why does my bra hurt my ribs

Spending the day in jeans that are too tight or an uncomfortable dress not only makes you race to take them off, but also leaves marks that show you don’t fit. Same goes for bras, however, so many women do this on a daily basis that the idea of ​​tearing your bra off for relief at the end of the day is almost a passing ritual. And while slippery straps are mostly annoying (and an easy fix!), underarm pain can be more severe, affecting the rib cage and even causing a rash in some cases. serious. But this problem is not only solvable but avoidable, with a little knowledge of what causes it and options for comfortable alternatives.

Common causes of bra rib pain


If you find your bra is uncomfortably raised, red, or worst of all, has an itchy rash, it’s time to rethink both size and style.

Bra doesn’t fit

First and foremost in solving any bra problem, is making sure the bra fits properly. You may have heard that a surprising number of us wear the wrong bra size, but did you know it is often too small (see History of bras to understand why and how this happens, bottom line: bigger is not bad)? How to measure bra size is quick yet in-depth, taking into account not only your measurements but the shape of both your bust and body, and offers three recommendations as a starting point for your perfect figure.

Underwire bras

Once fitted, construction is the likely next offender when it comes to bras injuring one’s ribs. While not all frame styles are necessarily cut to fit, a person’s shape will greatly affect how well this bra fits. People with larger frames and/or fuller cups may find underwire bras particularly uncomfortable.

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Changing Body Shape (Pregnant!)

With regards to proper fit, body shape changes more often than we might think (or like to admit). While weight fluctuations can be a more definitive indicator of a change in bra size, life events like pregnancy and breastfeeding also influence the actual change, sometimes long term in the female body. Instead of assuming your size, we recommend that you take new measurements every time you buy a new bra and accept any changes, not only in size but also in potential. Love your before and after pregnancy style.

Which bra feature helps relieve rib pain?

Read more: Why I can’t receive verification emails via welendus.com Once you’ve resized, look for a few key features that can help ease rib pain.

Material selection

Look for soft, flexible material that moves with you instead of sitting on top of it and causing it to crack. We like the slightly stretchy nylon, which is the base of our True Body microfiber, for a buttery smooth, almost non-existent feel.

Wireless bra

Combined with the material, skipping the frame entirely is a good choice for rib pain relief. Not sure it can still provide the lift you need? Many True & Co models are designed with a wireless channel that can be lifted up to a full inch, including those designed for DD+. Support + Comfort is our ultimate winning combination.

Trial and error

Shopping for a bra can certainly be a bit daunting, but since every woman’s body shape is different, trial and error is really the best way to find the right bra. And while we hope to minimize the “error” part of the process, True & Co makes things easier with free and easy returns because we want you to love your bra. and the body it supports.

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Our favorite bras don’t hurt the ribs

With a core focus on comfort, our entire line of True & Co bras are designed to help you wear all day painlessly, which means picking a real favorite to style out. the best fit for you. From scrapers to v-necks, racerbacks and meshes, here are some of our favorites:

True Body Scoop Adjustable Strap Bra

Read more: Why is taking the train so expensive? | The top Q&AA spoon style with slim handle is a wardrobe staple for good reason. The easy-to-hide straps mean it pairs well with almost any top or skirt, and there are no stretchy or bulky seams that make it invisible under clothing. This cordless and pull-over style features True Body microfiber smoothing, which beautifully contours your figure. Soft, effortless and supportive in many neutral tones make Scoop Bra with adjustable neck strap a customer favorite too.

True Body V Neck Bra

Love the v-neck? We’ve also doubled down with a v-back, making it perfect for lower-cut tops. Available in the same buttery soft True Body fabric and neutral palette to compliment any skin tone, this top hugs your natural figure, hugging and highlighting curves while disappearing under layers. your clothes. Use True Body V Neck Bra as a base or flaunt it with a pair of pants, shorts or a high-waisted skirt.Neck 16802 653 V ALT2

True Body Lift Racerback Bra

The cup is fuller? Does not matter. Embrace racerback, also has a v-neck shape and pulls over easily. We’ve combined strategically placed mesh panels with the heavier weight of our softest microfiber to deliver both cooling comfort and serious support. Designed for DD+, the additional airflow increases breathability and the wireless channel provides lift.FA19 TrueBody LiftV NeckRacerbackBra Mink Standard EB 2X

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True Body Bra Collection

With a full collection of wireless options, uncomfortable bras can be a distant memory and your ribs can recover from unnecessary pain. Update your measurements, find your favorite style and choose your silhouette with confidence knowing it True & Co . Bra Made to fit you all day, every day with ultimate comfort. Read more: Why did the omni man kill the guardians

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