why do dogs eat toilet paper

Video Why Dogs Eat Toilet Paper But the wackiest choice may be more common than you think. Unfortunately, eating toilet paper can lead to serious health complications and large medical bills. Preventing or stopping this behavior will help your dog live a healthier, happier, and longer life.

Why do dogs eat toilet paper?


Whether they squeeze it or scatter it all over the bathroom floor like snow, dogs eat toilet paper for a variety of behavioral or medical reasons. Puppies show curiosity as they explore their surroundings with their mouths. Biting, chewing, and eating toilet paper can be signs of a puppy looking for relief from teething pain. Adult dogs can also be intrigued by toilet paper, as tasting different textures helps them understand their world. Dogs that lack proper nutrition or don’t have enough calories for their size often try to eat other substances to satisfy their appetite. . Dogs can ingest toilet paper due to a medical condition called “pica,” an eating disorder that causes dogs (and even humans) to crave inedible substances, often due to anemia or deficiency. zinc. In an attempt to appease themselves, students may also eat toilet paper simply because they are bored. If dogs don’t get the attention they crave, they may eat toilet paper to get attention. To a dog, even negative reactions count as attention. Some dogs will eat toilet paper simply because they think it’s fun. Read more: Why is my husband fighting with me?

How to stop your dog from eating toilet paper?

1. Clean up their environment The first step to getting rid of this dangerous habit is to make sure your dog doesn’t have easy access to toilet paper. Hide all excess toilet paper rolls and tissues in a child locker or out of reach. Keep the bathroom door closed at all times Since dogs are often attracted to toilet rolls because they spin around, it can be helpful to invest in a special toilet paper dispenser to keep your dog from accessing them. toilet paper. Monitor your dog at home, you need to set up gates to prevent going to the bathroom or locking your dog. If your puppy is a junk-scuer, try storing the trash can behind a closed door. Provide plenty of opportunities for mental and physical stimulation “If they’re bored, they’ll find something to do,” says Mary Ann Zeigenfuse, owner of Best Friends Obedience. “A tired dog has happy owners because they are less likely or less likely to get in trouble.” Regular exercise and plenty of playtime give your dog an extra boost of energy. Try increasing exercise by taking them for longer walks or playing a game of tug of war together. can use their hunting instincts and obedience skills.3. Teach your dog basic obedience skills Read more: Do ear piercings smell bad? Knowing the causes and remedies to prevent this behavior, you must teach your dog basic obedience commands such as “leave it” and “give it”. Basic obedience training is the key to teaching dogs that while an object is accessible, it is not for them. “It’s all about the dog listening to you and listening to you,” says Zeigenfuse. at home. If you force your puppy to put toilet paper in their mouth, put your hand under their mouth and say “give”. If your dog asks for toilet paper, say “let him go” and give him a toy instead. Likewise, if they pick up a toy and don’t get attention, the object becomes less valuable. Give the dog an alternative toy, which actively directs their attention and thus their behavior.

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How does eating toilet paper affect your dog’s health?

Eating toilet paper can lead to serious digestive problems. At the very least, your dog may have an upset stomach as the toilet paper passes through their system. This can cause vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, and coma, and possibly even a trip to the emergency room, as toilet paper can cause a blockage in your dog’s intestines that requires surgery. Signs of an intestinal blockage include weight loss, bloating, pain, or an inability to eat.

What to do if your dog eats toilet paper

If your dog is eating toilet paper, make an appointment with your veterinarian right away. Since this could indicate an underlying health condition, it’s important for your dog to get checked out. Your veterinarian will be able to perform any tests needed to make a diagnosis. If the root cause is a health problem, your veterinarian may recommend medication, a diet, or special advice. If the cause isn’t a medical condition, it’s a behavioral problem. Your vet can suggest behavioral solutions to help. You may need to consult a dog trainer for obedience training or your local AKC club to get started with dog sports and training classes. Read more: why is my mother so stupid | Top Q&A

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