why does my washer smell like rotten eggs

For about a week now I have noticed a rotten egg smell coming from my laundry room. After a bunch of research online and trying different things, I was finally able to pinpoint the problem with my washing machine and get rid of the smell.If your washing machine starts to smell like rotten eggs, that’s usually caused by a gas known as hydrogen sulfide. Hydrogen sulfide gas is the main ingredient in drainage gas, and it is also a by-product of bacterial metabolism. Reading: why does my washing machine smell like rotten eggsThe typical cause of hydrogen sulfide gas appearing in your washing machine is most likely a build-up of dirt, mold, and soap trapped in the drain plug and or hidden between the openings of the side rubber pads. in your washing machine. machine. The good news is that you can easily get rid of this condition yourself without having to call a professional plumber.

Front loading washing machine smells like rotten eggs

If you have a front-loading washing machine and you smell rotten eggs, this could be due to a variety of reasons. #1. Check below:The front load washer has a rubber boot or base similar to the one shown in the photo. Occasionally, a small object such as a sock or visor can get caught inside the object. When that happens, the object in it gets wet and starts to get moldy. Take the rubber back and look inside. You should start checking the area regularly and wiping it down at least once or twice a week if you wash it regularly.clean the back of the rubberThe area around this rubber is often filled with dirt, soap scum, mold and mildew. Over time, this combination creates bacteria that build up and often causes a foul odor.After each use:After each use, you should leave the washing machine door open to give it a chance to air dry. This will help prevent mold and mildew from forming on the bottom. Now if this is not an option for you, then you can always grab a rag and clean the interior door.Encourage:You should run your washing machine at least once every two months with nothing in it except bleach in the drum and on the hottest setting you have. Look for a setting that may be called Sanitize Cycle or Clean Cycle, depending on the type of washing machine you have. Doing so will help keep the tub, pump and drain lines clean and disinfected.Damaged under:Sometimes the bottom layer is too old or the mold/mold combination will be too thick to clean. If this happens, you may have to consider replacing the part. #2. Check the drain plug:front load washing machine drain filter positionOn many front-loading washers, you should have a drain plug with a filter inside. Usually, they are located on the bottom of the front of the device, or on the side or sometimes the back of the machine, again at the base. (As seen in the photo) You may have to remove a cover plate to get to the drain plug that will pop out. When you can see the plug, you’ll want to turn off the cap. Do it slowly and remember to get a rag and the water will start to come out Read more: Why people don’t like book of boba fett Once you’ve plugged in the plugs, clean all around. At this point, you may also notice that the smell of rotten eggs has gotten much worse. Insert your hand into the hole and pull out the drain filter inside. You may want to wear rubber gloves as things can start to get messy. Pull out the faucet slightly and remove the cap. Allow water to drain out.front load washer drain plugAfter the drain filter is removed, smash any flakes attached to the plastic bag, then take the filter through the sink and clean it thoroughly with hot water. Once it’s clean, you won’t be able to smell the rotten egg smell coming from the filter anymore. thin, and put it in the plastic bag. Once you think you’ve cleaned it all up, take your rag and stuff it into the hole and spin it a few times to remove any sludge you might have missed.washing machine drain buttonFinally, you take a cup of hot water and pour it inside the tub area of ​​the washing machine. You will notice that water will come out of the drain outlet. Do this about two or three times. If you can still smell rotten eggs, you can try pouring some white vinegar into the tub and then emptying it down the drain. Once done, place the filter back in the drain and tighten the cap. come back. Also, put the plug back at the end of the drain hose and push it back in place. You can now close the lid and dispose of the plastic bag, preferably in the trash in the garage and out of the house, you should see the rotten egg smell gone.Encourage:You should remove and clean the filter at least every four to six months.Broken filter:Sometimes the filter fails and needs to be replaced. If your screen is cracked, it’s better to just have it replaced. You can find a replacement filter on Amazon for about $10 to $15. #3. No drain plug or filter: If your washing machine doesn’t have a filter or a visible drain plug If you can see it, it’s most likely installed inside. The best way to clean these is to run your washing machine on self-cleaning mode. Your manual should be able to guide you through this process. If you don’t run the self-cleaning option for a long time, you should try adding some CLR or chlorine bleach to the tub and run it for a cycle. Once done, run the machine again but this time with 3 cups of distilled vinegar to make sure the machine is nice and clean.Top loading washing machine smells like rotten eggsRead more: 6 Real Reasons You Still Can’t Get Over Him | Q&A top If you use a top-loading washing machine and smell rotten eggs coming out of the machine, it could mean that you have built up bacteria in hidden openings inside the machine.# first. When the machine is empty, open the lid, set it to the hottest setting, and set the maximum load capacity you have.# 2. While the water is full, add a quart of chlorine bleach.#3. Once it’s finished filling with water, close the lid and put it on a spin cycle of between five and ten minutes. Then let everything sit for an hour.#4. After an hour, turn on the machine and let it run at its normal cycle.#5. When the machine is finished running, open the lid again and fill the machine with hot water at maximum capacity. Fill with water, add three cups of distilled vinegar and 1/2 cup of baking soda.#6. When the water is full, close the lid and let the machine run on a five- to ten-minute spin cycle.#7. Open the lid and use the rag to wash around the inside of the washing machine. Make sure to go under the rim area and around the lint trap.#8. Let this happen for about an hour, and then run cycles, as usual, to rinse everything out.

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Odors can also come from the sewers

Take a look at the back of the washing machine and trace the drain hose from the machine to see where it is connected. Typically, the faucet is connected to a riser located next to your tub. You should be able to lift the tube out of the riser. Once the tube has been removed, sniff the inside of the riser. You’ll notice right away if there’s a bad smell coming from inside, if there’s a bad smell you might be stuck in a dried p-trap, allowing the exhaust odor to pass through the pipes and into your home. You can try resetting the p-trap by pouring a gallon of water down the riser. If this gets rid of the rotten egg smell, then you know it’s a problem with the p-trap. Maybe you have a vent problem causing the water in the p-trap to be sucked in. In this case, you will want to call a plumber to fix this problem. Another possibility is that the riser itself is dirty or clogged, which allows disease-causing bacteria to grow inside it. To clean the riser, simply pour half a cup of baking soda down the pipe, followed by a cup of white vinegar. Let the mixture sit for at least 30 minutes to kill bacteria.

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