A Quick Guide On How To Make Red Eyeshadow

0 Quick Tutorial on how to make red eyeshadow We love this trend and found a way to use it for a completely different job.Christina Natale, a makeup artist, shows us how to create it. red eye shadow to acceptable color during the day or night. See the steps below and follow the trend.

Don’t forget your lower eyes


To make sure the Red Smokey eyes really pop, don’t forget to wash off the shadow under the eyes for a bold color.

Use light and shade

Since you don’t want to use cranberry red, try a champagne color or a mild alternative. Usually, sweep it over the cap and use a pearl-like sparkle to aid in the center highlight.

Add glitter to your corners

Read more: how to attach a deck to a brick house Desire for a holiday circuit. Create a smoky and warm eye with red shadows and adjust the frosting at the corner of the eye to make it pop. Following this process, the ball appears less pink and more festive.

Add dimension with different shades

To give depth to your red, mix two different shades at once. Suppose, in this particular view, you saw a burning orange shadow right between the caps. The method is very simple and easy to break the cubes of sapodilla.

Match your shadow with your lipstick

Fall into a deep slumber with a subtle, gorgeous, shade of orange to create a shadowless Victorian shade to correct the shade of your lips. Outwardly will be the fearless and bold face.

Try red and brown

To tone down a little Wiccan or more for 2017, pair your bold red shade with a matte brown or nude lipstick. It looks more modern and has winter and warm tones.

Pair it with a dark lip

To get even stronger, fast forward and turn warm nude tones into deep blacks and purples. Mixtures can be dense and create a glare.

Use it with a smoky eye

Instead of a full red eyeshadow, try using cranberry shadows as an accent. Just the example above, cast a silver sheen on top of the lid, then swipe red on top as a warm accent.

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Choose a bright red shade

Read more: How to reset the 2015 Toyota tacoma maintenance lights To make your eyes pop with light instead of smoldering, bright red, or choose a bright color that brings holiday energy to your makeup routine.

Homemade eyeshadow recipe

When using shea butter, jojoba oil and beeswax, the creamy eye shadow becomes smooth. Mix gouache to your lush color variation.


  • Apron
  • Gloves
  • Dust mask. (Although gouache is non-toxic and safe, it can stain hands and clothing. Masks are used to prevent accidental inhalation of powders.)
  • Double boiler
  • Wax paper
  • Suggested color combinations:
  • Dust roses: Cool matte pink: matte white for oil, orchid
  • white for oil, orchid, pinch Americana red oxide
  • Cold gray: matte white for oil, black, cobalt
  • Wbrown arm: pinch Americana red oxide, brown oxide
  • Soft teal: matte white for oil, matte teal


  • Two tablespoons. Beeswax beads
  • 1 1/2 tbsp. glycerin
  • Two tablespoons. shea butter
  • One teaspoon. Vitamin E Oil
  • one teaspoon. Jojoba oil, or another carrier oil of your choice (see our Compare Carrier Oils for more information)
  • Three tablespoons. your preference of pigment powder. Color swatches are a great way to test and create a variety of custom shades.

How to make red eye shadow at home

Whether you have sensitive skin, want to stay away from chemicals, or love to research textures and colors, making eyeshadow at home can be a fun and rewarding process. There are many different ways to produce your eyeshadow, all of which use different elements and produce different consequences. Find directions for various approaches after jumping over. Using mica powder Mica powder is a good mineral powder that is available on the internet, in beauty stores as well as in certain supermarkets.

  • Mica powder comes in a wide selection of dyes, with or without dyes, and in different quantity sizes. While you can use one color of mica powder to make eyeshadow, you can create more unique and unusual colors by mixing different types of mica powder together.
  • Be sure to buy mica powder only for decorative use and it’s safe to use near your eyes.
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Eyeshadow, you should just mix some mica powder until you get your favorite color.

  • For example, if you’re looking for a warm, fall-themed color, you could blend light and dark brown mica, yellow, orange, and cream. In case you want a blue, sparkling color, you can mix blue, silver and green mica powder.
  • To get a consistent color, you will have to measure equal amounts of mica powder. To try, you can use the .15cc pigment scoop which is usually provided using all mica powder or maybe a small measuring spoon. It doesn’t matter how much flour you use, if you use equal amounts.
  • Pour the powder into an empty lip balm jar (you can wash an older bottle or buy it online) and mix well to form a paste. Some people like to try some herbs or a coffee grinder, but it’s okay to just use a spoon. Make sure you screw the lid on firmly when you’re done, you don’t need the dough!

To create a pressed powder eyeshadow (such as those in eyeshadow palettes) you need to follow exactly the same process as explained for liquid eyeshadow, before completing a additional steps:

  • As soon as you’ve mixed the mica powder to create your favorite color, you’ll have to put in a powdered binder, which is usually liquid or spray and can be purchased online.
  • Add the powder to the mica mixture drop by drop (or spray from a spray bottle) and mix until a wet sand consistency is achieved.
  • Transfer the damp powder into an empty brow container then place a tissue directly over the ball and place a coin on top (maybe a coin but try to fit the size of the box).
  • Gradually press back on the coin so that the ball underneath it becomes compressed. Do this before the entire upper part of this ball is hit. Leave the shadow on the countertop, cover with a paper cloth until the wax is completely dry. When it dries, you press the eyeshadow to prepare to use.
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Making ice cream with mica powder is a more complicated process, requiring many extra ingredients. But you can achieve more amazing colors with this technique.

  • To make this lotion eyeshadow you may need: 2 white beeswax tablets, 1 teaspoon of treated shea butter, 24 drops of treated jojoba oil, 120 drops of vegetable glycerin, 12 drops of oil vitamin E plus 2 1/4 teaspoons mica powder (single color or blend).
  • Put the shea butter and simmer in a small bowl and microwave for a second or two until melted. Use another 3ml Plastic Pipette for every ingredient, including drops of coconut vegetable glycerin, oil and vitamin E oil in the bowl.
  • Put the mica powder in a bowl and mix well to mix all the ingredients before you reach a uniform consistency. Transfer the cream mixture to an empty lip balm jar, close the lid tightly and wait 24 hours before using.


  • Never try to add food dye to your own shade. This can lead to eye irritation.
  • Always be sure that the products you purchase are safe for decorative use.
  • Never put perishables in your eyeshadow.
  • Avoid using eyeshadow near the inner eye. This can lead to significant discomfort.
  • It can scratch your eyes and get stuck in your eyes. This can lead to serious harm.


  • Components, which do not use chemical additives to make them last, must be removed and replaced every 3 months.
  • Make sure you don’t buy something you’re allergic to and keep reading the ingredients.

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