why is louis vuitton so expensive

Reading: Why Louis Vuitton is so expensive with the famous Louis Vuitton “LV” monogram — it is also one of the most recognizable brands in the world, yet it is also one of the most expensive. best of the world.

Why is Louis Vuitton so expensive? Top 10 reasons

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1. Brand

monogram for Louis VuittonRead: Why Louis Vuitton is so expensive, Louis Vuitton is part of the famous “triad” of the fashion industry, with the other two brands being Hermès and Chanel. It’s not simply about owning a product, it’s about investing in a personal luxury, it’s about the experience, status, and respect that comes with it. .Because they are a status symbol, brands like Louis Vuitton can instantly charge more simply for who they are and for who invests in them.Read: Why Louis Vuitton Is So Expensive When celebrities around the world are photographed carrying Louis Vuitton products or wearing items with the prominent “LV” logo, it increases the value of the brand almost instantaneously and allows the brand to charge more for its products. Often, without even realizing it, buyers end up paying more for luxury items simply because of the brand name associated with the item. For example, the overall price of a designer handbag is 20 times the cost of producing the item. a Louis Vuitton product is a privilege and a personal investment.

2. Demand

Louis Vuitton bagRead: Why Louis Vuitton is so expensive, Louis Vuitton has been a legend in the world of fashion since it was founded in 1854. Since then, it has only grown stronger in the world. attraction and public opinion. the fashion capital of the world — and Louis Vuitton remains firmly on the fashion throne with no signs of moving anytime soon. For example, as soon as a new watch is released, loyal customers are notified and the buying craze begins. and exists in person to help Louis Vuitton connoisseurs “know” about what is coming next and what they need to do to score the next luxury item for their collection.This need means that customers buy faster, are willing to pay the most, and don’t need much incentive to make it happen.Prediction alone drives demand and keeps customers in their seats buying the latest and greatest items. louis vutton is very expensive

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3. Exclusiveness

Small Louis Vuitton BackpackRead: Why Louis Vuitton is so expensive It’s not a small secret in the world of high-end design that high-quality goods depreciate as soon as there are too many in the market. is a careful jump between creating too much product and producing not enough. Customers want to feel like they’re the only person in the world with a certain product — or at least they want to be the only one in their social circle.Therefore, once Louis Vuitton hits a specific sales target for any given item, it suspends production of that item.There’s a lot of buzz about whether Louis Vuitton will actually destroy any additional products once a sales target is reached. In a mass-produced world, a bag, shoe, or jewelry looks the same to everyone who buys it. The sales margin should be high per unit, thus increasing the price.

4. Innovation

Louis Vuitton Handbag VALVEUsually, when buyers look at high-end products, they’re looking for something truly unique, but not just in the sense that each piece is handmade and cannot be copied. something that looks unusual or creative.Most buyers don’t want to spend a small fortune on an item that can easily be purchased as a mass-produced item.Louis Vuitton strives to stay on top of trends, creating the next most wanted item. Many fashion trends are actually cheaper copies of what Louis Vuitton is doing. and then wait and see how mass production companies do it. In addition, the brand is making an effort to reach the younger generations with products that embody the same high quality that Louis Vuitton has always been known for.

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5. Labor

Woman with black Louis Vuitton patent leather bagRead more: Why is Louis Vuitton so expensive, Louis Vuitton values ​​quality so much that professional craftsmen undergo a year of training on how to create any new Louis Vuitton product before having the chance The guild began to produce. A lifetime opportunity that is hard to come by. Craftsmen wait a lifetime to be selected as one of the LV workers.Louis Vuitton hires only the best and most skilled workers to make their products.They cannot accept the risk that any of their products will be less than perfect.Until 2005, the creation of a Louis Vuitton bag required the skilled labor of eight days and up to 30 different high-class craftsmen. Because of this, Louis Vuitton has always been synonymous with quality, but all of this comes with a hefty price tag. In addition to its competitors, Vuitton has proven true craftsmanship in the age of mass production.

6. Marketing

Fashion consultant Elina Halimi wears a Louis Vuitton bagReading: Why Louis Vuitton is so expensive On the one hand, Louis Vuitton doesn’t do traditional marketing, you won’t see a Louis Vuitton ad in the next Super Bowl. is special.Read more: why does my computer restart loop | Top Q&A Then they let their own reputation do the marketing for them. However, this unique marketing strategy doesn’t come cheap – and it certainly isn’t free. and they have incredible customer service, consistency is also a big part of their marketing strategy. Read: Why is louis vutton so expensive

7. Material

Louis Vuitton Designer LuggageReading: Why Louis Vuitton is so expensive The material used for Louis Vuitton products is very sturdy. and trunk — so the company started making products from durable materials. Luxurious, it’s built to withstand everyday life.For example, a Louis Vuitton bag or wallet will go through more than 100 different stages of production and testing before it is ready to hit retail shelves.Louis Vuitton products are the essence of durability. Their coated premium canvas and leather are made for easy cleaning and care. The resale value of a Louis Vuitton product is generally very high, further supporting the idea that the product is well-built using only the finest materials.

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8. Process

Louis VuittonLuxury brands like Louis Vuitton often build their products in France and refuse to outsource any of their products to less expensive locations.Unlike other businesses looking to cut labor or make materials cheaper, Louis Vuitton insists on using only the best.This process is what has made it famous.Their determination to hire only the best is what continues to differentiate their product, but this commitment comes with a hefty price tag.

9. Quality

Brown Louis Vuitton HandbagRead: Why Louis Vuitton is so expensive Throughout the years, Louis Vuitton has consistently created the most famous and famous bags in the world. Simply put, Louis Vuitton is synonymous with quality. Their reputation for good quality continues to thrive decade after decade.

10. Status

Louis VuittonRead more: Why Louis Vuitton is so expensive Owning a piece of Louis Vuitton is an unrepentant symbol of status.Louis Vuitton is one of the only brands in the world that never holds sales. will continue to drive Louis Vuitton sales and prices as long as bags, jewelry, leather goods, shoes, trunks and watches remain part of the ideal fashion experience. Read more: why is my dog ​​scratching the bed | Top Q&A

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