Why Overwatch is so toxic

So, as most people know, Overwatch is one of the most unique games ever made at least over the past decade, but not for the reasons people might think. So let’s talk about why, now, whenever people talk about Overwatch being toxic, they say the same thing: the community is bad and ruins the game. People in the entire player base seem to think this is the case. But that’s not the real story of it. That’s not entirely wrong, of course, but you’re mixing cause and effect. Overwatch is not malicious for the sake of the community. Toxic community because of Overwatch. At its core, Overwatch is unintentionally built from the ground up to make every single one of its players as angry as possible at all times throughout the game. And when the whole game is built to make you angry, you tend to be an angrier player as a result. And that’s why the community is just as toxic. With that said, let’s take a look at the biggest problems with the heroes in the game that make you angry every time you play. Of course, this isn’t an exhaustive list of every issue, but it’s exhaustive enough to warrant an outlook on issues with Overwatch’s characters. So these are the biggest problems with the heroes themselves.

  • Heroes can shoot you as soon as you turn a corner or knock you down in less than a second.
  • Heroes can stun, hack, or otherwise make you unable to move or use your abilities.
  • Heroes are super mobile and it’s hard to keep an eye on your footage unnecessarily.
  • Heroes can become invincible for a long time or otherwise have an easy means of escaping any danger.
  • “Troll pick” heroes have such a terrible design that you can be banned from playing when ranked. Now, if we sift through the entire list and sort every character that has at least one of these problems, we can say that about 90% of the lineup has problems in at least one way (28 out of 31 heroes). That’s right. 90% of poorly designed lists. Furthermore, out of those 28 characters, about 71% of them have more than one of those issues at the same time (20 out of 28 heroes).
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In addition to the heroes, there are many problems in the core gameplay of Overwatch. The biggest problem is the time to kill (or TTK for short). In any ability based game, kill times should be low, but not so low that you die every time an enemy breathes. This TTK balance is crucial to any character-based game. Do not make a mistake; A flawed TTK can single-handedly kill off the game’s entire player base. Gigantic was killed and decommissioned due to their TTK being too high, and Heroes of the Storm was hanged for their poor tank handling and CC abilities. a low TTK? The answer is that Blizzard believes Overwatch is a competitive first-person shooter. It’s not. It’s an ability-based team game as much as an FPS, and the game has suffered for so long because Blizzard refuses to admit it, or just can’t fix it due to lack of care. Overwatch’s TTK almost just makes the game as toxic as it is. One problem with Overwatch that I didn’t mention is how powerful the ultimatum is, to the point where every match depends on who can hit Q at the right time. They are very powerful because most of them don’t have an end time. When you play Pharah, the moment you press Q, the first enemy in front of you gets at least 5 rockets in the face, killing them instantly without any chance to prepare for it, because You can’t prepare for something you don’t have. winding time. But there’s a reason why ultimatums don’t have an end time; TTK. If ultimatums in Overwatch really have any duration, anyone using it will be instantly killed by the first enemy to see them because TTK has no standing place to end a skill . In Overwatch, if you don’t move for even a second, you’re dead. That’s why Bastion has always been and will be a troll pick. That’s also why McCree’s ultimate is always completely useless or completely broken. Yes, the community is extremely toxic but the game itself is ultimately partly to blame for making them that way. And yes, I understand that some people are just gratuitous, but most people are not. And it doesn’t help that every time someone tries to have fun on these forums, their topic will be removed and their account banned by Blizzard for making a “troll post”. Sadly, I speak from personal experience when I say it. I’ve been banned from my account a few times for trying to amuse myself on these forums. Rest in peace, various funny themes have been removed. Read more: celine dion love doesn’t ask why | Top Q&A

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