why does my cat chew on my fingers

Cats do weird things sometimes, and if your cat has ever tried to chew on your finger, you might be wondering what the hell got on them. Some cats may choose to chew on plastic, and for other cats your fingers look pretty good. A short gnaw may seem cute, but a cat bite can be extremely painful and carry the risk of infection. to stop them or change your behavior so they don’t get to the point of chewing on you in the first place. : why is my cat peeing on my clothes | Top Q&A

1. They are playing


White fur cat is biting peopleImage credit: Vika Hova, Shutterstock Cats love to play, and sometimes this can escalate to the point of tearing up. Whether this is another cat or your finger, the result is the same! As our domestic cats play, they often hone hunting skills that they would use if they lived in the wild. No domestication process can stop your cat from wanting to pounce and bite their prey, even if it’s a toy mouse!

2. They are tense

black cat chewing fingerSome cats will chew or eat non-food items if they are stressed. This can be a form of self-soothing behavior. Some cat breeds, including Siamese cats, tend to chew more things as a way to relieve their anxiety. If you’ve worked longer hours, moved furniture around, or brought home a new pet, these can all be stressful for your cat.

3. They are overstimulated

cat chewing fingerMany cats can quickly go from enjoying gentle caresses from their owners to what is known as “touching aggression”. This is when a cat’s sensitive nerves are overstimulated from excessive petting. They can wiggle their heads and quickly tap your fingers. It’s basically a message letting you know that they’ve had enough and must back off.

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4. They are showing affection

cat chewing fingerSome cats can show affection by giving you a gentle nibble. Pay attention to your cat’s body language and behavior, and you’ll soon know if your cat’s rumination is affection, a warning sign, or because you just prepared fish for dinner!

5. They like to chew things

a red domestic cat bites its ownerImage Credit: Irzhanova Asel, Shutterstock Read more: Why yennefer lost her powers some cats just love to explore new textures or objects with their teeth. If your finger is the closest thing to a cat when it comes to chewing on something, they will probably choose you!

6. They are teething

shaded silver manx catImage: Lisa Charbonneau, Shutterstock When kittens’ baby teeth begin to fall out and their adult teeth begin to erupt, this can cause their gums to become sore and irritated. One way for them to relieve this pain is to chew on something, like a baby teething!

7. They can smell the food on your hands

cat bites ownerImage credit: Crina Doltu, Pexels You were just enjoying shrimp for dinner and stopped to let your cat have a stroke on the way to wash his hands? Don’t be surprised if your cat extends your hand to explore and maybe even gnaw! They may not be able to resist the strong smell of delicious food.

8. They wean too soon

finger chewing kittenImage credit: XINN, Shutterstock Most kittens will naturally begin weaning at around 8 weeks of age. If your kittens are weaned earlier than this or are suddenly separated from their mother, they can sometimes seek comfort by repeating the sucking motions. While most cats will use a soft blanket to do this, some may be able to grab your hand or finger.

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