10 Ways To Remove Stubborn Blue Hair Dye

10 Ways To Remove Stubborn Blue Hair Dye So I love the Turquoise and Ion Blue dyes you buy at Sally’s, BUT they work so well it’s hard to remove them once you’re ready ready to move on to the next type. The blue has created such an amazing glow in my hair that I actually get compliments on the blue color in my hair every day (which is always amazing). HOWEVER, when I decided (after 5 months of blue hair) that I was ready for summer style in Red and Yellow, I started to fade the blue. (This is my first time using blue and I thought it would be as easy as red that I had to fade before my next hair dye. My boyfriend was wrong.) The “fade” techniques were didn’t work, I did what most of us do and turned to the power of the Internet. I’ve watched (practically) every video on Youtube about removing dyes and tried them, BUT THEY DON’T WORK. The methods only “blur” the blue one shade – maybe two if I’m lucky. In desperation I started a google search again and came across a forum post with a bunch of SugarSkullWomen commenting on all the ways they got rid of the color. I tried EVERY one of them – I didn’t do it all in the same order, but chose from them based on the level of “risk/damage” mentioned in the article. I want to go with light damage and speed (because I’m impatient). This post is a review of how well each of those methods worked in stripping my once vibrant blue color into a platinum blonde, now ready for my new summer look.NOTE: all yellow text blocks below are excerpts from the article and recommendations from the comments. My notes and results are below each yellow section.

Attempt #1 – Eraser


On a previous trip to Sally’s, I picked up a Color Eraser. I think it would be nice to have on hand if the color doesn’t come out as expected or on one of the days when I get my hair done… and want to change my color. When I saw it in the list of recommended methods, I chose to try this first. NO – It’s terrible… the smell from this product is very rotten. It was so bad I thought my walls would start to melt… It took 4 days for the smell to start to subside in my bathroom. My husband started using our second bath to avoid the bad smell of it. I tried and did this process and figured out “If it works, it’s worth gagging for an hour.” … But it didn’t. -_- Here’s the before and after: first1bRead more: How to dispose of ice cream cans Read more: How to dispose of ice cream cans Read more: How to dispose of ice cream cans Read more: How to dispose of ice cream cans

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Try #2 – Vitamin C

IMG_6185After trying to Decolorize, I gave this method a try as I already had packs of Highlighter-C in my cupboard. I tried both theprisen-C powders that I had on hand and went out with a purchased pill. UMMM NO! It might work within a few days of your hair dying while it’s still fresh, but it definitely does NOT remove even a hint of blue. Read more: how to increase arm size for skinny guys. EVERY youtube video talks about this method, but it doesn’t work. I think maybe they used it on dyed hair within a few weeks… unlike me, my hair has been blue for months.

Attempt #3 – Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Many hair dye removal tips online discuss the use of anti-dandruff shampoos. I consider this method a faster way of “fading” the color that doesn’t necessarily remove all of the color. If you plan on changing your hair color in about the next month or so, start washing your hair with this shampoo, but know that it won’t remove the color in a few washes. washing hair with vitamin C and still no luck. I have tried this 3 times in 2 days with no great results.

Attempt #4 – Bleach / Bleach Bath

IMG_6260At this point, I’m getting very impatient, meaning I’m not quite ready to bleach my hair completely, but I thought I’d give this “moderate” risk option a try. She is right that it will fade a few shades. As you can see, blue is still really dominant.

Effort # 5-7 – Swimming, Sunbathing & Soaking

I tried all of the above methods over the course of two weeks. So for week 3 of Blue Hair Removal, I opted to wait a week from doing any other “treats” and just condition my hair deeply every night to help fix the damage of the socks. both washing and processing. Over the next week, I tried more “mild” options, including –I know these swimming and sun activities help remove the red from previous experience.. but this post won’t. title “stubborn blue” if all these methods work on blue hair. The Swimming and Sun method didn’t seem to work much, but hey… at this point, it’s even more than half as bright and I was pleasantly surprised. I didn’t see ANY change after trying the bath salts – but I did enjoy an hour in the tub… so maybe it’s the universe telling me to be at peace with the remaining blue in my hair. ? At this point… I was starting to lose hope, so I went through ALLLLLLLL the comments on that post and pulled out a few tidbits of what “worked” for readers… They did a great job. when showing me which of the 10 really works. From the comments I got 3 methods left, which I will try before giving in and just waiting for the blue color to fade naturally.

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Attempt #8 – Opposite Colors

Did I mention how exhausted I am after this shampoo? lol… in life’s big project – It’s just hair and I can be patient with the blue dye to fade naturally, but I’m REALLY excited about 1. trying out a new style and 2. blog about new styles BEFORE summer. So I used a method mentioned in this youtube video that suggests using the opposite color of blue on the color wheel. I chose one orange/copper and one red. I get to town – I cover my entire head in orange/red (except for my bands because I know I’m going to want those yellows). ALL of my hair is dyed orange/red. I think worse case scenario, the red + blue dye will give me a burgundy tint in the lower part of my hair that I can live with. But that didn’t happen -_- In fact, all the red was just washed out and the blue remained… I couldn’t believe my eyes. Here are pictures of the before, during and after: 4_24b4cRead more: How to dispose of ice cream cans Read more: How to dispose of ice cream cans Read more: How to dispose of ice cream cans

Attempt # 9 – Dawn Dish Soap & Baking Soda

I pulled this tip from the comments of the forum post I mentioned before. I also heard from youtubers that dawn dish soap fades colors faster… so I ran to Walgreens and picked up a $1 bottle of blue Dawn dish soap and a box of baking soda worth 1 dollar. I mixed 1:1 each into a small cup and made about 1/4 cup of the mixture. Then I jumped into the shower and prepared it. I let it sit in my hair for 5-10 minutes while I shower and shave… then I rinse… .and rinse… and rinse… lol. hair. I don’t find it easy to make coffee and pay for washing – my hands are tired.Good news – this works fine. So I wish I had tried it first to see how it would affect my hair before all the other fading techniques I’ve tried. Just look at the before and after photos below. Since it worked so well, the next day I did the same thing and ended up with a very light blue color and the rest of my hair completely blonde. proofreadingRead more: How to dispose of ice cream cans Read more: How to dispose of ice cream cans Read more: How to dispose of ice cream cans Read more: How to dispose of ice cream cans

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Attempt #10 – Advanced Blonde Hair Dye

High Life blonde hair dyeI saved this option for last because it was suggested as the last option in the comments and in the article that I mentioned before. After the Dish soap and baking soda removed most of the blue and all the other colors that had faded from my hair, leaving an ash blonde color, I went in search of and picked up a high-end drug store blonde bleach kit. . The remaining green shadow goes out, leaving a soft green shadow that is barely noticeable. Now I’m blonde again… I rewarded my hair with a week of rest and deep moisturizing treatment at a local salon. How well they worked for you! Oh and don’t forget to pin this for later… it will come in handy when you’re ready for your next new color.

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