Best 100 Reasons WHY I Love HIM So Much


There are countless reasons why I love him but the 100 best reasons why I love him so much are:Reading: why I love him so much Read more: How to Make Microwave Cup Noodles | Top Q & AREAson 1: He respects me more than I deserve and I simply owe him everything for this. Reason #2: He always makes me smile no matter what mood I’m in or deep in my thoughts. Reason 3: He has beautiful eyes that never lose their luster. Reason 4: He was the first guy I let myself get vulnerable and he tried so hard not to ever hurt me. Reason 5: He always supports my ideas and decisions even when they are so stupid that it is difficult to accept. Reason 6: I get inner happiness with just a glimpse of him. Reason #7: He never makes me feel ugly even when he’s joking. Reason 8: He makes me feel like a real woman who is not afraid of anything in the world. Reason 9: He promised me that he would never let me go even if the cloud of trouble came upon us. He will always be with me. Reason 10: He knows I’m an independent woman, so I expect all the space and freedom in the world.

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Reason 11: He knows the perfect tricks on how to excite me and seduce me. Reason 12: He always pushes me to do my best and step out of my comfort zone. Reason 13: He loves to tease me every now and then just to make me laugh. Reason 14: He makes me feel safe, private, and secure in every way. Reason 15: He totally knows how to deal with me and has a lot of patience to put up with my stupidity at times. Reason 16: He makes me laugh by calling himself hot or sexy. Reason 17: My love has the courage to follow his dream. Reason 18: My guy doesn’t mind being silly with me. He knows he won’t be judged by me. Reason 19: He always knows how to put me first and that shows respect. Reason 20: His hugs can make me feel like I’m on the 9th floor any time of day. Reason 21: He gave me the most spectacular memories that no one else can give. Reason 22: He’s one of the best gentlemen I know of all time! Reason 23: He always opens the car door for me. Reason 24: My guy knows how to satisfy my tummy by cooking the best food in town!

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Reason 25: I love it when he hugs me. Reason 26: He always tends to rub my feet on Saturday nights and that relieves all the fatigue of the week. Reason 27: He never complained that it was a disaster for me to cook and eat it. Reason 28: He always encouraged me after knowing I failed in every way. Reason 29: His love knows no boundaries for me and it makes me feel great. Reason 30: He knows I’m a foodie and makes sure I try all the best restaurants in town! Reason 31: He’s the only one I can eat extra meat because the way I eat it is unhygienic by spilling it all over the place. Reason 32: He knows how to make the best coffee in the world! Reason 33: He is always ready to give me a massage whenever I ask. (And I ask a lot!) Reason 34: He knows very well how to keep a promise and stick to it. Reason 35: He has a realistic mindset and never lives a dream. Reason 36: He’s passionate about everything he does! Reason 37: He’s very realistic about everything. Reason 38: I love it when he loves me back. Reason 39: He is the calm factor for my frantic existence! Reason 40: I love it when he takes care of me when sometimes I forget! Reason 41: He goes shopping with me and is very patient when I try on things. Reason 42: He knows the line between when to help me and when to let me do it myself. Reason 43: He loves my puppy and even takes care of him when I go to work sometimes. Reason 44: He is dedicated to his work and does it brilliantly. Reason 45: I like it when he compliments me and really means it. Reason 46: After all these years, his kiss still gives me goosebumps. Reason 47: He loves me even when I’m cranky and it’s “That Time” of the month. (Really Touching Wood! Oomph!) Reason 48: I like his hand perfectly fits mine. Reason 49: I love it when he asks how my day is. Read more: why is my candle so high | Top Q & AREAson 50: He knows I’m a bit lost and therefore keeps me updated on everything I should know. Reason 51: He doesn’t just talk about love, he proves it by showing me. Reason 52: He made the darkness a little less scary. Reason 53: He’s always there when I need a shoulder to cry on. Reason 54: I love that he lets me cuddle him even when he’s dying of heat. Reason 55: He trusts me and trusts every decision I make. Reason 56: He inspires me about the best of the best. Reason 57: Even when I’m not wearing the crown, he still makes me feel like a princess. Reason 58: We have the same taste in music and I love it! Reason 59: He gives me the best songs I love to listen to! Reason 60: He plays the best guitar and has the best voice giving me goosebumps. Reason 61: He knows me better than I know myself. Reason 62: He has the ability to comfort me with just his touch. Reason 63: He puts his needs after mine. Reason 64: I love that he puts so much thought into whatever he does for me. Reason 65: He tries and makes all my wishes come true even when they are stupid. Reason 66: He knows how to make me laugh even when the situation isn’t funny and doesn’t require it. Reason 67: He never forces me to do something I never want to do. Reason 68: He has that inner strength that makes me feel calm when my life is in turmoil. Reason 69: He likes watching dramas as much as I do! Reason 70: He’s the best party guy I’ve ever met and he complements me even in this respect. Reason 71: His behavior is the same as mine even when he is with his friends. (Very rare) Reason 72: He gets along easily with my family and friends. Reason 73: I love it when my friends say we’re the cutest couple. Reason 74: I smile widely when friends and family appreciate his concern and kindness. Reason 75: I like it when he understands that my dream is his dream. Reason 76: Because without him, my thermostat and Wi-Fi would never work. Reason 77: I miss him, even when he’s in the next room. Reason 78: I love it when he intentionally lets me win a game. Reason 79: I fall more in love with him when he goes to sleep than watching his favorite TV show. Reason 80: When he told me I was the most beautiful woman in the world. Reason 81: He loves my naturally entangled curly hair and calls it a zic-zac phone string. Reason 82: He listens with peace of mind when I get upset about girls I hate! Reason 83: He never gave up on me even when I was at my worst. Reason 84: I never get bored with him. Reason 85: I will never get tired of watching him. Reason 86: He kisses me and says goodbye whenever I sleep in the morning. Reason 87: He’s as sweet as sugar. Reason 88: He was never harsh with me. Reason 89: We spend a lot of time together making decisions about our future. Reason 90: He likes to watch girly shows with me. Reason 91: He’s two in one – my best friend and my forever love. Reason 92: We have thousands of topics to talk about day and night. Reason 93: He made love to me like no one else can. Reason 94: He cares about how I feel even about the little things. Reason 95: I like the way he tickles me in the right place. Reason 96: I feel reassured every time he hugs me while we’re watching a horror movie. Reason 97: We have the same thoughts about how girls and boys are equal and I respect him for that. Reason 98: He treats me well when I get drunk with him. (I’m still awake to watch his love) Reason 99: He tends to stop and reward me with a delicious chocolate cake. Reason 100: I feel lucky that he chose me out of millions of others.

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