14 Ways To Hide Love Handles In A Tight Dress

Love Handles “Love Handles” is an informal term that refers to the accumulation of excess fat on one side of a person’s waist, and also small areas in the lower back. Both men and women can have these. In this post, I will share tips and tricks on how to hide love handles in a tight dress. We all want to wear body-hugging outfits to show off our figure. Some of us look great in tight outfits, but then some bulges start to show, especially around and on the sides of the belly. I still don’t understand why these bulges are called love handles????????! They don’t look cute and adorable either. Here are some tips on how to cover these bulges in a tight dress, read on.Concealing the handle of love in a tight dressRead: how to hide the love handle

Love of handles and clothes


Slimming occurs when the excess fat around your belly bulges out on the sides, and they can be accentuated by choosing the wrong outfit. Sometimes, wearing tight clothes may not look good because it shows your love. Love handles can be concealed through the right combination of dressing, avoiding the wrong clothes and drawing attention away from your problem area.

Ways to hide love when wearing a tight dress:

Here are some ways to hide the love handle in a tight dress:

1. Invest in a well-formed garment:

Don’t worry, you can still wear that pretty outfit. The only thing you have to do; is to buy a shapewear. It really does wonders for your body shape. It helps to flatten the bulges around your belly, give volume to your butt and give an overall slimmer effect to your body. Invest in a good corset. Instead of opting for a corset, tummy tuck, butt-contouring top, or a thigh-reducing top, opt for a full-body, one-piece corset. This will help you shrink your belly from all sides without bulging out.

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3. Wear dark / slimming colors:

Wearing dark colors will always make you look slimmer and won’t accentuate your bulging body. The simplest way to lose a few inches is to wear dark clothing, as it effectively hides the bumps, folds and folds on your body. If you are going to buy a fitted outfit, choose a dark color.

4. Wear moderately thick fabrics:

Read more: How to spice up a ceramic frying pan Thin fabrics can stick to your body, making you look fatter and increasing your chances of revealing unwanted bulges. Always make sure you choose moderately thick fabrics with detailed designs. The thick fabric hugs your body without clinging to the folds and curves and doesn’t make them visible.

5. Wear skirts with vertical stripes:

Horizontal stripes make you look fatter and shorter. Choose clothes with vertical stripes, it will make you look slimmer and taller and won’t show off your favorite handles.

6. Wear detailed designs:

Detailed designs will make you look slimmer and also help you hide your loving handle, by distracting attention from the design.

7. Wear a statement necklace:

Wear a statement necklace. This will draw attention away from the bulge, towards the neck. A bold and unique necklace will draw the eye to your neck and distract you from your midsection. Avoid long necklaces, as they will draw the eye towards your midsection.

8. Wrap a light/patterned scarf:

Wrapping a brightly colored or patterned scarf is another trick to divert attention away from the bulges toward the neck. A scarf that is brightly colored or has a bold pattern around your neck will draw attention to your face and neck, thereby helping you to hide your love handle. You can wear a scarf in the winter and fall, but you may feel the heat in the spring and summer. Use a thin, lightweight towel made of linen, cotton, or silk chanderi.

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9. Wear flashy earrings:

Wearing bold, long, and flashy dangling earrings will draw attention to your face and away from your midsection. You may find it awkward to wear long earrings to work or for formal meetings, use earrings with small stones. Look for light colored studs with bold patterns. You can also wear studded ring earrings.

10. Wear an off-the-shoulder dress:

Another trick to pull the focus upwards is to wear an off-the-shoulder dress. This will bring attention to your shoulders and away from the bulge.

11. Wear flattering necklines:

Read more: How to tell an onion is bad Another way to divert attention away from your love handles is to wear low-cut and fashionable dresses. This will draw attention to your chest and neck instead of your love handles. Choose dresses with V-necks, turtlenecks, and plunging necklines. This is a great option for ladies who can’t wear jewelry or scarves to work or formal meetings.

12. Add a layer on top:

You can wear a slim cardigan or an off-the-shoulder jacket as a cover over a fitted dress. Covering tops not only make you look slimmer, but also do a great job of dressing up the dress, if you want to look casual.

13. Check length:

The length of your shirt or skirt plays a very important role in your final look. This is difficult because the same length doesn’t work for everyone. When choosing a dress that fits, make sure it’s not too short as it can make your thighs look bigger. Knee-length dresses or mid-length slit dresses will suit almost any body shape

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14. According to Garment Do Matter:

Your bra plays an important role in your body shape. Do not wear loose or saggy bras, wear the right size, fit bras with underwires or support pads. Your breasts look toned. Not only will this help your figure look slimmer, but it will also draw attention away from your bulging body. Do not wear underwear that is too tight. Tight underwear, especially those with belts or straps, will make your grip appear larger. Choose underwear with a higher waist and wear above your navel. Panties that are located in the back higher than the front will not show your belly. Thank you for reading! 10 ways to look slimmer when wearing a skirt 8 ways to tighten sagging breasts How to make breasts bigger at homeFollow Rati Tehri Singh on: Instagram | Facebook | Read more: how to call alley 2k17

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