Chinese Frog Fasteners : 5 Easy Types {Tutorial}

The Chinese Frog closure brings charm to the tough world of screws. In addition to the decorative element, this is a very quick and easy to apply lanyard Read: how to make a frog lanyard A Chinese frog lanyard consists of a button and a button loop. Neither the button nor the button loop is the usual type but consists of loops and knots making it a very attractive fastener for clothes and accessories. You can make them in complementary colors to match your clothes and sew them into your pockets or clothes for just an oriental touch or decoration. Silk rope / Rayon makes a beautiful Chinese frog lanyard. You can make a 1/4 inch or 3/8 inch wide fabric tube – follow the instructions here to make a thin fabric to make chinese screwsYou can use a hand stitch and sew all the way down the underside with small stitches, to secure the folds, loops, and knots. Frog rings are usually 3 inches long and about 1.5 inches wide. with a loop and a button to close it together. They are mainly made of rayon, polyester and cotton blends. The ones that are available in the market are. But the ones available on the market are almost always too expensive and too big for me. Once you make this lanyard, you can make it with any string, cord, or rouleau loop (see this tutorial for making a spool of fabric to make a frog loop).How to make Chinese Frog PinsChinese frog lanyard: Method 1Chinese frog lanyardThis is the simplest Chinese bow tie you can do. Knotting is made by folding the rope in half and stitching it in place 1/2 inch from the fold. For buttons, you can knot them. Follow the steps below. Fold the wire as shown in the image below.Chinese frog lanyardChinese frog lanyardChinese screw makingChinese style frog crochet sewing tutorialChinese frog latch – Method 2Chinese frog latchsewing screws ChinaChinese screw makingRead more: how to print front and back on google docs Create a button section by starting with a button (as done before) in the middle.Chinese frog latchChinese screw makingChinese frog latch: Method 3.Chinese screw makingYou can make very attractive screws this way.Chinese screw makingChinese screw makingChina closed frogturk's-head-knot-1-compressorChinese frog lanyard. Method 4how to make a chinese frogTo make this Chinese lanyard, you can curl the loops and then sew it in place.closed frogtypes of collarssewing buttonhole holeTo make the knot part of the lanyard, start with a knot in the middle and then continue creating the same types of loops and curls as in the knot part of the Chinese lanyard.Chinese frog latch: 5 easy styles {Tutorial}Chinese frog latch: Method 3Chinese frog latch: 5 easy styles {Tutorial}Chinese frog latch: 5 easy styles {Tutorial}Chinese frog latch: 5 easy styles {Tutorial}Read more: | Top Q&AChinese frog latch: 5 easy styles {Tutorial}Chinese frog latch: 5 easy styles {Tutorial}Chinese frog latch: 5 easy styles {Tutorial}Chinese frog latch: 5 easy styles {Tutorial}You can also make a Chinese frog lanyard using cotton rope. The instructions given are for a simple frog loop, I used a 50 cm (20 inch) piece of wire to make the side loop, for larger loops you obviously need more length. Just follow the pictures for instructions. I drew a cross that is 2 inches long and 1.5 inches wide. You can make it any size you want. Just thread it around this cross and use pins to keep it in place. I’ve done this on my iron but even on a hard surface the pin will stay until the end when you hand sew the whole thing securely together.Chinese frog latch: 5 easy styles {Tutorial}How to make a second loop with a knot Step 1 For the other loop, you will need a knot. For that, get cords of 50 cms or more (20 inches). Fold in half and start with the loop formed in the fold, left end under right end. Follow this tutorial to make the turkey head knot, it will give you the knot you need. Chinese frog latch: 5 easy styles {Tutorial}At the end of the knot when you tie the knot into a ball, you will have a long tail. Manipulate strings with three other loops. Secure with hand stitches. Step 2 Adjust the tail of the knotted knot to make three knots the same way you did the previous loop. Then push the end of the rope to the back and trim off the excess. Hand sew everything in place.Chinese frog latch: 5 easy styles {Tutorial}Chinese frog latch: 5 easy styles {Tutorial}How to attach a frog to your clothesYou’ll need to hand-stitch with some matching thread anchor stitches. First, pin it correctly to the garment. Then, hand-stitch all of the loops to the garment, making sure that it’s straight, not skewed. Also unfortunately closed loop (In there you will button) for outfits Linen coats, satin gowns, cute baby girl dresses, tote bags, decorative boxes -You can use them to fasten n number of things. A cloak can be fastened by this closure. Kimono jackets are another type of clothing that can use this fastener. So you don’t have to sew those vibrant oriental dresses yourself to sew frog clasps. 50 ways to sew fabric with patterns and texturesChinese frog latch: 5 easy styles {Tutorial}Chinese frog latch: 5 easy styles {Tutorial}Chinese frog latch: 5 easy styles {Tutorial}Read more: how to remove lead tape from a golf club

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