Why Is It SO Hard To Potty Train A Chihuahua?

Another Chihuahua Trainer?


No thanks, I’d rather teach an octopus to wear pants, training a Chihuahua is HARD. If you’re here to fix the problem, you’re not alone. There are a few ways that you can make this process a little easier. It begins with understanding the nature of your trusted companion.

What’s wrong with your dog?

A health problem could leave your dog unmanageable. Premature hematuria often causes urine leakage, especially in bed. Urinary incontinence occurs in about 5% of young dogs spitting up milk before their first heat. If your dog is urinating a lot or has any sudden, unusual urinary-related behavior, a rapid urinalysis can rule out a UTI. The female dog’s urethra is shorter and wider than that of the male dog, allowing bacteria to enter the bladder, although male dogs can also get UTIs. This is even more important if they have been trained, but suddenly have an accident.

Sensitive Chihuahuas

All dogs are sensitive to punishment, even if it’s just your voice… even if it’s an unintentional frustrated sigh when you have to clean up yet another puddle. even get scared if you celebrate too loudly when they finally poop out. When they are afraid to go to the potty, they will hold it back when you get close, then wait until they can sneak out. , or two ropes tied together, so your Chi can have a little more privacy when you go for a walk. Only use a long leash in an open area, as you are only allowed on a 6-foot leash when in the park. Take your long rope with you whenever you are near a road.

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Chihuahua is sneaking

Face it, if you’re on this blog post, there’s a 99.999999% chance that there’s a dried urine or fecal particle stain in your home that you don’t know about. same area over and over again. Use an enzyme-based cleaner like Nature’s Miracle to break down stains and remove scents. Add Chi’s scent to the right potty seat by pooping or peeing tissues wherever you want your baby to go. You can use baby gates and crates to keep Chi out of the house until you can trust her. I really like the puppy gate from Carlson’s Pet Products because it has a pass through door.

Chihuahuas get cold easily

Smaller dogs have a greater skin-to-inside ratio, with more surface area relative to their overall size, making them more susceptible to cold. You can teach your Chihuahua to poop outside in the winter, but in the meantime, you might consider using a puppy pad when it’s cold outside…especially if you know you won’t be able to walk the dog. walk. regularly or monitor her outside to make sure she does her business before you let her in again.

Every part of a Chihuahua is miniature

I will never cease to be amazed at the size of Matilda’s droppings, for their size they are long and thick, sometimes sticking out of the ground. Your Chihuahua has a small digestive system. to fit their small bodies. although they are very hungry. What goes in must come out. That tiny bladder and small intestine work extremely hard to retain all that waste. Bigger dogs. As they get bigger, they get better and better at holding it. But that may take longer than you expect.

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Chihuahuas don’t always communicate well

It took a while for Matilda to learn to “talk” to me. Maybe because she was trained. When your dog is padded training, they will deal with bathroom problems on their own, they are not used to asking for the potty. Use the potty bell.

Why Chihuahuas are NOT difficult to take the potty train

Remember, your Chi doesn’t show any discomfort when she pees or pees where she shouldn’t. places where your smell is strong, so she might be drawn to those places and add her own scent.

Chihuahuas are underrated

So many people give up their Chis. Don’t give up your Chi. Let’s kiss it. And then keep trying. Once your Chihuahua has received adequate potty training (it will happen if you’re consistent. I promise.)… It will all be worth it. You will be ready for bigger things. Bigger adventures. Bigger Goals: You’ll forget what it’s like to be a messy puppy, and you’ll have a hairy little alien creature that’s so closely attached to you that you really economic will think the same thought.

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