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Um, because you will get more data. DUH! By linking Google Search Console (GSC) to Google Ads, you get a quick look at your paid versus organic keywords. You’ll get Search Query and Keyword level data so you can see the incremental value of your paid terms versus organic. Read: why you should associate adwords with webmaster tools Google’s goal is that you can see new, organic opportunities and new, paid search opportunities. Similarly, you can see – in a really simple report – where you’re performing organically and make adjustments to lower your paid search bids or pause keywords altogether if You have a limited budget. This is especially great news whether you’re doing both yourself or you’re working in an agency that provides both PPC and SEO to the same client.

How to create a linked account in Google Search Console in Google Ads

Similar to linking Google Ads to Analytics, click the gear icon in the upper right corner and select Linked Accounts. You will see an option for Search Console. Follow these steps:

  • Go to ‘Linked accounts.’ Click the Tools button on the top navigation of your Google Ads dashboard. Clicking this creates a drop-down list of 20 different options. Click the link titled “Linked accounts” in the Settings section.
  • Select ‘Search Console’ from your list of options. Since first releasing this feature in 2013, Google has added several more options under the “Linked Accounts” heading. Search Console is one of the last options on the list, located in the 9th position of the available options – fifth row, right hand side. Click the link for ‘DETAILS’. find linked accounts in search console 2018
  • Click on the link titled “LINK” to launch Search Console. We think it’s pretty self-explanatory. click on the dashboard link search for linked accounts 2018
  • Enter your website address and click “CONTINUE”. Again, we also found this step pretty straightforward. A note of caution: make sure your domain names in each account match. For example, if you use https:// and www before your domain name in Ads, make sure you choose a Search Console account with the same naming convention. You are using https, right? Of course. add sitelink account 2018
  • That’s it! Your Search Console account is now linked to your Ads account. Depending on whether this works for you, you may get one of the following results from the attempt to link these accounts. accounts linked to search console success 2018This is what you will see if your Search Console account has been successfully linked to Google Ads.
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    account link search console 2018If your attempt to link Google Search Console to your Google Ads account fails, here are the results you should expect to see. If you’ve already verified ownership of your site in Google Search Console – congratulations, you’re ready! Read more: Why michelle choi is so popular If you haven’t claimed your site, just click the blue link for “Claim at Search Console”. This will direct you to Google Search Console and provide recommended methods to verify your site. Need more help? Check out the Google Help article here or contact a friendly DOM digital advertising expert (link below).

    Paid & Organic Reports can be found in the Predefined Reports tab (formerly known as the Dimensions tab). By the way, if you are new to this part of Google Ads, take some time and find out. There are many detailed reports here. To go to the Paid & Organic report, navigate to Basic > Paid & Organic.google ads navigation organic report 2018Check out the screenshots below. While search terms and other personal information have been removed, here’s a summary of what you’ll see in paid and organic reports: Read more: Siri why fire trucks have red “This table shows your paid and organic results performed for every organic listing or ad enabled search. ”google ads organic ads 2018The data updates once a day and we don’t believe you can see historical data, rather it starts accumulating once you link the accounts. However, our Advertising representatives were uncertain about this at the time of initial publication. Over the past five years, we’ve confirmed it :).

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    Google continues to provide us with more and more reporting capabilities from within the Google Ads interface. You can view competitive data, analytics data, channel data, data… ..data… ..data! Now there’s even more! It’s almost like Google wants you to succeed. Yes, they do! We love that they are tying all their assets together. Instead of being a shopping mall, Google Ads has evolved into a department store. Read more: Why is plastic sticky? – Top reasons | Top Q&A

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