why does my vape pop and crackle

Get to know the noise of vaping

– by Rachel DaviesHave you heard your crackle vape yet? When you’re new to vaping, you may be surprised to see how loud your cigar is. These sounds range from crackling, popping to buzzing sounds. They are all completely normal and you will quickly get used to them. It’s good to get in the habit of understanding what sounds are ‘normal’ for your vape, this way if they change you can easily pinpoint where the problem is. Let’s take a look at the noises you might hear from your vape, why they happen, and how you can tell if noises are good or bad.

What causes vape bursts?

The crackling sound you hear from your cigar is completely normal. It’s because of your vape coil. Remember that you are dealing with an electrical device that is doing many things at once when you vape. When you draw on the cigar, the e-liquid is pulled into your nozzle. The nozzle has a coil inside it that heats up when you push the button. This coil then vaporizes your e-liquid into a vapor that you can inhale. Top Q&A e-liquid is evaporated, it makes a slight crackling or crackling sound. This will be a bit more noticeable if your nozzle is brand new. If you hear your vape, that really means it’s working fine and your coil is doing what it should.

Type of e-liquid

The type of e-liquid you vape can change the sound your cigar makes when you vape. The ratio of diluent in the e-liquid determines how thick or thin your e-liquid is. If you have a lot of Propylene Glycol (PG) diluent, this has a thinner consistency so your e-liquid will be thinner. The concentration of Vegetable Glycerine (VG) is higher in your e-liquid and it will be thicker. Thinner e-liquids mean that the noise from your nozzle can be a bit more noticeable because there’s no thickness there to dampen the sound. Even with thicker e-liquids, your atomizer behaves the same and produces the same sounds, it’s just buffered from your e-liquid.eliquid banner 1

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e-cigar power output

The more power it emits, the louder your e-cig will sound. A sub-ohm vape with the power on will pop out and crackle. It will be almost instantaneous as the coil heats up faster, faster than the higher resistance coil, but the noise won’t last long with a sub-ohm vape. Since it produces more vapor, you tend to smoke in a shorter amount of time. If you notice gurgling or spitting noises, it’s possible that your power supply is too low. If you have an adjustable wattage vape and the wattage is too low, excess liquid can build up in your injector. It must not evaporate quickly enough and will flood your coils, causing gurgling or spitting noises. Try turning your power up a bit to see if this helps.

Vape coil type

Your injector may have different coil patterns inside. If the coil is meshed or has multiple coils, there will be more surface area for e-liquid evaporation. This means you’ll get more flavor and vapor from your vape juice. But it will also sound louder when you’re vaping. | Top Q&A: This sound will be more noticeable when your nozzle is brand new. Once your coil has ‘come to life’ after a day or two of use, the noise will be much less noticeable.atomizer head shop now 2

What causes noise when you vape?

We’ve talked about pops and crackles before, but what about that ‘whisper’ sound that you get here sometimes when you’re vaping, this is caused by the airflow. When you draw on your cigar, you are drawing air into it. This air runs through the coil to move the vapor from your vape to you. This is when you can hear a slight ‘whisper’. With most standard e-cigs, you won’t hear a thing. But if you have a sub-ohm unit, with extended airflow it can be noticeable. They are classified according to the amount of vapor they produce; Regular, Tall and Super. To get more steam out of your cigar, you need more airflow. So, a vape tank from a tall or extreme type, will have a much more expanded adjustable airflow than a regular vape tank. With all tanks, the airflow can be closed off instantly, but a regular tank will have a much more restricted airflow, so less ‘hissing’ sounds.Tank banner

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Recognize vape sounds

So now you know why your cigar can make a small noise. This is great, because now you will be able to tell when one of these changes. Once you know what is ‘normal’ for your cigar, you can tell if one of these sounds has changed. this. If that happens, it means there is too much e-liquid in your injector and it may need decoding.

How to make your cigar smoother

  • Shorter – The longer you smoke, the more air is pulled through your vape and the more noticeable the ‘sound’ of vaping. If you draw a very long interval for each draw, try and shorten the length of this interval to reduce the noise a bit.
  • Vary your coil resistance – If you have extra coil, try a higher resistance. This will make bangs and bangs much less noticeable.
  • Lower your wattage – Try reducing your wattage a bit to put less power through your coils. Close your airflow – If you open the airflow, try closing this a bit to reduce the amount of air being pulled through your vape

This is why you may have heard your crackle vape. It is a normal part of vaping. Something that we as vapers are familiar with. If you have any other tips on vape noise, drop us a comment below. Read more: Why can’t you wear a hat to school? Shocking reasons

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