeps it from moving and falling off the wall during an earthquake.
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    How to find the right serrated hanger

    Weight plays an important role when it comes to finding the right serrated hanger. It helps you determine the type of suspension hardware you should use. Check out this weight guide to help you choose the right hanger.Read more: how to reduce beads during a premiereRead more: Yoyo binding TricksRead more: how to reduce beads during premiereRead more: Yoyo hangersTo To find the right cog mount, you should first consider the right cog size and weight rating for your frame. We recommend using a picture rack that has a weight limit that exceeds the weight of your painting, artwork, or any wall decor. Lanyards will not hold your frame securely and may cause your frame to drop on the floor. It is even more dangerous for a heavy mirror or painting. It not only causes accidents, but expensive items will be crushed.


    When it comes to hanging light wood frames, you know you can count on a serrated mount for quick and easy repairs. You just need to find the right one based on 3 factors: weight, size and type of lanyard. Knowing all of this will hopefully make your picture rack hunt more like a fun grocery run than a guessing game. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments section below. Read more: Expedition rome how to pacify

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