why does my rabbit lick me

Pet bunnies full of personality. They might be jumping around like an energetic toddler or lounging on the couch like a careless retiree in the world. Decoding patterns in your rabbit’s behavior, certain noises, or body language can help you understand what your rabbit is feeling or trying to communicate.

Get to know your pet rabbit by learning its behavior with these tips.



“Binking” or “Boinking”:

As a way of expressing joy, rabbits often jump by jumping in the air. As many bunny owners call it, a fluffy bunny, is a sign of excitement. Also known as binky, rabbits are sometimes startled by their sudden outburst.


Rabbits have a unique way of expressing many emotions, and chin is one of them. Their chin has special scent glands on it, so they mark their territory with their chin. Similar to a pet cat rubbing against your leg, if your pet rabbit rests its chin on your shoulder or arm, it’s thinking you’re theirs.P decode rabbit blog post image 1% 20jpg


Rabbits will scratch their owners’ feet or legs as a way to get attention. They are often looking for a treat or to be petted.


One failure is when your rabbit lies on their side. This indicates satisfaction as the rabbits roll over and lie down to relax.

Kicking Up Feet:

Read more: Why is Snapchat so slow? Not to be confused with boink or bink, when bunnies kick their paws up while jumping away, this is a sign of displeasure. Looks like they’re kicking each other in the face as a way of showing their displeasure.

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Licking is a way rabbits brush each other’s fur. If your bunny licks you, it’s a sign of affection as you’ll often see rabbit pairs grooming each other this way. A rabbit licking is a sign of an attachment.


Moving can mean one of two things: The rabbit is trying to get past you, or it smells something and you’re getting in their way. Or they are trying to get your attention because they want to be treated or petted. Whether acting bossy or looking for attention, rabbits are trying to get your attention.


Sometimes an overlooked nudge is followed by a nudge as a way to get attention. They usually do not mean to harm people with this small bite. In other cases, you may be grabbed while in the rabbit’s space and they feel territorial or threatened.P decode rabbit blog post image 2% 20jpg

Run around:

Sometimes rabbits run around at high speed to show their excitement. As mentioned, quick moves are sometimes followed by a boink. You may experience this behavior when your rabbit is about to enjoy a treat.



A growl or growl from the rabbit indicates anger or stress. This is their warning that they need space.


Read more: Why does it hurt for boys to poop Sometimes an overactive rabbit will whistle or hum. This means they are happy or enjoying whatever they are doing.


The only time you hear a rabbit scream is when they are in great pain. They should be monitored and taken to the vet immediately if you hear screams.

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Teeth grinding:

When a rabbit grinds its teeth, they are communicating interest. You can usually hear purring or grinding teeth when your rabbit is petted. In contrast, loud and frequent teeth grinding combined with a stooped or tense posture means that they are feeling pain.


This is the bunny’s way of warning others that they feel danger. A loud noise is made when the rabbit hits the ground with its hind legs to notify others that they should “watch out.” Watch your rabbit’s behavior and pay attention to any noises it makes. This will help you decipher what your pet is feeling and how to support them in case they need your attention. To learn more about your pet rabbit, visit our blog post. And remember to keep your pet’s supplies right with this complete checklist for your pet rabbit. Source: Read more: Why is my ring temporary card not available

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