Bohnanza Game Rules

Bohnanza is all about growing, trading and harvesting beans. Trade beans with other players and plant them in your field. That is great fun! And the more beans you have on your field, the more gold coins you get when you harvest them. If you have the most gold coins at the end of the game, you win! The following rules describe an Initial Base Game for 3-5 players, with initial beans. Read: how to play bohnanza The three additional beans – Cocoa Bean, Wax Bean and Coffee Bean – are only used in the variation for up to 7 players. Game Rules Bohnanza

The components


  • 24 Coffee Bean Cards
  • 22 wax bean cards
  • 20 green bean cards
  • 18 chili bean cards
  • 16 Stink Passes
  • 14 green bean cards
  • 12 soybean cards
  • 10 black-eyed bean cards
  • 8 red bean cards
  • 6 Garden Bean Cards
  • 4 cards of cocoa beans
  • 7 3rd bean field cards
  • 1 little rule


Give one of the bean fields to each player. These mats have one side showing three bean fields and one side showing two fields: Game Rules Bohnanza

  • If there are three players, use a mat with three bean fields facing up.
  • If there are four or five players, start with two bean fields each.

Game Rules BohnanzaChoose a starting player and give them the starting player card. (The second starting player card is a substitute if you need it – you can keep it in the box).Game Rules Bohnanza Shuffle all the cards and deal five cards to each player. Game Rules BohnanzaAttention: This is the most important rule of the whole game! You cannot change the order of the cards in your hand at any point during the game! The first card you are dealt is the first card in your hand. It is completely visible to you. Put all the other cards you get behind it, in the order they were drawn. You may never arrange your cards for any reason. Place the remaining cards in the center of the table like a draw pile, the gold coin face up. In the game, you will create a pile of junk next to it and a pile of gold coins in front of each player. Layout at the start of a four-player game: Game Rules Bohnanza

Play game

The starting player is the first active player. Then the players take turns going clockwise. The starting player holds the starting player card for the entire game. When it’s your turn, you play through the following four stages in order:

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  • Grow bean cards from your hand
  • Flip and trade the bean card
  • Plants are turned over and bean cards are traded
  • Draw a bean card
  • Important rules for growing beans: Game Rules BohnanzaYou can only plant one type of bean per field at a time, you are allowed to plant the same bean in two different fields at the same time, but two types of beans are not allowed in the same field. Your fields overlap, as shown on the left.

    Stage 1: Grow bean cards from your hand

    Read more: how to make a rocket model for a school project You must plant the first card in your hand (i.e. fully visible card) in one of your fields (see both illustrations below) . Game Rules BohnanzaYou can then choose to plant an additional card – the card is now fully visible – to one of your fields (see both illustrations below). You cannot plant a third bean at this time. Game Rules BohnanzaWhen planting, you start or expand the tag column in the field. Game Rules BohnanzaIf you have to grow a bean you don’t have space for, you have to harvest a field first.. Game Rules BohnanzaIf you don’t have any cards in your hand at the start of stage 1, skip it and go straight to stage 2.

    Stage 2: Flip and Trade Bean Cards

    Game Rules BohnanzaFlip the top two cards from the draw pile and place them face up for all players to see. . Game Rules BohnanzaExample #1: Natalie flipped Soy and Green Beans. She keeps Green Beans, but there’s no room for Soybeans in her bean field, so she trades them for other players. She asked: “Does anyone like this Soybean? I want to exchange it for a Red Bean.” Bean Trading Rules:

    • Only active players are allowed to trade with other players. Other players cannot trade with each other.
    • You can all transact using your hand cards, no matter where they are in your hand.
    • Active players can use two flipped cards to trade in addition to their own cards.
    • You cannot trade tokens you have received in a transaction.
    • You also cannot trade tokens in your fields.
    • You are allowed to exchange any number of beans for any number of other beans (e.g. two Green Beans for one Green Bean).

    Game Rules BohnanzaExample #2: No one wanted to deal with Natalie, so she suggested: “I’ll give you the Revealed Soybeans and Chili Beans from my hand for the Red Beans.” Game Rules BohnanzaNote: Only remove the pea from your hand once the transaction has been agreed. Both players must agree to the transaction. This way you can avoid discussions about the placement of the card in your hand after placing it out of order too soon. Do not add them to your hand! Example #3: Anna accepts Natalie’s offer of Soy and Chili Beans Natalie places it next to her bean field horizontally. Anna does the same with Soybeans and Chili Beans. Game Rules Bohnanza Game Rules BohnanzaRead more: how to make wedge pillowcases Note: As a special form of sale, you can also give bean cards to other players. However, the player receiving the gifts must agree to receive them. If they refuse, you can’t give them your card, you can continue trading for as long as you want, even if you run out of flip cards. When you want to stop, tell the other players. This ends phase 2.

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    Stage 3: Tree transfer and bean card transaction

    All players with horizontal cards next to their bean fields must now plant them. As an active player, you will also have to plant any flipped cards that you haven’t traded. You can plant your new bean cards in any order you choose. Her Blue Bean has flipped in her two fields. Anna grows Soybeans and Chili Beans in her two fields. Game Rules BohnanzaIf you have to grow a bean that doesn’t match the one you already have in your field, you’ll have to harvest a field before you can grow your new bean.

    Stage 4: Draw a pass card

    Game Rules BohnanzaEnd your turn by drawing three cards, one after the other from the draw pile. Place them on the back of your hand, after the last card, in the order you drew them. Your left player will then become the new active player.

    Harvest beans

    You can harvest beans from your field at any time during the game, even if you are not an active player. This tells you how many gold coins you get for a certain number of beans you harvest. any gold coins. For 3 or 4 Stink Beans, you earn a gold coin. 5 or 6 Bad Beans earns you two gold coins, for 7 Bad Beans you get three gold coins and 8 Bad Beans or more pays four gold coins. Game Rules BohnanzaWhen you harvest the beans, follow these steps:

  • Count the number of cards in the bean field that you want to harvest.
  • Check the cupometer of the top card.
  • Flip as many of those cards over as you get gold coins (according to the miner) so that the sides of their gold coins show up.
  • Place these cards in your stack of gold coins.
  • Place the remaining cards from your field face up on the discard pile.
  • After you harvest, the field must be empty – you cannot harvest only part of the field.
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    Example #5: Greg has 3 pepper plants in one of his fields. Chili Bean’s health meter tells him that these three beans are worth 1 gold coin. Greg flips a card over to its dollar side and places it on his dgold coin stack. Then he put the remaining two Chili Beans in the discard pile. Game Rules BohnanzaRules for Protecting Beans If there is only one pass in one of your fields, you cannot harvest it as long as you have another field containing more than one pass. Game Rules Bohnanza

    If the draw pile is empty

    When you draw the last card from the draw pile, shuffle the discard pile again. Flip it over and place it back in the center of the table to make a new stack of scraps.

    Game over

    The game ends when the third draw stake is exhausted. If this happens during phase 2, “Trading Passes”, complete stages 2 and 3 of your turn (even if you can only flip one card instead of two), then the game is over. end. of your bean fields and give yourself the right amount of gold coins. The cards in your hand do not count towards your total. Count the cards in your gold stack. Each card is worth one gold coin. The player with the most gold coins wins the game! If there is a tie, the player in a tie sitting furthest from the starting player (circling the table clockwise) wins the game. Read more: how to split home wide mobile Continue Reading

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