9 Ways For Hotwife Newbies

Interested in learning how to make your husband horny? Well, you have come to the right place, in this blog post I will show you how to slowly turn your husband into a loyal guy. because cuckolding is probably a new experience for both of you. Therefore, you want to go slow to test the water, just jumping into the depths of marriage is a difficult thing for both partners as you need to discover what you like and what you don’t like. The blog post will cover simple, straightforward beginner wife tasks that you can try to slowly turn your husband into your cuckold! Also, as I’ve said many times before, the key to a successful FLR and cuckold relationship is COMMUNICATION! So after you try anything from this list or involve cuckolding a bit, talk about the experience with your partner. How do you like it? What do you not like? Is that something you want to try again? Talk about it with your partner and you will ensure a long, happy and wonderful relationship ????So here are 9 ways to cuckold your husband for starters 1. Slowly turn him over. she’s your bitch! The best way to turn your husband or boyfriend into a docile cuckold is to tame him slowly. He wears your shoes or does your laundry. Tell him to open his mouth before you spit in it, order him to run errands for you late at night. I also don’t recommend jumping into the fray by fucking another man right away. It’s much better (and fun) to build your path to it. good guy! 2. Hint that you want to sleep with someone else Another easy thing to do is tease your husband about hot boys. “Wow he’s so hot. I wonder if he is single or not. Or maybe you were having dinner and saw someone checking on you. That’s when you say to your husband, “Maybe we should invite him to our table. I bet he wants to fuck me. “The point of this is getting your husband/boyfriend used to the idea that other people want topqa.info that you can have any guy you want at any time.… It’s just a flash. your eyes. You can be in bed with a hot guy and he can’t help but watch things unfold. And this strategy is also great for foreplay. 3. Watch porn together and read porn together Another easy way to get closer to sex in your marriage/relationship is to watch porn together (or read porn). The same goes for the experience. So turn on the TV and turn on the porn! Pick a few cuckold porn that you both enjoy. This is also a great opportunity to masturbate each other Read more: How to tighten virginity This is a better way than Netflix and Chill right? ????After you spend a few hours watching this video together, talk about the experience. Talk about what you really enjoy and what really makes you successful. Talk about what you want to do in the future – take steps from a baby, obviously. Alternatively, you can also read erotic books. For example, you can make your husband eat your pussy while you read a book, or you can do the opposite: bow your head when he reads the book aloud to you. The great thing about porn is that you can also play audiobooks! This is a great approach to slowly plunge yourself deeper and deeper into the world of jokes! 4. Start flirting with other men Another easy thing you can do to start flirting with your husband is flirting with other guys, and this can take shape in a number of ways. ! This is not only very humiliating for him, but also a lot of fun! And if you want to elevate things, you can also flirt with his friends. Talk about hot stuff, right? Another thing to do is texting people you know are interested in you. And when I say text, I really mean the same thing as “sex texting”. Also, share these messages with your husband. Let him know there are dozens and dozens of hot guys interested in you right now! You can also start flirting with guys on Tinder. Download the app and then start stroking right in front of your husband. Let him know which guy is right for you! In fact, you can let him eat your pussy while you do this! 5. Hanging out with girls Another way to slowly flirt with your husband is to simply go on dates with girlfriends – especially those who are still single. Bring their wedding rings because they think it will make the boys flock to them more! But I prefer to leave it at home with your husband so he knows exactly what you have planned! Anyway, while you’re out with the girl, talk to your husband/boyfriend – give him a play on what’s going on! who hit you? Did you do it for someone? Did someone buy you a drink? Text your husband and let him know! Flirting with guys with girls like you in college is really fun and a great stepping stone to falling in love with your husband. 6. Going on a date One of the most important steps to progressing your cuckold relationship is to date another man. Flirting around is a very interesting thing. Remember that it’s better to go slow and take small steps before starting completely. In the end, anything can happen. Or if that makes you feel more comfortable, ask him out on a date – be your sober driver! 7. Sending him naughty texts… Part of a good relationship (or any relationship, really), is sexting. I find that most healthy couples will experience a VERY. MUCH! Read more: how to remove bike tape without special tools | Top Q&ASo, throughout the day text your partner some naughty things. Let him know how much you want to cheat on him. For example, here are some sample texts to send him: “Just saw the hottest guy at Starbucks. Maybe I should ask for his number. “My trainer was staring at my ass all day at the gym. I bet you would love it if he fucked me right then! “I really like it now. Wondering which guy I should choose to cheat on you. “Just saw your friend Jason at the store. I couldn’t take my hands off him. And you shouldn’t limit yourself to just texting either! You should also send him some naughty pictures and videos. In fact, you can even get him to do some chores/errands like buying condoms for example! 8. Kiss another man One of the best ways to pamper your husband/boyfriend is to kiss another man. And how you achieve this is entirely up to you! Another man on the cheek. This is actually quite common in Europe, so it’s not something that’s completely finicky. Kiss on the lips – no french kiss – just a light kiss. Of course if you’re more experienced in sex, talk to someone (ie French kiss) in front of your husband. Anything in between. Getting upset in front of your husband is a great way to be a hot wife! So clench those lips and get going! 9. Tell him what you did… Another way to annoy your husband is to tell him what you did. , you can still tell him about it! Text him or leave him a sexy voicemail about what just happened. How wet have you been since then. Let your cuckold know about it! And even if something doesn’t happen, you can tell him about your daydreams. For example, you could say something like “Just saw the hottest guy on the subway. I’m thinking of sucking his dick in front of everyone. You want that, don’t you? “In my opinion, teasing your husband is not something you can jump into right away. By no means comprehensive, but written to be a “getting started guide” for budding hotwives. Adjust and try these out as you see fit into your relationship! Hope this post on how to grow your husband’s hair was helpful! Let me know if you think I’ve missed anything on this list so I can add it! P.S. For more hotwife ideas, be sure to check out this blog post! Read more: How to build a Snowman in Minecraft

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