why is geralt called the butcher of blaviken

Geralt of Rivia is known by many different names, White Wolf and White One just to name a few. Besides these, Geralt is also known as Blaviken’s Butcher. Although a very bad alias, it carries a dark connotation. So why does Geralt have such a dark and ghastly nickname?People started calling Geralt the Butcher of Blaviken after he killed eight innocent people in a squared town during one of his quests.Reading Comprehension: why geralt is called the butcher of the blaviken Like every other story, this one is not a clean black and white situation either. There is a rather tragic background to this story that you should know in order to fully understand the story. To find out what really happened in Blaviken and whether Geralt is worthy of the moniker, be sure to read the full article.

What is the curse of the Black Sun?


The Curse of the Black Sun commonly known as the Mania of Mad Eltibald is an event of a solar eclipse that is an event associated with legends that heralds the end of humanity by the hands of sixty girls born in the time of death. this lunar eclipse. because Stregobor believes this will turn the girls into cruel monsters and begins to hunt them down. Killing them proved ineffective so they began locking them in towers to isolate the girls from the rest of the world. The magicians first kill the young girls and then try to break the curse using their magic. We later learned that only a few people believed in this curse and even Geralt didn’t believe the event was just a simple eclipse with no magical meaning. from the places where they were detained. Some princes succeeded in their quest and other girls escaped on their own or became strong enough for the witches to abandon them.

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Who is Renfri?

One of the girls who kept this way was Renfri. She was born during a solar eclipse but her father didn’t think much of it. It was only when she married Aridea that things got complicated, she said she saw Renfri kill herself many others using Nehalenia’s Mirror, that’s why Stegobor was sent by the council. Investigate the young princess. Stegobor simply wanted to isolate her, citing that he had seen Renfrin harm and torture a number of different creatures. On the other hand, her stepmother wants her dead, that’s why she sent a thug to kill the young princess in the forest and bring back Renfri’s liver as evidence. , through his ear. After this event, she ran away. and almost impossible to find. Many people suspect that it was she who poisoned her stepmother, causing her to die. Stegobor tries to dodge her attacks by casting a spell that turns her into a mountain of crystal, which he leaves in the gnome’s mines, which he carries down tunnels so he can’t find her. Pay for the curse to be reversed. The prince returns home to Renfri, but his father doesn’t trust her. The day after she was supposed to be executed, the rest of the prince’s family died leaving him as king. She didn’t stay there long, deciding to continue her search for Stegobor. She relentlessly hunted him down to the town of Blaviken.

What happened at Blaviken?

Why is Geralt called the Butcher of Blaviken 3Renfri quickly arrives at Blaviken ready for revenge. Geralt happened to be in the same town at the time. Acquainted with Stregobor, Geralt decides to try to talk Renfri out of her revenge plan. However, he refuses Stegobor’s request to kill her because Geralt particularly dislikes magicians. Caldemeyn tells her she must leave town until tomorrow morning, Renfri reveals a letter from King Audoen, leaving her untouchable. kill Stegobor. She tells Geralt that there are two ways to avoid bloodshed; either Stegobor must voluntarily leave the tower he is hiding in and then she will kill him in the backcountry or Geralt should kill him for her sake. Geralt refuses to kill her and Renfri leaves, telling him he won. Even so, the next morning Renfri and her men show up at the market with a plan to take everyone there hostage and release them only when Stegobor leaves his tower. Blaviken and the surrounding villages, but he will not leave his tower. Read more: why do I feel a pulse everywhere | Top Q & ARenfri returns to the market place to reunite with her men only to find them killed by Geralt. Painful to realize that she drew her sword to fight Geralt. They argued for a while, the fight ending with Geralt killing the princess by cutting one of her leg arteries, causing her to die. near Renfri.

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Why is Geralt called the Butcher of Blaviken?

So how exactly did all of this contribute to Geralt’s nickname, The Butcher of Blaviken? people gradually until Stegobor comes out of his tower. People are dying and that’s one of the things Geralt doesn’t like. Despite the fact that Geralt is working to protect innocent people, those who witnessed the fight were unaware of the plot of the event causing them to see Geralt as a monster and give him a special distinction. Name is like love. their policy of nonviolence and lasting peace, which eventually led them to expel Geralt from the city.

In what year did Geralt become Blaviken’s butcher?

Geralt became known as the Butcher of Blaviken after he became entangled in a fight between Stegobor and Renfri when both asked him for help. Stegobor wants Geralt to protect him from Renfri and kill her, while Renfri asks Geralt to kill Stegobor to avoid innocent people dying. The most accurate we can get is to place it within the events described in the short story called The Lesser Evil.

How many people did Geralt kill in Blaviken?

During this fight, Geralt killed eight people. Although the number seems low, it is widely believed that the eight men killed were innocent and that Geralt killed them in cold blood. However, the truth is a bit different, the important part here is that it was actually bloodshed in a very public place and the real motive for the murder was unknown to the people Geralt had saved.

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