Why Do Some Dogs Suck On Blankets?

We are all familiar with the image of a toddler sucking his thumb. We’ve probably seen kids suck on their favorite stuffed animal or blanket. And while this behavior adds to the cuteness factor for toddlers, most kids grow out of it even before they learn to lace their shoes. When it happens in the dog world, however, it’s a different story. Seeing a dog suck on a blanket or other soft object isn’t as common as seeing a toddler sucking on their thumb, but it does happen. However, unlike toddlers, dogs don’t grow out of it. Reading: Why is my dog ​​sucking on the blanket It’s something they’ll do well in old age if that’s what they like. Watching your dog behave this way can make you anxious. Is it a medical problem? Or a cry for help? Should you break the habit?These are all important questions, and you can find the answers by learning a little more about dog behavior and psychology.

It’s all about mom


According to the American Kennel Club, it is generally understood that thumb sucking behavior in adult dogs stems from their first weeks as puppies. Puppies are born with a natural instinct to suckle. They look for mothers to be nourished, but nurturing is more than just feeding. While filling their small bellies, they also experience a strong sense of comfort and security. Special time with its mother is essential for a puppy’s affection during the crucial first weeks of life.

Sucking for comfort

As the puppy grows, the mother will eventually wean her baby. She will stop her litter from breastfeeding as her milk dwindles. However, she can make an exception if she knows the puppy is feeling overwhelmed or anxious. An anxious mother dog might let that stressed puppy go through the process of nursing despite the lack of milk. Why did she do that? Because she knows breastfeeding is how the puppy can soothe himself. Read more: Why is my dog ​​staring at the wallthe dog sucks on the blanketThe mother dog won’t allow these “comfort feeds” forever, but they are helpful during the key stages of the puppy’s development. The world can be an overwhelming place for a puppy, and comfort from a mother can help them cope with new experiences. on the blanket later in life. It is understood that dogs instinctively prefer to suck on blankets or other soft objects because it reminds them of the comfort of being suckled. The soft texture of the blanket resembles the feel of the mother dog’s fur and skin.

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What does this mean for your dog?

If your dog sucks on blankets, it’s likely he hasn’t been sucking on those comfort pads. It could be because your puppy was brought back from their mother too soon, or it could simply be that the dog’s mother did not allow your puppy to nurse freely after she decided to wean her puppy. me. It is also common for puppies to be bottle-fed by humans when they grow up to be blanket suckers. Even the best bottle-feeders can’t reproduce the same emotions as time spent with their mothers.the dog sucks on the blanketThere is also no clear link between blanket sucking and dog breed. Several breeds, including Doberman Pinschers and Dachshunds, are known for their ability to suckle when they feel overwhelmed. This behavior is called “side sucking” and it’s not exactly the same as blanket sucking. Side sucking can hurt your dog, but blanket sucking is harmless.

Should you prevent your dog from sucking on a blanket?

Read more: BlueStacks running slow or laggy – Make Bluestacks faster | Top Q&AA, many pet parents, when they see their dog snuggled up in a blanket, assume they’re doing something wrong as a dog sitter. But the truth is, blanket sucking is both natural and harmless. Aside from letting the puppy stay with its mother longer, there’s very likely nothing you can do to prevent this behavior. Your dog does it because it makes them feel safe and relaxed. They don’t hurt themselves (as long as they don’t try to swallow the blanket) and they don’t make the situation worse. All they’re doing is making themselves feel better, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You want your dog to feel safe at all times, and if that means they need a blanket, most behaviorists say there’s no reason to discourage the behavior. You should wash your blankets regularly to avoid bacteria build-up, but there’s really nothing to worry about.canva cute samoyed dog sleeping on soft blanket 3 . scale

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Are you still worried?

If you’re still concerned about your dog sucking on a blanket, making sure they live in a safe, comfortable environment can reduce the need for self-soothing. You can find out what causes an attraction, like a thunderstorm or having guests over. Helping your dog deal with those situations in other ways can help prevent sucking. They may stop without incident if you remove all the blankets, but they will resume as soon as the blankets are returned. If that happens, don’t blame yourself. The blanket may have nothing to do with your role as a parent. As long as your dog is satisfied with a good quality of life, you know you’re doing your job.why do dogs suck on blankets 4Read more: Why westies are the worst

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