why didn t krishna marry radha

Here’s the real reason why! This question has been on my mind since I was little. Most of us have seen the popular daily soap set featuring a cute baby in an avatar of Lord Krishna. The show perfectly explains what happened in Kanha’s life, but unlike me, you also wonder why he married Rukmini instead of Radha? for each other is something we will never find in any other generation. But why have they never lived together or had a family? Lord Krishna is said to have about 16,000 wives, why is Radha not one of them? We’ve compiled it all for you here. a Hindu god of compassion, tenderness and love and is also believed to be the eighth avatar of God Vishnu.Radha aka Radharani is said to be the most representative lover and companion of Lord Krishna. But, even after much mention, she never became close to Krishna. Read more: why do dogs bark at strangers | Top Q&A Read more to know why?MIMAGE286c696a8a26e56cd63ccfddb8949803When Krishna was a boy, he would go by the lake, in Gokul, and start playing the flute for the cows to graze. He continues to do this every day. However, one Gopi, Radha, seduced him. The whole universe longs for Krishna, but he longs for Radha. It happens to everyone but what’s so unusual about it?MIMAGE202bbee3bbacbf45ffb12c07c7d3f7e7According to an article, what is unusual in this love story is that Radha is married to Abhimanyu (not from Mahabharata) and this is not enough, there are many reasons why the couple never stayed as couples. normal pair. Read more to know all the possible reasons.MIMAGE57656d408fc908a9660936080bab6523According to Speaking Tree, the reason this couple didn’t get married was because they had to define the line between being married and falling in love with someone. The eternal love that they have for each other can never be enough by labeling their love story.MIMAGE1ab4f66b91b062c52042858db005a183According to Speaking Tree, after getting close to Krishna, Radha eventually realized that he was no ordinary person. She fell in love with him as a devout person loves God but was misinterpreted as physical love. Thus the question of marriage completely disappears from the picture. Read more for other versions of this story.MIMAGE22b16c82e9796beb6ad4ae81d18bef40Read more: Why dentists don’t use nitrous oxide anymore Because of the unique factor, they didn’t marry each other.MIMAGE0f37a4b65c6776cc56bc1da8bf5db9f7According to some versions of the story, it is noted that Radha refused to marry Lord Krishna because she felt that she would not be able to adjust in his family due to the fact that she was a cowgirl and everyone expects Kanha to marry a Princess. .MIMAGE21eac817488b72a9afd4ed5d0cf3b302One incident tells that once when Radha asked Krishna, why didn’t he marry her. He simply said, “How can one marry one’s own soul?” Their conversation proves that they are one single entity and do not differ in spirit and existence.MIMAGE6d715d06dd526beead5f2f6685bf0dfbRadha and Krishna’s love can never be compared with earthly definitions and explanations. It is unparalleled and an incredible example of humanity to claim the supreme union of human and divine energies all around us as God. @ gmail.comRead more: Why is gen z so soft

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