3 Reasons Why Your Twitch Stream Is Choppy or Laggy

For many new streamers, setting everything up correctly can be a big challenge. Many people trying to stream for the first time may not have the best understanding of the necessary settings or even the hardware required to create a quality stream. videos when they watch their own stream Read: why my stream is choppy There are different reasons why this choppy video can happen, so here’s a breakdown with potential solutions to help you become better. right direction.

Not enough bandwidth


Streaming high-quality video from your PC to Twitch can be quite resource-intensive. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have enough bandwidth to upload video content.

What is bandwidth?

“Bandwidth is the capacity of a wired or wireless network communication link to transmit the maximum amount of data from one point to another over a computer network or an internet connection in a given period of time.” This basically means the maximum amount of data that can be transferred in one second, usually measured in Mbps (megabits per second)To check if you have enough bandwidth, you should check your internet upload speed.

Test your upload speed

If you are unsure about the upload speed you are getting from your Internet Service Provider (ISP), you should run an online speed test to check.To stream at 720p at 30FPS, you must have at least 3Mbps. If you have speeds lower than 3Mbps, this may cause you problems with streaming.The upload speed increase will be done through your ISP, so make sure you are getting the speed you pay for.

Check your bitrate

Setting up your streaming software so it works well can be a complicated topic, especially when it comes to bitrates. When bitrate is mentioned, most people don’t understand what it means or what it does but they just understand what kind of bitrate they need.

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What is the bitrate?

Read more: According to a scientist, why people love bullshit | Top Q & ABitrate is simply the bit rate. However, for streaming, this means how much video data is transferred to the server every second.Higher bitrates provide higher quality video but also require more resources to execute. On the other hand, lower bitrate does not necessarily mean lower quality video.Bitrate is important when there’s a lot of moving things on the screen at once, such as a video of paper fireworks that would need extremely high bit rates to look good. Meanwhile, a still video like an interview or a card game can still look good at a lower bitrate.

What should my bitrate be

When streaming on Twitch, they have a maximum allowed bitrate of 6000kbps, which is way too high for the average streamer.You should aim for 2000-3000kbps for good quality, better performance and less latency for viewers. Try lowering your bitrate right away to 1500kbps if you’re still struggling with stuttering issues, however, you may see a noticeable drop in quality. . This will provide high quality video that viewers can still stream with some minor issues.

Insufficient CPU resources:

Streaming can be very resource-intensive when you have a lot of high-priority apps, broadcast software, overlays, games, and more open at the same time.workflow managementHaving all these apps and software open means they’re vying for your CPU’s attention, which can cause performance bottlenecks and things will start to slow down. stream in their browser.First you need to check if CPU is the problem. You can do this by following these steps.

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How to check CPU usage

Finding out if you don’t have enough CPU resources is pretty easy and can be done from within Windows’ Task Manager.

  • Right click on your Taskbar
  • Click Open Task Manager
  • Switch to processes
  • Check Total CPU Usage.
  • Read more: Why the article is clearly a thingIf when you check your total CPU usage it shows at 99-100% then this could be a sign that you are being bottlenecked by your hardware. Here is a list of things that can eat up your CPU and how you can reduce it.

    Run a game

    Letting a game run on its own can sometimes be resource intensive. Often uses a lot of CPU and GPU. You can try to minimize the settings on the game to reduce the required resources. Doing this can reduce the load on the CPU and free up resources for use elsewhere.

    Streaming software

    OBS and other streaming software consume resources when open in the background. Unfortunately, this CPU usage increases as more elements are added as overlays and streaming elements.


    Encryption on most streaming software is completed by the CPU as a default option. This option may not be the best if you have an underperforming chipset and have other applications that need more processing power. This will redirect and encode the work done through a chip on the GPU and will free resources from the CPU without sacrificing your game performance.

    Browsers and other applications

    Google Chrome is famous for using huge amounts of CPU when idling or doing nothing. This can often be the root of some problems, so try closing unnecessary windows or switching the browser to something lighter. pop-up will reduce CPU usage. Also you can open stream on phone to check quality and read chat without impacting CPU, next you can find apps that might be pulling a lot of resources without opening. For example, run hard drive backups, anti-virus scans, and more to push the CPU in. Start by opening your Task Manager and sorting processes by CPU usage. Go through the list from top to bottom and end processes that are resource-intensive but not essential for streaming.

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    Improve your hardware

    If you are still having problems after checking all your settings, get a good internet connection and reduce your CPU usage. Maybe you need to improve your hardware. When you’re looking to upgrade, it’s probably better for you and your wallet to build your own PC. Doing it this way, you can control what you get and how much you spend. Plus its great fun! Read more: Why does my guinea pig meow when I pet it

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