why does my cat bite my head

Your cat bites your head because it’s showing affection and possessiveness. However, it can also be that it’s boring, stressful or even sick including pica. Knowing why cats do this is important and can help you take the right action.

Why is my cat biting my head?


Cats can be lovable, but they have special behaviors, some of which are not very pleasant for us humans. Biting on the head can make you nervous, so it’s important to know why your cat bites your head.

Show affection and possessiveness

Cats lick and nibble each other as they brush as a way of bonding and showing affection. This type of mutual grooming is called grooming. Usually, it occurs when one cat combs another cat’s head and neck. Mutual brushing helps cats relieve stress and create mutual affection with other cats. Since the cat sees you as part of its social circle, it is likely to do the same to you.

Cats love the taste of your hair

Some hair products may taste appealing to cats. If you’ve recently used a new fur product that’s caught your cat’s attention, you may want to switch to a different scent or an unscented one. Cats don’t like citrus smells, so you can choose orange, lemon, or grapefruit if your cat’s behavior upsets you.

Stress or boredom

Biting on the head can be the cause of a cat’s fear or stress. Some believe it may be related to self-soothing behavior during times of stress. Doing this behavior can be a way to reassure him of the relationship you share, thereby helping to ease his anxiety. Usually, a change in the environment is the top change on the list. Veterinary visits also frighten them. They may also react adversely to a new family member.

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Some cats like to eat non-food items like fur or cloth because they have pica. Pica can be caused by a nutritional deficiency or even a medical problem like diabetes or leukemia in cats. In some cases, early weaning can lead to pica later in life.

How to prevent a cat from biting your head?

If you’re uncomfortable with your cat’s bite, you can do the following to prevent your cat from biting the head:

Avoid when the cat tries to bite you on the head.

This is to inform the cat that its behavior is upsetting you. If you stay where it is while it bites its head, the cat may interpret your behavior as good. You must consistently discourage the cat’s behavior. When you react inconsistently, it can confuse your cat. It may not change immediately, but later on, with consistency, your cat will learn that biting your head is unacceptable behavior.

Redirect its attention

Read more: Here’s why Overwatch feels bad to play right now To give your cat other options, you can do the following: 1. Give your cat toys they can play with. together. Toys can help keep cats from getting bored. Keep your cat’s daily play routine as much as possible. They may get bored with old toys, but you can use catnip on them to get your cat interested again. Set a playtime with your cat, make it a habit to play with your cat for at least 10 minutes a day. You can use a laser or a feather wand to integrate exercise while your cat plays. Provide a good rake post. With a good scratching post, your cat can put stress in the right area.

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Veterinarian examination.

Biting can become compulsive and hard to stop. When this happens, it is essential to take the cat to the vet. A veterinarian or pet behaviorist can help address underlying behavior issues and provide ways to motivate your cat in appropriate and healthy ways. Read more: Why is Disney World so expensive? (20 top reasons) | Top Q&A

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