5 Tips To Defeat The Guardian In Minecraft

Guardians are underwater mobs that players will see around ocean ruins in Minecraft. They are pufferfish-like mobs that cannot spawn without water. They will attack the player with two different methods. They will use a laser or trigger an attack similar to the Thorns charm Read: how to kill minecraft guardians If the Guardians notice that the player is out of sight, they will chase and attack them. using their laser. These mobs can easily activate their laser (it only takes two seconds). When killed, the Guardian will drop prism shards. They also have a chance to drop raw or cooked cod if killed by fire (Java version only). In addition to the player, Guardians will also attack other mobs in the game. They will attack squid, glow squid, axolotls and other underwater mobs.

How to Defeat Guardians in Minecraft


#1 Use Minecraft Armor

Read more: How to check your Etisalat mobile number | Top Q & Aminecraft players are advised to wear armor when fighting Guardians. These mobs are not extremely hard to kill but are very hostile. Players can wear armor to take some of the damage from these mobs. Players can craft armor using the crafting table.

#2 Use the Respiration enchantment

Breathing magic (Image via Reddit)Players should place a Respiration Charm on their helmet when facing Guardians just to protect themselves from drowning. Since guardians are found around ocean ruins the player will have to stay underwater for a while, exhalation time will allow the player to stay underwater longer without drowning. It can be placed on the player’s helmet using the enchantment panel. The player can also use a potion similar to this spell. They can craft Potion of Water Breathing so they can breathe underwater without drowning for a limited time.

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#3 Use the Depth Strider charm

Depth Strider's enchantment (Image via Sportskeeda)Players should put the Depth Strider charm in their boots before fighting the Guardian. This enchantment will allow the player to swim faster while underwater. This will help the player to escape the crowd if they feel as if they are about to lose.Read more: how to edit pdf in indesign This enchantment will be useful as Guardians will chase the player and attack them with lasers .

#4 Use an enchanted sword

Enchanted Sword (Image via Reddit)It doesn’t take long for players to defeat a Guardian in Minecraft. A diamond sword equipped with Unbreak and Sharpness is good enough to defeat mobs. Adding Sharpness will allow the player to deal more damage to mobs. Unbreak, on the other hand, will allow the player to use the sword longer without breaking while underwater.

#5 Use Potion of Night Vision

Potion of Night Vision (Image via lifewire)Minecraft players will likely have trouble seeing underwater as it can be quite dark. To help them see underwater, the player should use the Potion of Night Vision, which allows the player to see in the dark and brighten the underwater surroundings for the player.Note: This article reflects the views of the author.Read more: how to play hard via text Avatar

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