Beautiful Lombok Island

With divine beaches, majestic Mount Rinjani and breathtaking marine life to explore, the island of Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara has no shortage of attractions both at home and abroad. No wonder Lombok has become one of the most popular destinations in West Nusa Tenggara.

Adventure trip


Challenge yourself with a hike up steep volcanic peaks. Rent a bike and cycle through the lush evergreen rice paddies. Whichever way you choose to spend your time, you won’t be disappointed with the breathtaking natural beauty on offer here. from Sumbawa island. The Sasak people are the main ethnic group living on this island, which also includes 5 regions: North Lombok, Central Lombok, East Lombok, West Lombok and Mataram city, the capital of West Nusa Tenggara. you can start a wonderful hike to Mount Rinjani and linger until the sun goes down on the beautiful beaches of Gili.Mount Rinjani is one of the highest volcanoes in Indonesia, with its high summit. to 3,726 meters above sea level. Segara Anak Crater Lake, located on the top of a volcano, is one of the beautiful sights that you should visit and be amazed!

Explore the sea

Among the more than 20 gilis – the local name means “small island” in the Sasak language – three stand out as attractions: Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno and Gili Air. Gili Trawangan or Gili T, is where visitors flock to enjoy a relaxed atmosphere in daylight and still enjoy moonlit parties all night by the beach. You can also enjoy amazing scuba diving and cycling around the island for the best sunsets! Popular as a honeymoon destination, the island offers accommodation ranging from unique bungalows to luxury resorts with stunning panoramic views. Seabreeze. Families love traveling to Gili Air to explore the island in a horse-drawn carriage or just swim in the low tide before sunset. Kuta Beach, Tanjung A’an and Mawun Beach are just a few on the list. Don’t miss to hone your wave riding skills at splendid Selong Belanak Beach, or make your way to Merese Hills and enjoy the view.Beautiful Lombok IslandRead more: how to change the road direction on the skyline of cities Read more: How to drive traffic to the rhythm store

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Integrate with the locals

Here you can also tour traditional villages and join the locals of the Sasak tribe to experience their daily life in Sade and Rambitan weaving villages. You can learn a thing or two from these wonderful women whose meticulous weaving skills create high-quality textiles. You can cross the sea to Sumbawa Island from the ports in East Lombok. If you like to explore new things, you might find the black sand beach of Obel-Obel to be charming! In West Lombok, you can linger at Senggigi beach and explore the wildlife at Monkey Forest in Pusuk Village, right on the border between North and West Lombok. Just be careful with your belongings and keep them out of the reach of monkeys. Mataram is the center of government and industry. It includes the old town of Ampenan, Cakranegara as the commercial district and the city of Mataram as the office district.Beautiful Lombok IslandRead more: how to change course on the skyline of cities Read more: How to navigate traffic to a rhythm shop Take time to visit Nusa Tenggara West Museum, Mayura Garden and Narmada Park to find more stories about the island. much of its southern shores such as the famous Tangsi ‘Pink’ Beach further southeast, with beautiful corals that make the shore look rosy. Walk the path to the amazing Senaru Waterfall and Benang Kelambu Waterfall for a soothing view.

Arrive there

By air There are daily flights between Denpasar, Bali and the Lombok capital Mataram. Lombok International Airport (LOP) in Tanah Awu, Lombok Central District is located about 30 kilometers or an hour’s drive southeast of Mataram. Airlines flying to Lombok are Garuda, Lion Air, Silk Air and Trans Nusa. By ferry Public ferries travel between Padangbai (Bali) and Lembar (Lombok) several times a day. The trip takes about 4-5 hours. It is possible to ride motorbikes and cars on the ferry. If you are prone to seasickness, be warned that the trip can be difficult. Ferries travel between Labuhan Lombok and Poto Tano on Sumbawa several times a day. The trip lasted an hour and a half. By fast train Blue Water Safari Express is one of the fast train companies that will take you from Bali to mainland Lombok. There are two convenient departure points from Bali: Serangan (right near Benoa Harbor) and Padang Bai Harbour. You can also check for more options and information on transportation or accommodation in this beautiful island.

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Walk around

In mainland Lombok, you can get around by renting motorbikes or cars from reliable vendors. Public transport is a naturally air-conditioned minibus called the Bemo. It will take you to most tourist attractions, but only works during the day. When night falls, there’s the Ojek, an unmetered motorized vehicle that allows you to practice your haggling skills before you hit the road. And the most unique would be Cidomo, found at Senggigi or Gilis beach. That’s the nickname of the Cikar-Dokar-Motor, a vehicle with enough horse power to carry four people. skylines of cities Read more: How to drive traffic to a rhythm store

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