Why Do Some Indian People Smell More of Body Odor?

Video Why do Indians smell bad?Because you are a problem if you treat personal hygiene as a stigma or something sensitive to talk about. Just to be clear, I, Sanjay Manaktala.

  • Indian
  • used to be overweight (I still have guts but never walk)
  • Been using deodorant since I was 15 years old before Ax thought it was cool.
  • stinks when I don’t use deodorant, even worse after 30. Especially if I use a new brand for some reason.
  • Would happily tell my brother or mom or even my wife if they stink, and vice versa
  • Popular comedian and host of one of India’s top podcasts, podcast Birdy Num Num.

In this post, I’ll answer some of my readers’ Instagram questions about body odor, grooming, and how to Honest cleaning will fix your life. If you’re also wondering why the guy in your office or tech team is acting weird, this should largely answer as well.

Why do Indians smell?


I have a friend who has all the money in the world, works at McKinsey, goes to Harvard, but can’t make an appointment if his life depends on it.Why do some Indians smell more body odor?Responded on twitter when I said I wanted to write this article. As for himself, he was confused beyond belief. Harvard MBA, good looks, great career and family on paper… what the hell is going on? But for the rest of us, even a stranger or a waiter can spend 10 seconds with him and find out what his lack of self-awareness is hiding from him. Every day, bad breath, bad body odor and uncomfortable feeling around. for our own selfish reasons but we wanted to help.) “Hey, you don’t know me, but I worked with you or studied with you years ago. I always see you working hard in life and succeeding but I also see you are frustrated with your personal path. I’d like to see you succeed there too, and it’s something so simple you just need to fix. Just use deodorant every day, and all problems in your life will be fixed. You really stink and that’s amazing to a lot of people. “One of my first emails from my spam hotmail account. Six months later, I went to his house, opened his medicine cabinet and found a million bottles of perfume, mouthwash, deodorant, body spray, compositions. A year later he got engaged.

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Why don’t Indians use deodorant?

So why do some Indian princes smell bad? Because growing up, deodorant was a Western thing, and it’s still popular.We don’t think it matters. Read more: Why is babybig so expensive My mom never told me about it, I just found out about it from TV commercials as a teenager in America. The white kids in middle school weren’t shy when they told me “I smell like sweaty curry,” and oddly enough, it was just as bad as the teenage kids… I was so happy. because they did. I mean, come on… deodorant sales in India is In fact, deodorant sales in India are expected to grow 25% y/y. (Source.) It used to be a luxury item, but now it is affordable for most people. and it will take some time to apply. Everyone in our country loves a little spice, but the heat it brings means you have to love some Old Spice, too.Yes, you are 100% correct. There are people in every group who stink.Why do some Indians smell more body odor?My friend Joel at my baraat is American and Mexican, and yes he stinks if he doesn’t put on deodorant before dancing in the hot sun. like brushing your teeth. We take the subject lightly rather than confront it directly. But why are we so sensitive about something so obvious, that in inclement weather and sweaty situations you need to give it a try. In order to let the American people know that TOILET can exfoliate, we need to encourage our South Asian brothers and sisters that deodorant is really amazing. hair in the men’s washroom, but didn’t realize it didn’t matter because no one wanted to sit within 5 feet of them. And then those guys start trolling people online because they have a disappointing sex life or who knows what. ? India is about 5-10 years behind in the wave of eliminating BO and the more we help friends and family realize that they are adding some hard stuff to the mix, the better off we all are. Investment 150 INR. BOOK HELP ME GET ER AT LIFE (AMAZON) It’s no longer a luxury item, but mass adoption will still take some time. So if someone in your gym or work or school or family is stinking it up, do your civic duty and clean it up.

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We all know that stinking man or girl, and no one tells them. Because they are afraid of hurting their feelings. But guess what the constant rejection and not knowing what they are doing wrong are also doing? It hurts them more than you worry about their feelings. | Top Q&AI If you find a cool or anonymous way to let them know they smell, guess what?

  • They will probably do something about it.
  • They will be more confident.
  • They will do better at work, love life and more.
  • But most importantly… they will know.

How to politely make someone smell better?

  • You can talk to another co-worker (in front of the person who smells) and discuss how another person, makeup, didn’t use deodorant at the restaurant you went to over the weekend and that ruined it. your appointment or whatever. The second person can also say “Well, who doesn’t use deodorant!?” and give a big hint to the stinker.
  • You can give gifts to everyone (including them). a bottle of perfume costs 10-20 dollars and also use it myself at work.
  • You can send them an anonymous email like I did.
  • In India…and I’ve heard this many times…boss and co-workers just speak directly to their employees. In fact, at some tech companies, they send co-workers home to shower!

Body odor should not be taboo or hygiene products considered a WESTERN thing

Yes, I know that we use talcum powder, saffron and do we have any other natural remedies for fragrance and all that. .But you and I use Google and Chinese goods every day, so please cut back on the crap you don’t buy into those western things. The reality of our lives, so let’s realize that we need to modernize our approach to hygiene.

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The simple problem is that a lot of us know that person stinks, maybe that person stinks, and we have a hard time dealing with it in this country or in patriotic communities. our economy. I have heard stories from the IT world about Managers who had to ask an employee to leave the room and come back and shower or spray some perfume. I am completely serious. One application in the morning will keep you going until 10pm, even in the hectic summers of Chennai or Mumbai. money, career, dating, love life and perhaps even your personal happiness. Happiness remains elusive for most of us. smile or be motivated. His latest effort is the Birdy Num Num podcast, which helps you learn how to be creative in your post-technical life. You can learn about Sanjay here or check out his YouTube channel here. Read more: Why is the river flowing in you so loved

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