why is almond butter so expensive

Why is almond butter so expensive? This is what I thought when I returned the glass vial to the co-op shelf last summer. It was my first summer working full-time on a farm, and I watched my new-found perspective provide for my reasoning. California… drought… almonds… aha! Read: why almond butter is so expensive Almond butter is so expensive because of the drought in California, where most of America’s almonds are produced. No wisdom for anyone regarding their food. But I’m just beginning to understand the consequences of the food choices I’m making, and most Americans are still in the dark.[Order Organic Almond Butter for $10 here]In fact, California produces 80% of the world’s almonds. They account for $11 billion in profits statewide. However, they also need a lot of water to produce. This is a heavy topic right now California is in the midst of a severe drought. “The amount of water required for crop production by the state [almonds] ABC News says it will cover the amount of water that 60% of Californians are recommended to use each year. “It takes more than a gallon of water to grow an almond, and it can take 220 gallons to make a large avocado… A stick of avocado requires more than 500 gallons of water to make. One pound of beef has 5,000 gallons,” [Slate]. Almonds are also a nutritious superfood, more than many other foods California produces. So the almonds may have been a bit more burnt than they should have been. Almond farmers certainly do, although there are efforts to make their growing method as water-efficient as possible. post comes. It’s from someone who has done a great job in spreading awareness about junk food and healthy eating (no wonder she’s a fan of almond butter!). It says:Almond butter is expensiveHer outrage is understandable and I don’t criticize her for it. I have it too! Almond butter is one of my favorite things in the world, but I wonder if we feel so good when it comes to food, that we have to get what we want, even at the cost. of the planet. The price of almond butter reflects its growing impact on the environment. As a culture deeply separated from our food, money is the only surefire way to get a lot of people’s attention right away. Look closely, and you’ll see that the price of almond butter reflects the suffering of California’s ecosystem, the hardships of farmers, and the destructive ability to always get what we want. high. The call to boycott almonds? Read more: why does my cat’s butt smell | Top Q&A. That’s a reason to look deeply into the consequences of our basic beliefs (e.g. “of course I have to get what I want”), to check whether our actions really match the way we feel called to live, and ask questions What is our part in creating the world today, and how will we leave it to our children?If you’ve done all of that and feel you want to make some obvious, realistic changes, here are a few modest suggestions.

  • Buy locally grown food.
  • Grow your own food crops.
  • Learn the joys and benefits of foraging.
  • Live simply, appreciate beauty and share joy.
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I don’t have a complete answer to any of these questions. I also do not fully follow the guidelines that I mentioned above. But I respect the interdependence of life and my own call to live in a deep connection with the earth. I do my best to honor that calling as it grows and changes form. Who among us could do more than this? –Nicholas TippinsRead more: Why does my dog ​​pee a lot

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