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Crews are specialized NPCs that reside on the player’s ship and often provide passive benefits. Up to twelve people can be recruited at a time, and up to two people at a time can follow the player anywhere in the universe, for short spells or aid in combat.Reading: do How to Start Crew?

Engage crew members


Crew members of most races can be obtained by gaining favor with regular NPCs, not merchants through quests. When an NPC decides that they want to join your ship, they will change to a Protector that is colored according to their potential job and can be added to the crew by interacting with them and click ‘rent’ when you have space in both your landing party and on your Ship. (While merchant NPCs assign tasks, they never become crew.) Not all types of NPCs can become all crew types. Depending on their type, their crew type chances are as follows:

  • General NPCs that are not Merchants: 14.3% Minion, 3.6% Blue Chemist (Jump), 3.6% Green Chemist (Run), 3.6% Yellow Chemist ( Glow), 3.6% Orange Chemist (Rage), 14.3% Engineer, 14.3% Mechanic, 14.3% Medic, 14.3% Janitor, 14.3% Tailor
  • General Guardian, Tenant: 50% soldier, 25% engineer, 25% mechanic
  • Miniknog researcher, Hazmat scientist and scientist: 25% blue chemist, 25% green chemist, 25% yellow chemist, orange chemist 25 %
  • Electrician: 50% engineer, 50% mechanic
  • Charity and social network: 100% Tailor
  • Apex Rebel: 25% minion, 25% engineer, 25% mechanic, 25% potion

Also, there are two other ways to get crew members:

  • Penguin crew members can be hired with voiceovers from Beakeasy once the Penguin encounter is complete in the current universe. All penguin mercenaries have a job as Soldier.
  • When on a quest to kill an NPC, that NPC, once in low health, sometimes decides to surrender and asks you to lower your weapon (done by switching to non-weapon items or empty-handed). {Z by default}). If the NPC doesn’t decide to betray your trust, doing so will allow you to recruit them. They will always have Outlaw jobs.
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Effects on the train

Read more: how long does asphalt dry | Top Q&ACrew members that provide ship effects will either periodically upgrade the ship or will provide passive effects to all crew members and party members on board. When they are not tracking the player, the crew members will act like regular NPCs, interacting with other objects on board and with each other. Every two ship members recruited unlocks a new ship upgrade quest just outside the Outpost in the shipyard. Penguin Pete will increase the ship size provided the player has both the crew and the correct number of Upgrade Modules. The player’s initial ship can hold 2 crew members, and each of the 5 upgrades increases the crew capacity by 2; therefore, a ship of maximum size can accommodate 12 crew members.


Players can talk to crew members on their ships to add them to their party. When in a party, crew members follow the player. Up to two crew members can follow the player at the same time; however, you won’t be able to recruit more crew members to your ship if you already have two crew members on your team (although new crew members come directly to the ship). The party will accompany the player to planet surfaces, outposts, and quests, and will battle monsters and enemies. Crew health and combat strength are calculated according to the player’s currently equipped armor. Crew members will respawn on board when killed and will return to the ship if the player does (even if the player is killed). If a player respawns on the ship because the player died, they will leave the party. If left behind, party members will teleport to the player’s location unless they are ordered by the player to stay where they are.

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Crew role

Read more: how to keep yarn tangle-free Each crew member has an assigned role. Each role provides a benefit to the player or ship. The color of each crew member’s uniform corresponds to their role. Roles can be reviewed under the ‘Crews’ tab in the onboard SAIL. Color Name Role Helper Ship Benefits Traveling Chemist Benefits Green chemist Jump status Jump Boost (continuous) Jump status Jump Boost (temporary – 30 seconds) Green stimulus package Green chemist Running status Run Boost (continuously) Running status Run Boost (temporary – 30 seconds) orange stimulus pack Orange chemist status Rage (persistent) status Rage (temporary – 30 seconds) yellow stimulus pack Yellow chemist status Glow (continuous) status Glow (temporary – 90 seconds) Engineer None Increases ship’s movement speed by 10% No Cleaner None Attempts to be helpful. No Mechanical None Increases ship fuel efficiency by 10%. 2nd crewman add 5%, 3rd 2.5%, etc. No Medic None status Regeneration (persistent) status Reborn (temporary) Outlaw None None Combat Support Soldiers No Combat Support Tailor None Changed crew uniforms NPC and available crew NPCs waiting to be recruited Not available


The tailor role allows you to change your uniform between a specified default Protector uniform or a custom uniform based on what you are wearing when talking to the tailor. Your crew members will wear colored versions of the one you designate to indicate what their role on board is.


Engineers also aid in combat on the move, although it is thought that they are not as powerful as warrior types such as the Soldier and Outlaw classes. Other crew classes can also assist in combat. The tailor did not leave the ship.

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Crew members can be fired from duty through the SAIL ‘Crew’ tab. This can be effectively used to create space for recruited crew members. Should you choose to remove one.


Some Achievements require the user to perform crew-related tasks. Read more: how to build a shoebox Name Description Request First First Mate Recruit your first crew member. Recruit a sailor to your ship. The captain of Captain of the Year Recruit at least 12 crew members. Recruitment 12 sailor to your ship. A Motley A Motley Crew Recruit a crew member from all races. It’s like a tiny guardian. Recruit a sailor from each race. Feathered Feathered Friend Recruit a penguin mercenary from Beakeasy. Recruit a penguin crew member use dubloon at Beakeasy.

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