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Cloud storage facilities are proving their worth more and more and are easily accessible around the world. There are quite a few cloud storage platforms on the market, and Google Drive is one of the more popular. Google Drive responds very quickly to user commands and can be accessed from various platforms including Android, Windows, Browser. It has outstanding download and upload speeds with the lowest latency that users can suffer. This is because its CDNs (content delivery networks) are located in multiple locations around the world. However, sometimes Google Drive can stop working for a while due to certain issues. This article provides different solutions to increase the speed of Google Drive.


  • Google Drive desktop client not responding well (Desktop version)
  • Google Drive syncs files very slowly (Browser Version + Desktop Version)
  • Google Drive keeps crashing (Browser version)
  • Solution 1: Google Drive Desktop Client Not Responding Well (Desktop Version)

    This problem is not usually caused by the Google Drive app. The real reason behind the problem might be that the system’s hardware is being used inadequately. This problem can be fixed by upgrading the system’s existing hardware or switching windows to performance mode.

  • Press Windows key + E at the same time.
  • Find “This PC” -> Right click on it -> Properties.
  • Open the Advanced tab. Find “Advanced system settings” then “Settings” and open it.
  • Check “Adjust for best performance” in the Visual Effects tab and then click Apply | OK for the change to take effect. Performance options
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    Solution 2: Google Drive syncs files very slowly (Both browser version + desktop version)

    Again, it’s very unlikely that Google’s servers or networks have very slow speeds or high latency. If files sync very slowly with local files or remote files, there must be a problem with the user’s connection.

    Desktop client

  • Find the Google Drive icon on the Taskbar.
  • Right click -> Vertical dotted three lines icon -> Preferences. Settings-Icon
  • Switch to the “Advanced” tab and then select the “Direct Connection”, “Unlimited” and “Unlimited” options. Preferences-Dialogs
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    Google Chrome

    People usually go the longer route to cleaning up their browser cache and temporary files, but there is a really short way to do it without messing up the settings.

  • Open Google Chrome.
  • Press the F12 key.
  • Find the “Refresh” button in the browser. Refresh button
  • Right click on it -> Empty Cache and Hard Reload.
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    Solution 3: Google Drive keeps crashing (Browser Version)

    Read more: Why it’s called the devil’s bath Google Drive’s web interface is extremely friendly with today’s web browsers, so it’s very unlikely that the fault lies with Google. If Google Drive is flickering a lot on your side, you can follow these simple steps to fix the problem:

  • Make sure the system has enough system memory. Modern browsers today need at least 2GB of internal memory in Windows 7 or later, Google Chrome needs 8GB. If more RAM cannot be added, close all other tabs except Google drive.
  • Clear the browser cache (as explained in Solution 2).
  • Enable “Hardware Accelerator” and install the graphics driver
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  • Click the three-dotted line again and select Settings. Setting
  • Scroll down and click Show advanced settings. Show advanced settings
  • Now select the checkbox for Use hardware acceleration when available.
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