6 Easy Steps to Close Your Window Blinds

Having trouble operating your window blinds? It seems simple, but opening and closing these window treatments can really be confusing, especially if this is your first time using them. Properly opening and closing can minimize damage to your blinds. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to close your window blinds like a pro!

Learning how to close window blinds: Things to consider

There’s more to a curtain operation than just pulling or twisting the cord. How you open or close your blinds will depend on a number of factors. Let’s take a look at them. Read: how to close the curtain

  • Style: Blinds, like other window treatments like film for day and night privacy, come in a variety of styles. The most popular ones include Venetian, roman, pleated and honeycomb just to mention a few. Each type has its own opening and closing mechanism.
  • Operation method: Some models come with a lever while others have one or two cords or a beaded continuous cord that you can use to operate the window shades.
  • Weather: Did you know that the way you close your blinds affects the energy efficiency of your home and its ability to stay as cool or warm as it should be? For example, closing your blinds with the panels facing up can help keep your home cooler in the summer.
  • Privacy: If privacy is a concern, you must choose the best location to close the window shades. You can enjoy greater privacy when the blinds are closed with the panels facing up.
  • Aesthetics: Curtains will look more eye-catching when you close them in a certain position. If that seems important to you, closing them in a down position might be your best bet.

Step-by-step instructions for closing window blinds

With a little practice, you’ll find it pretty easy to open and close the blinds. The trick is to be gentle when dealing with these sophisticated window treatments. I’ll give you tips on the best way to close your windows for maximum energy savings, privacy, and aesthetics. As mentioned, there are different types of blinds but we will focus on Venice, the most popular style. These typically come with color-coordinated twin straps to lower and raise the bars, a rod that opens and closes the blinds, and a clutch mechanism at the top that moves the shades up and down and locks them into place. mind. Let’s go straight to it!

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Step 1: Locate the pull chain

Find the pull chain, which usually hangs on the right side of the shades. This chain links each bar to the other. It also attaches to a clutch at the top, allowing you to move the curtain up and down.

Step 2: Unlock the curtain

Pull the cord across the window at a 45-degree angle to your left to unlock the blinds from their current position. Try pulling lightly on the wire to release the clutch at the top. This will completely loosen the bars.

Step 3: Adjust the bars

Read more: how to track buses in professional toolsAdjust the barsManipulate the rope to keep the bars in a flat, even position. If some of the bars are uneven, pull only one of the strings to put them back in place. Pull the remaining wire as needed until the bars are flat. Place all slats in place to avoid damaging or closing the curtain at an awkward angle.

Step 4: Lower the curtain

Lower the curtainContinue holding the rope in the diagonal position to the left to keep the curtain unlocked. To close the blinds, loosen your grip slightly on the cord and let the zipper reverse towards the trigger motor. This movement will lower the slats, bringing them towards the bottom of the windowsill. Keep this movement slow, smooth, and steady to avoid snagging the bars or locks.

Step 5: Lock the curtain

Curtain lockPull the cord diagonally to the right to lock the curtain in the position you want. You can close the blinds halfway or lower them completely. Be sure to pull hard on the rope to keep the bars from moving back after a while due to a loose clutch.

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Step 6: Close the curtain

Close the curtainLocate the rod I mentioned earlier, to close the curtain. You should be able to find it on the left side of the window. This rod can be twisted at an angle of 180 degrees. To close the blinds and block out light, lift the rod slightly and then rotate it clockwise or counter-clockwise with your fingers until the bars begin to close together.

Turn the window blinds up or down?

Read more: How to sell your entire anime character collection A common question is should you close the curtains facing up or down. It all really comes down to personal preference but each position has its pros and cons.

When to close the curtain in the upward position

For horizontal window blinds, turning the roller counterclockwise will close the curtain in the upward direction. This means that the concave side of the slats will face inward and the round side will face the window. In this position, the blinds may not look as appealing as they did when they were down. However, upward-facing slats let in less light and make it harder for outsiders to see through, giving you more privacy. This is because the upward slats deflect heat toward the ceiling and away from the center of the house.

When to close the window blinds in the down position

In the down position, the round side of the bars will face in while the concave side will face the window. This style gives the links a clean look, which means that down-facing blinds offer less privacy and let in more light and heat. In this position, the slats will deflect heat towards the center of the house, which can be helpful in winter.

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Unlike daytime and nighttime privacy film, which is a fixed and movable processor, slanted slats, tangled zippers and poor pulling technique can all cause window blinds to close. becomes quite complicated. Follow the steps that we have outlined in this guide and you will be able to operate your window blinds with ease. Have you tried other tricks to close the window blinds? We’d love to hear them! Please leave your questions and comments below. Read more: 10 creative ways to decorate your laptop

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