DIY Blackout Roller Shades (Blackout Blinds): A Step-by-Step Guide

Looking for a way to get a nice and dark room, but don’t want to spend extra money?Today, I’m going to show you step by step how to make your own DIY blackout roller blinds (blackout curtains) with just a few inexpensive supplies.Read: How to create a blackout curtain

The importance of shadows


As a mother of two, I am a Bonafide Nap Nazi. Raising kids who can sleep well on their own is essential to the well-being of the ENTIRE family. Tired kids and tired parents definitely equate to fuss and laziness in our family (parents included)!BLACKOUTWhen my kids were toddlers, they had a hard time falling asleep in their bedrooms because their blinds didn’t block out much light. I know that I need a window off solution! Specifically one that will fit snugly inside the window frame and block the maximum amount of light so they can fall asleep faster. a store-bought power-off rollerball! No. Can not do it! And, as my 3-year-old son says, I decided to “Do it myself!” If you’re looking for more ways to cut costs for your baby, don’t miss these 35 Guaranteed Ways to Save Money on Your Baby!With just a few basic supplies, I decided to make my own DIY shading for less than $15!And let me tell you, I am NOT a crafty person. At all. And without a doubt, you don’t have to either! This simple guide will help you sleep soundly in your new dark room knowing you’ve saved HUGE. Read more: how to prevent the bed from movingTo make it easier for you, the list of supplies below includes links that will allow you to purchase the exact supplies from Walmart that I used in my guide to automatic screen shades. do this. Plus, if you shop at Walmart for your groceries, don’t miss our Ways to Save Money on Grocery: The OPTIMIZED Guide to Saving HUNDREDS of Grocery Bills Every Month! Let’s go through it together!

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How to create a do-it-yourself shading

Stich liquid and Encapsulated Blackout Panel used to make DIY roller ball without seam

Supplies needed

  • Sunshade control panel *
  • Liquid sewing fabric glue
  • Small curtain
  • Iron
  • Dominator


Step 1: Measure inside window frame for shade size.Step 2**: Add 4” to your measurements to create additional seams and margins to block light. For example, if your window is 36” x 60” then you would measure your shaded panel to be 40” x 64”.Step 3: Extend shade and iron to remove wrinkles.Scaled IMG 1063Step 4: Cut both the top and bottom edges of the curtain. (Note: make sure you have purchased a shade large enough to do this.) Then measure and cut out the window size you need.Step 5: Use a 1-1.5″ fabric hem ruler on both sides of the curtain. Starting with one side, iron the crease along the length of the shade, working in sections the entire length. Then repeat on the opposite side.Scaled IMG 1066Step 6: Apply fabric glue to the inside of the fold, press down slightly, and work each section along the length of the shade. Repeat on the double side. When finished, set the shade aside.Scaled IMG 1070Step 7: Take your miniblind, cut along the slats to remove the ladder rope holding the miniblind. Do not cut the thicker wire on the outer two parts. If your miniblinds have 3 sections, you can cut the wire thicker in the middle. Repeat this step to remove all ladder ropes.Small curtain with ladder rope held upRead more: how to know if your boyfriend is gayStep 8: Take the bottom bar of the blind and remove the cap. Untie the string, then slide off the little note bars.Scaled IMG 1071Step 9: Once the slats have been removed, re-thread the string through the rod, tie a small knot, and put the cap back on.Step 10: Take the shade with the seam facing up, place the kittens on top of the shade.Scaled DSC 0213Step 11: Focus on the top bar, making sure the front of the bar is facing down in the shade. Roll it up so you can then apply some fabric glue ONLY BELOW the FRONT of the stick. Then scroll down and press the glued front to the shade.Scaled DSC 0216Step 12: Working on the bottom bar, apply a generous amount of glue to the flat part at the bottom of the base. Then fold the shade up underneath the bar and press firmly.Step 13: Allow approx. 1 hour or more to dry completely. Once the glue dries, hang your new shade on the curtain rack! Note: you will not be able to slide the holder covers back into place. However, it must fit in the rack.Scaled DSC 0211

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Tips for DIY shading

*Make sure you’re buying a “Dim” shade and not just a “dark room” shade! There is indeed a difference and the shade will provide better light blocking.* QUICK VERSION: If you’re pressed for time and/or are planning to hang a decorative curtain outside your window to shade your shade, you can skip Steps 2 to 6 which will show you how to create a side border.The bright room with hanging curtains is compared to the same pitch black room after the DIY No Sew Blackout Shade was installedI hope you enjoyed this quick tutorial on how to make an easy and cheap roller ball! Read more: How to remove contact points with long nails

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