why does marty stuart wear a scarf

You’d think there’s more to the life of country music fans involved than worrying about the clothing accessories Marty Stuart chooses to adorn her wardrobe, but You may not have found another topic more curious or debatable. some more country listeners why Marty decided to indulge in antiques as part of his public fashion. In fact, I would be quite embarrassed to raise the issue with him even if the opportunity presented itself. Why? Because despite all the questions and amazement about Marty Stuart’s extravagant makeup, the answer to his scarf fetish must be pretty obvious to all brass students. traditional hometown and especially those who listen to Marty Stuart. ‘didn’t stop questions, concerns, and sometimes accusations regarding Marty’s scarf, and what they might be hiding, literally or figuratively. Did he hurt his neck? Is he hiding some big scar? Maybe he tried to hang himself and was trying to fabricate embarrassing evidence (one of the most ridiculous accusations I’ve ever seen). Or maybe he’s a dandy, you know, one of those dandelion types, despite being married to Johnny Cash’s daughter once and now married to Connie Smith, Sound Hall Country music by Famer.martyr-stuartOne of the biggest misconceptions about Marty’s neck-wearing is that his scarf is a necessary piece of equipment for him to get out of the house, when in fact you can find many promotional photos. A recent report of Marty with his naked neck. And hey, no weird scars, embarrassing birthmarks, or big hairy moles. Some say that Marty Stuart wearing a scarf to conceal his neckline has aged faster than the rest, but this is definitely not the case in his scarfless photos. If Marty is a man worried about hiding his age, why doesn’t he dye his hair? He also often wears shirts that cover his neck. It just seems to be his thing.Marty-stuart-3Okay, now that we know Marty has nothing to hide, so what is he trying to say with his scarf? This requires a simple country music history lesson. From The Maddox Brothers & Rose in the late ’30s, who were known as “The Most Colorful Hillbilly Band” with their flashy Western outfits, to legendary designers who became icons of their own through their country’s fine art like Nudie Cohn and Manuel Couture, all the way to this day, country music fashion is a way for performers to express their individuality on stage. A pioneer in preserving all this textile history in country music is Marty Stuart, who owns a huge collection of country music memorabilia, including Nudie suits and costumes. Other costumes from artists such as The Maddox Brothers & Rose, Ray Price’s Cherokee Cowboys, Porter Wagoner, Johnny Cash and many more Read more: Why the Shoemaker Bows Like Country and Nashville music has eliminated those styles this classic throughout the ’80s and ’90s, similar to how they discarded the legacy of the music itself, Marty Stuart dashed around town, saving these stylistic expressions from boutiques and boutiques thrift store, eventually making him one of the leading students in the field of country performance still alive. It’s simple. The scarf was an early standard of country and western fashion. Marty Stuart started playing country music professionally at the age of 14 in Lester Flatt’s bluegrass band. As can be seen in the photo below, he’s still wearing a turtleneck, like most people in Flatt’s band.Marty-stuart-4One of Marty Stuart’s earliest appearances was on The Porter Wagoner Show playing with Lester Flatt. Porter Wagoner often wears a scarf, tilted to the side similar to Marty sometimes doing. Many Western and country music artists from that time wore scarves, and the examples are endless.portersBut where did the tradition of wearing a scarf in country music come from? Read more: why swimming trunks have mesh | Top Q&AIt was founded by Hollywood as part of Western youth, including The Singer Cowboy Gene Autry, who helped establish country music as a commercial enterprise like any other.gen-autryAnother Hollywood cowboy is Roy Rogers, and hey, it’s hard to find a picture of Roy without his scarf.roy-rogersOkay, but where did this tradition come from? It’s simple, real cowboys roam the West through dusty plains and arid deserts, sometimes on long cattle drives where cows will stir up incredible dust, all at once. Wear handkerchiefs and scarves to protect your neck from sunburn where the cowboy hat won’t cover. , and pull their mouths and noses to keep dust out of their lungs. This is Billy the Kid wearing a scarf.Billy-the-kidSo that’s it. Marty Stuart wears the scarf because it is a connection to country music and America’s vibrant Western history that Marty has worked hard throughout his life to preserve and carry on. No conspiracy theories, no ghastly scars, nothing to hide or show, just Marty being Marty, finding a way to show his appreciation for the country music tradition in his own unique way. its color. READ: 10 Badass Marty Stuart MomentsRead more: Makeup Essentials: Why and How You Should Use Lip Pencil

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