why do cucumbers make you burp

Recently, at a farmers market, I came across a type of cucumber called “Seedless Cucumber”. Does it mean you won’t burp after eating these cucumbers? Do cucumbers cause belching? Does not burp mean something completely different? With so many questions, I decided to do some research to find out what a burp-free cucumber is. A chemical compound called cucurbitacin, found on the peel and stem of cucumber plants, is believed to be responsible for belching.

Do cucumbers make you burp?


Yes, some people are prone to burping after eating cucumbers. Affected people may also experience digestive problems with other related foods. These can include zucchini/squash, melons, and pumpkins. And this is due to cucurbitacins (see also this below).

What is Burpless Cucumber?

Burpless cucumbers are cucumbers bred with no or reduced cucurbitacin content. This reduces bitterness and has been reported to potentially cause belching. And because the skins are thin, they don’t need to be peeled. The American and Asian markets both produce Seedless Cucumbers, in addition, Asian Seedless Cucumbers, also known as English Cucumbers, Grid Cucumbers and Telegraph Cucumbers, have less cucurbitacins compared to Melon. American seedless rat. Do you want to grow your own cucumbers? You can buy Burpless Cucumber seeds and read more about how to grow cucumbers in our How to Grow Multiple Cucumbers at Home article.

So what does Cucumber not Burpless mean?

Read more: why are my veins blue | Q & ABurpless Cucumbers are cucumbers with reduced levels of cucurbitacin – the chemical compound that is believed to cause belching.

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Tell me more about Cucurbitacin, Does it cause belching?

Cucumbers naturally contain the chemical compound cucurbitacin. This is thought to be the reason behind the production of gas that causes belching. By crossing cucumbers with little or no cucurbitacin, the hypothesis is that you will have cucumbers that do not cause belching. Cucurbitacin produces a bitter taste in cucumbers. The more cucurbitacin, the more bitter the cucumber. And increased digestive upset leads to belching in some people, a developmental condition that also affects cucurbitacin levels and bitterness. Under extreme heat and/or drought conditions, cucurbitacin increases and causes more bitterness. The compound cucurbitacin is essentially a way of protecting cucumbers from being eaten by animals and other predators. And that’s because the unpleasant bitter taste discourages predators. to suggest that Asian cantaloupe, marketed in the US as belching-free, might induce less belching in people who are already predisposed to digestive problems. But not because they are cucurbitacins or do not have a bitter taste. There is still no clear evidence that cucurbitacin causes belching.


Cucumbers are known to cause digestive problems in some people, including belching. As a result, Burpless Cucumbers have been bred to reduce cucurbitacins, which are believed to cause digestive upset. However, the jury is still out as to which chemical compound causes the belching. This makes them a great addition to the home vegetable garden. So why not try them out in your food garden?

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