Why Do You Need Braces?

Sometimes braces are used as a last resort in temporomandibular joint (TMJ) therapy. TMJ problems are often aggravated by the lower jaw being positioned so far that the blood vessels and nerves of the TMJ are compressed. TMJ splint therapy is used initially to relieve this pressure and relieve pain. The brace actually moves the lower jaw to the new position. If the patient does not want to wear a brace for life, the teeth must be moved to stabilize the jawbone in this new position. This tooth movement can be accomplished with braces. Orthodontic appliances can also be used to help a child overcome an infant’s thumb, thumb, or pacifier habit. The sucking habit is usually not a big concern unless they persist after the age of 6 or 7, when the permanent incisors and molars begin to emerge in the mouth. If these habits persist in the presence of permanent teeth, the teeth and jawbone will change permanently. The habit of sucking can create open bites when the upper and lower front teeth do not meet. They can lead to protruding teeth and upper lip and a generally protruding face. Excessive sucking causes the cheek muscles to contract the upper teeth. This contributes to the loss of space for the tongue to rest, and subsequently to abnormal tongue posture or tongue thrusting habits. Sucking also causes the maxillary sinuses to contract, exacerbating breathing problems and allergies. A wide range of devices are used for different age groups. Some devices are intended only for infants to treat birth defects such as cleft palate. Others are used only on baby teeth or in children with both baby teeth and permanent teeth (mixed dentures). Still others are made when all the permanent teeth have erupted. Some orthodontic appliances used in children are actually orthodontic appliances that help redirect the growth of the jawbone. QUESTION What causes tooth decay? See the answer

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