Why Do Cats Smell Good?

Video Why does my cat smell so goodIf you think your cat smells really good… you’re not alone. If you search the Internet, even for a few minutes, you’ll find plenty of cat parents who all agree that their cats smell amazing! smells good, she doesn’t smell like a fresh pot of coffee or chocolate chip cookies. Instead, she smells mostly neutral but fresh. And it sure is a fragrance! I hope there will be more people comparing the smell of cats to dogs and in that case, the cat is the more obvious person. But why do cats smell good? Cats have a good smell thanks to their regular brushing habits, so they are always clean and free of odors. Their distinctive spikes do a great job of cleaning their fur, and this habit may have helped their wild ancestors stalk prey without being blown away by their scent. But as always, let’s dig a little deeper and learn more about why our cats can smell so good.

Reason 1: Cats spend a lot of time brushing


The most obvious reason why cats smell good is because they spend a lot of time grooming! According to some sources, cats spend up to 5 hours a day brushing! If you spend 5 hours a day brushing, I hope you smell pretty good too! But it’s not just an investment of time that can keep your cat clean and smelling good, a cat’s tongue also has a perfect blade for brushing thanks to a carpet of spiky, hollow spikes called spikes. These shark spines act like a brush to remove loose hairs, dirt, and other debris from your cat’s coat. Read more: Why is my hotel fee disappearing in use!

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Reason 2: Smelling good is important to your cat’s survival

In the wild, cats have a unique position as both predator and prey. So when out hunting small mammals and birds, they also need to be careful not to fall prey to larger predators! But what does this have to do with being scented? which means their scent will be picked up by predators or their next meal. Unlike dogs, cats are ambush predators, which means they need to be able to wait patiently to surprise their prey. It also means that an odor that resembles that of dead fish could be a gift to an unsuspecting rat. Think of the classic “butt shake” of kittens before they pounce! Cats take the time to identify their prey and plan their attack perfectly. That’s also why kittens often hide in corners or under beds and reach for your ankles when you least expect it! But when you throw the ball to a dog, they go in the right direction! That’s the difference between an ambush predator and a dog-like predator! If you’re new to cat pouncing (and the associated butt shake), check out this video: Cats must also avoid predators which means having a strong odor that predators can quickly catch will a problem. Cats are solitary predators, which means that it’s not important for other cats to identify them by their scent. Compare that dogs must prioritize communication with their canine friends over stealth. But keeping their coat clean isn’t the only way cats hide their scent. LiveScience points out that “Wild cats will also hide their waste to avoid attracting unwanted attention from predators to themselves or their kittens’ nests” Read more: why do cats stick out | Top Q&A that’s why using a litter box and hiding their poop comes naturally to kittens, even without much training.

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Reason 3: Your cat’s diet can help keep them smelling good

Most dogs are willing to eat a lot of raw things and if they don’t eat them they are trying desperately to roll in them. My childhood dog often searched for dead fish along the shore and did everything he could to try and roll around in them. Compared to that, I’m sure any cat will smell good! digest something really good: meat. So while the dogs are doing their best to play with the litter, your cat is often clinging to their diet. And while some foods can certainly cause bad odors or poor coats if you’re feeding your cat a healthy diet of easily digestible animal proteins, chances are they’ll smell good.

Reason 4: You might be a little biased

Maybe the reason cats smell so good is because you’re a little biased. We all know that humans have a scent, and often the scent of someone we love has a comforting, reassuring and calming effect. Our little furry feline friends are no different. The smell of their clean coats can be soothing and reassuring and since it’s often associated with the scent of our own homes we most likely think it smells good!

Reason 5: Maybe your house smells good (and so does your cat)

Cats have done a great job of keeping their coat clean and free of any stench. All that’s left to do is add scent and then you’ve got a super clean smelling kitty! So it’s entirely possible that your cat has a neutral scent, but when you consider that they spend 16 hours a day sleeping in the quietest place they can find (like your clean sheets), no No wonder they smell like summer breeze! This is especially true if you keep your cat indoors. Cats that don’t go out are only exposed to the clean scent of your home. On the other hand, dogs having to go out to use the toilet multiple times a day expose them to all kinds of elements. I know that my little chihuahua is very low to the ground, so the fur on its belly is constantly gathering all kinds of dirt and debris. I can also tell you it definitely doesn’t spend 5 hours a day cleaning it!

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Cats smell good and you’re not the only one who thinks so! But it’s not just the result of stupid luck or a natural chance to smell good. Instead, cats are essentially doing a part-time job to keep themselves smelling fresh while their full-time job is to sleep on your new set of laundry. All of this comes together to create a kitty cat that simply smells good! Top Q&A

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