[Counter Guide Anti-Mage] – Dota 2 – Hướng dẫn cách khắc chế Anti-Mage ở vị trí Carry, Pusher

“Those who rely on Magic will fail under my knife” Read: how to fight anti mage



Anti-mage is a hero that has a slight reduction in the late game. With very fast farming (shares top net value with guys like Alchemist, Prophet of Nature, Juggernaut, …). So how to counter Anti-mage? Let’s find out together.


1. Detailed system statisticsStatistics of Anti Mage2. Strengths, Weakness Stats

  • Refineation of AM is high compared to the common ground of Agi physiological systems, mana is quite low. Commercial launch point in normal format (49-53), port 2.14 too sida

=> In general, AM has health stats in a stable format, low mana but AM also can’t have “mana drain”, damage like enough to hit / get rejected in the end. The important thing is that this kid’s stats are pretty low, so there’s a very low chance of harassment from a running rating while he’s a short-armed hero.

  • Looking at the Stats only, noob know Anti-mage belongs to the Agi genre with quite high Agi gain at each level and the other 2 are like clothes (see its Str increase with each level you can see)

=> AM has the advantage of damage and speed. Agi gain each lv high but for the game with the damage of effect

  • This guy’s movement speed is 315, so the access ability is top of the line (those are the skills that have not been mentioned). Super delicious rating 0.84, BAT 1.45 is top of game

3. Strengths and weaknesses in skills

  • [sk mana-break]: young AM drains the mana of individuals with mana bars and gives additional dmg based on the % of mana lost by the enemy, until the enemy’s mana is depleted, stop giving bonus dmg

=> Usually, this guy will take about 1-2 points of this skill at the beginning of the game to farm as well as the enemy’s magic power, later it will be raised to the 2nd or 3rd maximum in the game of arbitrary formation. This Zhao is out of the meeting of the people, it is it but is a very important piece in the end [sk mana-void]

  • [sk blink]: AM instantly teleports to the selected location, can avoid hitters and can fly skills (well it’s that simple, nothing more to say)

=> This is AM’s multi-application skill, helping us to escape, camp, sometimes fly up to save lives in the early stages of the game and quickly enter / exit the battle at the end of the game (with comments). , AM still uses this skill to run the engine, call it a man if you don’t pretend) => Due to the flexibility of this skill, it can be converted to world AM, by all means give it multiplies. event before it turns and flies away. The nullifying skills corresponding to it are usually skills that do not have projectiles (eg Bane’s lull, Bane’s ulti, some animals’ silence, .. etc.)

  • [sk spell-shield]: Allowance for it only. Because this name is Anti-fun… ah, it’s Anti-mage, so it must have something in front of the three pots and pans that the enemy hits in the face. When AM learns its maximum magic resistance will increase to 66%, adding a little more blood will be in his ulti [h skywrath-mage] anyway, it’s a bank
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=> This is the second brand of AM to get but by itcarbonate like object, very difficult to take down if your team has little trade physics. If it upgrades this skill with [i aghanims-scepter] there are more fun games

  • [sk mana-void]: AM makes a flash and a small highlight causes the target to twitch in the morning. If someone blatantly shoots mana all the way through, the mana bar will gain a lot of dmg based on a number with the mana lost.

=> summon this skill again, it will have a very strong effect when available [sk mana-break] support, add to the action of the arcade like the water of the previous core, specializes in treating puppets for a lot of mana, so do whatever you want, don’t stand in front of any of your team with a tank. big mana rub the whole team color


AM has quite a variety of construction skills, depending on the situation he will build as follows:[sk mana-break] at lvl 2 3 7 8Read more: How to get water out of the charging port[sk blink] at lvl 1 4 9 11[sk spell-shield] at lvl 5 13 14 16[sk mana-void] at lvl 6 12 18 This construction will usually be preserved completely to farm, so it will be very aggressive. However, because many points add up for [sk spell-shield] should AM is very easy sml before dmg allow, the clock only number of it ban start is also not high. Please call the roamer, the ganker inquires about its health as soon as possible.[sk mana-break] at lvl 2 13 14 16Read more: How to get water out of the charging port[sk blink] at lvl 1 4 9 11[sk spell-shield] at lvl 3 5 7 8[sk mana-void] at lvl 6 12 18This construction usually comes with [i poor-mans-shield] When going on the road, making the guy with the head look like a buffalo, the dmg block like a dog is very difficult to kill. The weakness of this construction is that the mechanism of AM is not high, and at the same time [sk mana-void] very difficult to actively use due to the plus point [sk mana-break] too little, it always depends on the opponent’s allowed work for us to see if it runs out of mana or not. To summarize this way of building, it will stick to the farm, not going anywhere, so you have to put in constant effort for it from any farm.

  • How to build Co Ca (Miracle):

[sk mana-break] at lvl 2 13 14 16[sk blink] at lvl 1 3 5 7[sk spell-shield] at lvl 4 8 9 11[sk mana-void] at lvl 6 12 18These builds come with item [i vanguard] to AM can go to go up from the soon, dmg allow or dmg tay are all very difficult to kill AM. This way, your team to be hard socket that you are staggered, protect the core very well, can’t gank the network anyway, it will build up very slowly, no matter what, it will go to the forest to do farming. You are known to use to use a few [i sentry-ward] and [i observer-ward] to block camp?


  • As soon as the mode selects AM, pick yourself the right hero to access it immediately. If you play side-by-side, there will be a lot of different lineups that you can exchange directly during the pick phase, but if you queue solo…. look at the team you choose to the 2nd or 3rd hero to make the right choice (this is SEA’s Server)
  • AM that is rush [i battle-fury] as soon as possible. You have to 2 the option in this section: gank it sml, or push the clean up to your external, it must back to the base that farm near base I feel lazy to buy a bunch of wards and block the jungle monster to kill it. If not, it’s done [i battle-fury]it will close [i manta-style] in the middle of the game. Now your team is starting to work hard
  • Towards the late game, if there is a result, AM will be extremely monstrous in this period, a company with super heavy debt. The rest if both sides are equal, always beware of it, this guy is a saint Rat, can move lanes very quickly, as for combat, if it is closed [i skull-basher] or weirder than a tree [i abyssal-blade]it’s very easy, someone goes to Tay Thien in a few notes
  • Most combat AMs will jump in to deal with weak targets that generate a lot of mana first (support, nuker). So if any man plays in this position, cover each other with captions, and at the same time keep a distance from the guy who is being beaten by AM, he will be startled. [sk mana-void] be healthy and die unjustly with that guy
  • Pay attention to keep your distance, especially when AM has just rushed at you, if you disable anything, go straight to its face and then run away to keep your distance, slithering into the woods is the best so it can’t slash in the right direction. orientation for [sk blink] Okay
  • Please ensure more than view are being with [i observer-ward]especially the positions where the enemy often ambushes (underground bushes on both sides of lane 1, places where few people go)
  • If it’s late game, the guy AM plays the game, but usually it will be very long like top or bot, socket [i observer-ward] on the slant, the map is for warning (that place can plug wards, can’t be plugged in), if there is a turn, the 100% AM guy will fly into the forest to tele back or wait for the next mouse, with that scene eye , you can completely kill it
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Items that are always included in AM’s set items: [i manta-style] [i abyssal-blade] [i battle-fury] and near this is [i aghanims-scepter]1 – 2 slots left will be its love story. I come here to consider the game mission done


1. Hero-Group has a nose-blocking momentum:[h dazzle] [h winter-wyvern] [h outworld-devourer] [h shadow-demon] [h shadow-shaman] [h lion] [h bane] [h pudge]These are the heroes who carry skills that are able to destroy the AM very effectively – Illusion user group (for you to be confused, young man):[h phantom-lancer] [h terrorblade] [h naga-siren] [h chaos-knight]-Hard group disable:[h shadow-shaman] [h lion] [h enigma] [h magnus] and one more left- Hardcore carry group: after all, AM is much more likely to mix up than other hard carries, so nurturing these carries well will make AM can only mouse without greed can fight:[h troll-warlord] It’s still not awake until next year’s New Year (if it’s still too late, still beat it) Read more: how to draw stairs step by step[h phantom-assassin] naturally touch it, it cuts blood for it[h faceless-void] no matter how fast he is, as long as he knows one of his cages, he will definitely die with the Void (unless the void guy is just a guy who knows how to capture cages but not farm)[h sven] If you go solo 1vs1 with this guy, you should check your crazy talent[h legion-commander] one [sk duel] then buy [i aghanims-scepter] also no application, always 4k2 gold[h outworld-devourer] This is the only Int hero that doesn’t have AM, it will slam AM if it’s properly geared-Special group:[h doom] Well, this one is free to discuss[h bloodseeker] he can do AM for any month when he wants, and normally, the more he flies, the more he dies[h razor] AM aggressive [sk blink] big, beige razor [sk static-link] into cheers for a walk. Item[i heavens-halberd] lock hands without hitting, AM will run around not knowing what to do (it has a caption, this dish is useless, wait for it to come out)[i force-staff] Extend the distance to prevent AM from slashing[i scythe-of-vyse]: The play comb has finished hitting the ball[i euls-scepter-of-divinity]: If no Scythe of Vyse, here is also a select to the worthy[i ghost-scepter] [i ethereal-blade] These 2 items will ghost form for selected targets, ez counter. Oh, there’s no buff for anyone who runs out of mana boom [sk mana-void] dead all time[i blade-mail] play dry blood (contraindicated for these intermittent blood guys)

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  • Choose line up and match hero counter
  • Please make all the way of the AM by way constantly asking for health from the lane
  • Protect your vision to prevent AM from engaging in pornography and then brushing your ass off, but the group can’t do anything about it
  • If there’s a chance, it should be absorbed as quickly as possible if a fight takes place
  • Counter with items from cheap to luxurious
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