Why Do Guys Change After You Sleep With Them? 5 Reasons Why

Why do guys change after you sleep with them? 5 reasons whyMany of my coaching clients struggle to process their emotions after they sleep with someone for the first time. Not only are they processing emotions, but they are also processing emotions. This can create a lot of emotional upheaval and turn a wonderful thing (sex) into something confusing. The short answer is: sex changes everything! However, I can’t always give a clearer answer as the changes can be very unique to different men. It can make guys more likely to commit or make them run away. It can deepen or prolong a relationship. However, if a guy you used to sleep with has changed, this article will explain the possible reasons.

His brain has changed


A friend of mine wants to be in a “win-win” situation with a guy. I warned her that once the “gain” kicks in, she might have a hard time just being friends. Sure, after two weeks of sex, she wants more. Every time people sleep together, their brain releases a hormone hormone. These chemicals interact in ways that scientists do not fully understand. However, the hormones create a mixture of excitement, passion, joy and bonding, and that can seriously mess up the brain, leading to all sorts of new sensations and sensations. motivate you. If he does change, you can bet those changes involve dealing with all the crazy new feelings associated with you and your relationship. Some guys may fear these feelings and may become distant or withdrawn because they don’t really want to be attached to you that way.

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He forged emotional connections to make love

If you’re asking why guys change after you sleep with them because he seems different, the answer could be bad news. Some guys really just want sex and they’ll “say what to do” in the moment to get there. Many guys know exactly what women want to hear in order to feel comfortable, and they will express an interest in a relationship or even work hard to build an emotional connection. Then, once they’ve slept with you, they’ll move on because they’ve achieved their real goal, which is sex. If he says a lot of sweet and loving things to get you into bed, but then becomes aloof and disinterested, it’s possible that he sees you as another sexual conquest. If he doesn’t reciprocate, refuses to see you, and cheats on you, then you can assume that he used his emotional time with you to have sex and moved on.

He just wants more sex

In general, men have a higher sex drive than women and want it more often. You may have begun to bond more emotionally, but he no longer wants that now that you two are sleeping together. He’s all about sex!sad woman in black and whiteYou may find this troublesome, especially if all he wants to do is stay busy in the bedroom. Some guys are so focused on sex that it becomes their number one priority. Now that you’ve given it to him, he doesn’t want anything else, but this isn’t all bad news, if he still wants a relationship and seems emotionally attached, then lots of sex. than can be a good thing, especially if you also love! If he just wants you to have sex and isn’t interested in other aspects of the relationship, then you’ll have to decide if you can live with that.

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He feared

Remember how I mentioned that sex changes the brain? For people with trust issues, difficulty bonding, or an inability to cope, those brain changes can trigger anxiety and panic. Or, he may doubt that he can handle one. He may also want you as a friend or lover at first and can’t handle the new feelings of love. When this happens, most guys will run away, shut up and above all, look different. .

You have changed, not him

One chemical released during sex is oxytocin, sometimes called the cuddling chemical. It is strongly associated with bonding, not only between lovers, but also mother and child. However, oxytocin and other brain chemicals are not released equally in men and women. Men’s brains, on the other hand, secrete less oxytocin and more dopamine. Dopamine is the pleasure chemical and is involved in the reward system in the brain, so while women experience pleasure and attachment during sex, men mostly feel it. pleasure with a little bonding. you slept with them, the best answer might be that he didn’t change: you did. He might just be having fun. And, if you continue to have sex, this gap will grow larger and larger. You want even more bonding, but he just wants more sex.sad woman wearing leather jacketOf course, men can bind, in general and during sex. However, if you notice him changing or seems different, maybe you are in love with him, but he simply enjoys sex and another interesting fact is that testosterone blocks oxytocin in the brain . So men who are particularly high on testosterone (in many cases the most attractive and confident men out there) may even feel less emotionally attached after sex. However, if you can’t figure it out, the best course of action is to be honest and ask. All men are different and open communication is the key to success in any relationship.

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