Why Does My Dog Roll Around in Dead Things?

Error? Test. Worms? Test. The remaining suspicions of something dead? Test. Test. It never fails. Even when I killed a bug on the floor and cleaned it up, my dog ​​would still run to the roll and rub himself everywhere an animal just died. The dog lays down on a walk, gets something you might not be able to see, and continues to roll and writhe on the ground. Even if that location was obvious, you can only imagine what was once there. When left alone, dogs revel in this protracted death, rubbing themselves in corpses, intestines, intestines, ruins, or simply where something dead once lay.


Claudine Sievert, DVM, said: “Many canine behaviorists believe that the real reason for such rolling is that dogs try to preserve their natural scent on dead animals. A Kansas-based veterinarian and veterinary consultant at topqa.info. Most animal experts suggest that this behavior is likely a clinging to the ancient ancestors of dogs, wolves, which were known to roll around in smelly things and dead things to hide. track their scent when hunting. “Wolves disguise their natural scent in this way to ‘hide’ from their prey and hunt more successfully,” Sievert said. dogs, in the same way dogs scratch and twirl in their bed — or yours — when settling down — because their wild ancestors patted the tall brush to put themselves to sleep at night.

“Look what I found”

Another theory, however, is that your dog is actually bragging to other canines that he found something good by rolling around in the stench and carrying the smell on to other dogs. can also smell. “Look what I found,” Sievert said. “As you know, dogs sniff each other not only to say hello, but to learn information about each other.” So your dog is saying, “Great news! Something delicious is dying nearby. “There’s still another theory that your dog is claiming the kill as his by ‘wearing’ the scent, but in this case, it’s signaling other dogs to stay away from its reward or respect it. respect it for killing or finding. “Rolling around in the smelly stuff will keep the weaker animals out of sight of other stronger predators,” says Sievert. in.

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“This smells great!”

And finally, rolling around in the smell of dead bodies might say, “Look at me, do I smell terrible? And now don’t you like me better with this smell on you? ” This signals that dogs may be just as appealing to all other dogs with their strong fishy odor, rather than smelling bath products you’d prefer them to. Texas vet and specialist. The consultant for topqa.info says, “dogs are very rude and love to play with anything that smells horrible. My dog ​​loves to roll around in the pile of dead stuff my cat drags up to the house.” Regardless of the theory you’re interested in, keeping your dog away from such behavior can be difficult.Recalling and enjoying desirable treats while out is the best way to do this. prevent your dog from rolling around in lust, as well as looking for dead fish or seabirds on the beach or other dead creatures on trails or walks. And of course, if it gets really bad, the tub The inevitable shower comes into play as soon as you get home.Don’t be surprised when your dog looks at you ungratefully, like “why did you wash off this wonderful smell of mine?” Remember that even with the finest gourmet treats as a bribe, some dogs, for whatever reason, are hard to coerce into passing up the opportunity to writhe in something. foul smell that he found irresistible.

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