why is the Sun orange when white stars are the hottest?

Curious Kids is a series for children. If you have questions you want experts to answer, send them to [email protected] You might also like the Imagine This podcast, a collaboration between ABC KIDS listening and The Conversation, based on Curious Kids.Why is the Sun orange when the white stars are hottest? – Rain, 6 years old, Toowoomba.Reading: the sun is orange Hi Rain. Thank you for submitting the great question. The reason the Sun shines like that is because it is hot. And the color it glows depends on how hot it is. You’re right that a white glowing star will be hotter than an orange glowing star. And it is true that the Sun usually looks orange. But it’s not really orange. It’s white. Well, it’s a bit on the yellow side but mostly white, but even the white stars aren’t the hottest color. Read more: Curious Kids: What existed before the Big Bang? Is there something there to thrive on?

The green giants burned bright and for a moment

The hottest stars actually glow in blue. We call them blue giant stars. These blue giant stars are about 80 times more massive than our Sun – so they’re really, really big. They live and die very quickly. They are so hot and large that they burn fuel very quickly and last only a few million years, which sounds like a long time but not much compared to how long our Sun would live. When our Sun is a million years old, it is still just a child. It is now about 5 billion years old and will live to about 10 billion years. So you could say the Sun is now middle aged. It’s already half way through. So the blue giant stars are the hottest, the white ones are very hot, but there are also the burning orange stars that are less hot. There are even red stars, which are a bit cooler. They’re half or even a quarter the size of our Sun, and while they’re still blazing hot, they’re not as hot as our lovely Sun. The hottest stars are actually blue. Shutterstock

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So why is the Sun orange?

Many of the photos we took of the Sun made it look orange because we used special filters to take the photo. The sun gives off so much light that we can’t take detailed pictures of its surface unless we trim some of the luminosity. That’s what filters do.file 20190711 44497 1oird5q NASA uses filters to take pictures of the Sun, and the filters make it look orange. NASRead more: why are my feet yellow | Top Q&A at sunrise and sunset, the Sun can look especially orange to our eyes. That’s because, at those times of day, its light has to pass through a lot of Earth’s atmosphere (the swirling layer of air that surrounds our planet). And all the dust and stuff in the atmosphere that causes the light to scatter and change so it looks less blue and more red-orange.

Only bored astronomers find satisfaction in memorizing

In the old days, astronomers used letters to try to classify different types of stars. As we learned more about the stars, the order changed and the labels became mixed! We still use this naming system today to remember the order of stars from hottest to least hot. It’s like this: O, B, A, F, G, K, M. (Some versions have more letters at the end) The O stars are blue giants, while their Sun is a giant. I am a “G-class” star. That means it’s not the hottest, but it’s not the coolest either. These letters are difficult to remember, so astronomers have devised different tricks to remember it. A mnemonic trick called “memoization” where you pretend each letter stands for a word. A student in my class came up with an easier way to remember this: “Only Bored Astronomers Find Gratification Know Mnemonics” (satisfaction means something like happiness). And Frog Takes Knitting Gloves”. Read more: Curious Kids: Why do the stars twinkle? file 20190628 76743 26slbcHello, curious kids! Do you have a question you’d like an expert to answer? Ask an adult to send your question to [email protected] Please tell us your name, age and what city you live in. We won’t be able to answer every question, but we’ll do our best. Read more: Why do cellular modems have multiple antennas

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