5 Steps to Untangle a Synthetic Wig

In the last few years, I’ve started to be braver about wear a longer wig. I used to stick with short-term plants because I didn’t think I would be good at taking care of longer-term plants. Short wigs have their own set of challenges – such as frizz at the nape of the neck – but it is true that they are generally easier to care for. Longer wigs tend to get tangled and that can lead to make for curly *. Read: how to untangle a synthetic wig I think it might be helpful for share what i have learnedkeep these 5 stages in mind to ensure you get tangle-free wigs – synthetic or human hair:

  • Untangle using the right brush/comb.
  • The correct wig care products are essential.
  • Steaming is not straight.
  • Wash your wig properly and carefully.
  • Pruning ends carefully and as a last resort.
  • For a more detailed description of each of these steps and some helpful hints and tips from a seasoned wig wearer, please read on…

    The best ways to untangle synthetic wigs:


  • Use the right tools

  • detangling-synthetic-wigNot all brushes and combs suitable for natural/biological hair are suitable for wigs. Different wig manufacturers recommend (and often can provide) the combs they think will avoid damage their wig. Different manufacturers use different yarns, so they have different recommendations. For example, Jon Renau recommends using a plastic comb with a wide tooth, while other brands recommend a metal comb with a rubber tip. For help on choosing the best wig brush, please see our previous article. Read more: Time to leave gauze after tooth extraction Jon Renau comb, while having a nice bluntness and therefore no damage, just can’t untangle the finer knots you get after a day of wearing a long wig. So I use it as much as I can, and then you can use a wooden wig comb – very gentle – to deal with the tiny hairs.

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  • Use the right products

  • It’s not ideal to use regular shampoo and conditioner on your synthetic wig. And definitely don’t use laundry detergent, washing machine liquid, fabric softener, etc. when necessary! There are shampoos and conditioners available Specially formulated for synthetic wigs. This is because synthetic hair is very different from biological hair in things like porosity, and so the mechanism by which it can be weakened or strengthened needs to be taken into account with the products you use. I’ve always liked Gisela Mayer wig shampoo and conditioner (aka conditioner), but since I already have a Dimple wig at the moment, I’m trying their shampoo and conditioner, until Now, this looks good. – Regular hairspray is a no-no. You can buy synthetic wig safe gels and sprays and it much better for fiber to use that. There are also some products specially designed to protect and enhance synthetic fibers, and to help the fibers glide over each other instead of starting to wilt. Ellen Wille Hair Tip Liquid is a huge fan favorite and I also review Jon Renau Wig Lustre, Jon Renau Detangling spray and Dimple Hair Oil. I’ve heard all the dire warnings about never combing a wig when it’s freshly washed and wet (seriously, don’t do that, it’ll lengthen strands and pull buttons at the bottom. root, leading to yarn shedding), I always Brush or comb the wig completely dry. Jon Renau Detangling spray and Dimples conditioner both have the same purpose – you spray a light mist on dry strands before you start to separate them. It really helps without causing any damage, and it also conditions the fabric fibers. These products have been a little revealing to me and are now on my ‘must have’ list.

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  • Steam

  • So you’ve used the right brushes and products, and your wig will stay in good condition for several months, but in the end, all wigs fall apart. You will be able to manage it for a while but eventually it will get too bad to continue wearing your wig. For what? Well, you can try steaming it. This involves heat which, as we know, can damage the wig, but used in a carefully controlled manner it can straighten kinks in yarns Personally, I only try this for the first time on an old wig when I already have a new set in place, in case I mess up and finish the old wig completely off! But it’s actually pretty easy and Lila did a great demo video a little while ago to show you how. If you don’t want your wig to blow right after steaming, there are a few tricks you can use to get the waves back, and if people are interested, I’ll make a video about that – give it a go. I know in the comments if that would be helpful.

  • Wash your hair properly

  • To get tangle-free wigs, sometimes all it takes is a good wash of your wig! In general, ideally, your wig should be washed once a week, with products specifically designed to wash wigs. Make sure to use cool water when washing to avoid any damage. For step-by-step instructions on how to wash synthetic wigs, check out our previously created tutorials.

  • Cut

  • I know, I know, it’s risky to hold your favorite wig! And that’s a bit of a last resort. But if you want to keep it a little longer and you can afford to lose a few inches in length, why not trim it or have your hairdresser do the same? I’ve also done this with the hair at the nape of the neck of short wigs – I can usually get an extra month or two of them by pruning the worst of the tangles at tips. With a longer wig, the potential profit is even greater, and you can get an inch shorter every month for a while to increase the life of your wig.* Make for curly – For those who are new to wigs, curling is different from tangling. It happens when the ends of the wig become kinky and damaged (a bit like split ends, except the ends are more curled if you can imagine?!), and then they start to come together. together. It’s like Velcro – one strand goes to the next, etc. All wigs end up with a messy frizz, but you should try to keep it as long as possible. What do you do to keep your wig tangle-free and frizzy for as long as possible? Let me know about your favorite tips and tricks in the comments! Read more: how to wear a maxi dress during pregnancy

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