why so serious lets put a smile on that face

Photo from topqa.infoBy Brandon Naurato – Reading: why so serious, put a smile on that face. February is 45 degrees and sunny and we are coming to the end of the most beautiful time of the year. The knockout stages of leagues and county championships are happening around the country and all I can think of is a great day for hockey. I opened the main entrance to the rink and it hit me instantly. Melodies from the scorer’s box rang all the way, while the smell of coffee and stinky hockey toys confirmed that I had come to the right place, and I couldn’t be happier. The rest of the audience who attended the game did not share this feeling. To the left, I see a few parents walking through the hallway, while others sit alone in the corner with clipboards and stopwatches in hand. To my right, a small group of outspoken parents deep in conversation about the game fills the rink as they anxiously await the drop of the ball. Then I started laughing because all I kept thinking about was Heath Ledger’s infamous line as The Joker in “The Dark Knight”. Read more: Why do cats raise their butts “Why… so… serious?”Michael Caples / MiHockey's photoMichael Caples / MiHockey’s photoBrandon Naurato is the director of the Total Package Hockey Center of Excellence in Canton, Mich. Click the photo for more information about this year-round hockey school.Brandon Naurato is the director of the Total Package Hockey Center of Excellence in Canton, Mich. Click the image for more information about this year-round hockey school. I know why you’re being so serious. That’s because you’re angry. Angry that your kid isn’t on top, the coach isn’t delivering on what he’s promised in your eyes, or little Johnny is being more successful than your son. And all I want you to know is that we all see that. Everyone has seen it! I got it. You spend more time and money on personal training throughout the season and individual attention during the summer so you get the best experience possible – unaffected by adversity throughout the season prize. If things don’t go your child’s way, it must be someone else’s fault, right? I told you before that if you are looking for a return on investment in hockey you are wasting your time. If your child plays hockey to have fun and meet new friends, enjoy the process. If your child has a passion for the game, has an elite mindset and work ethic, and his goal is to play at the highest level possible, you still need to smile and enjoy the process. I ask you a question: Did your method work? Are you helping your son or daughter earn more kick time by badmouthing the coach or other players on the team? I just read an unbelievable article by Pat Fitzgerald (head coach of Northwestern’s football program) titled “Parent assessment has become an important part of the process.” Coach Pat discusses about how Division I coaches are evaluating parents like never before while determining hires.The message here is that you can only hurt your son or daughter when play to the next level. Your impact on them as people go to get them out of the ice, not because of it. go away.” Imagine a world – or let alone a hockey field – where whenever you walk in the door everyone is smiling and positive.Each person who attends the game has his or her own purpose in going there, whether it’s watching a game with as a fan, supporting friends or spending time with family So let’s do it!Thanks to the coach for volunteering his time n her to mentor and develop your son or daughter. Get to know the other parents in the group and begin to build healthy relationships that can last a lifetime. Encourage your child to be positive and understand that he or she is the captain of his own ship. Any success that person has is directly related to them having the right attitude and earning it. The bottom line is that we all need to enjoy the moment, change our attitude and sit back and ask ourselves… “Why so serious?” Read more: why does my dog ​​snore | Top Q&A

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