Why Do Some People Hate Anime?

Anime is a popular form of entertainment enjoyed by people across the globe. Chances are, you know someone who watches anime a lot. However, the anime has its haters, with some being very vocal about it. While some glorify anime, others revive it and even bully those who enjoy anime. Here are five reasons why some people hate anime.

5 most common reasons why some people hate anime


It’s for fan service only

Reading Comprehension: Why People Hate Anime If you’re an anime fan, you might be surprised how many people out there are turned off by watching anime. Then you might think to yourself, is anime bad? People have their reasons, and one common reason is that they think anime is just for the sake of serving the fans. Some anime characters, especially women and those who look very young, are gendered just to please male fans. This makes some people feel that anime is only for perverts and people who enjoy pornographic material. While some people like to watch cartoons for sexual gratification, not all cartoons are like that because there are movies about sex, not all of them focus on sex.

It’s in a foreign language

why people hate animeRead more: Why people like pokimane Some people hate anime because it originated in Japan. The term anime is used to describe Japanese animation. The fact that most of the shows and anime are in Japanese can be disliked by many people. Even if the anime has English subtitles or an English dub, anime being foreign doesn’t appeal to some people. This is a world where something is worthy of consideration if it is your native language. At the same time, some people really like it because they consider it anti-Disney, just like some people don’t watch foreign movies because it’s not in English, some people don’t watch anime because it’s not in English. mother tongue. The whole idea of ​​anime seems foreign to some people, which makes it difficult for them to absorb.

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Style is not their cup of tea

most common reason to hate animeSome people feel that the whole anime style is not for them. Whether 2D or 3D animation, anime style is not their cup of tea. They feel that the topics discussed, the way the story is told, or the way the characters act just make them uncomfortable. However, it is expected that not everyone will appreciate the medium of the anime and the way it is told. They may think the anime is too boring, or that it’s not interesting enough. However, they don’t realize that there are so many genres of anime out there, some of which are slow paced while others are fast paced and exciting.

The stigma that anime is only loved by geeks and nerds

anime for lovers and nerdsRead more: Don’t Retcon Left-handed Link, Nintendo | Top Q&AS Some people feel that they don’t want to watch anime because they don’t want to be seen as a freak or eccentric. There is a stigma that people who like anime are loners who dress weirdly and have no social life. While there are anime fans who act like that, this is not true of the fan base as a whole. There are people who act normally and still like anime. Rapper Megan Thee Stallion and actor Michael B.Jordan are known to be big anime fans, which is shocking to some because they don’t fit the stereotypical description of what an anime fan resembles like. Fans may have their own division of quirky fans, and anime is no exception. It is not correct to generalize a group of people based only on a certain part.

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It’s just the same

All the sameIn the end, some people think that anime is like that too. Anime is a diverse universe of TV shows and movies, but people lump them together as one entity. They think that anime just revolves around the same characters, places, or themes. However, it is all the same for some people. However, Anime has a lot of options for people with different tastes. There are dramas, action, sci-fi, horror, fantasy, and more. Even art styles change, and there’s not just one way to liven things up. Some anime have cartoon animation while others can do as realistic photo.


It can be said that anime has its fair share of fans and haters. While people love anime for many reasons, some people hate it for many reasons. It is important to note that while some reasons are exaggerated or untrue, some are credible and authentic. You can have an opinion about the anime, just make it based on fact and research.

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