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Why is the cat sitting on you? Downtime wouldn’t be the same for me without a meowing cat in my lap. One of the greatest joys of living with cats is when one of them chooses to lie on top of me. This particular bonding time is great for me, as it lowers blood pressure, and is good for my cat, as it fulfills some of its needs. However, not all cats sit on their own, and some become lap cats later in life. Marilyn Krieger, Certified Cat Behavior Consultant, says: “Although some breeds like the Ragdoll are known to be lap cats, it is still dependent on the cat and only having time with that individual. CCBC), based in Redwood City, California, and the author of Naughty No More! In general, cats seek out a few basic needs when they sit on a human’s lap. There are other factors that affect your cat sitting on you, such as your clothing. Check out some answers to “Why is the cat sitting on you?” here.Reading: why cats sit on youWhy is the cat sitting on you? One of the reasons could be because you are kind and warm! Photography © PCbang | Beautiful images.

1. Why does the cat sit on you? You are so warm!


According to Marilyn, cats like warmth and people are usually very warm.

2. Why does the cat sit on you? They crave connection.

Cats attract people they like, and they seek connection with the people they love, adds Marilyn. Sometimes they are looking for a way to pet because people usually pet the cat in their lap. Petting is like brushing their mother’s coat, so most cats love to receive petting from their loved ones. Some cats also swoop in while they’re sitting on someone’s lap. When kneading, they are simulating the days of birth when they do so with their mother to stimulate milk flow. “It can be a self-comforting behavior, and it can also be a woofing behavior,” says Marilyn.

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3. Why does the cat sit on you? It makes them feel safe!

Read more: why conversion games are so expensive | Top Questions & AO One of the answers to “Why is the cat sitting on you?” Marilyn says that some cats feel more secure when they are in the lap of their favorite person.

4. Why does the cat sit on you? The smell closes on it.

If you have a bathrobe that smells like you, says Marilyn, your cat will probably sit on it whether you wear it or not. And if you’ve been to an animal shelter, your cat may pick up a lot of other animal scents on you and avoid you. Don’t take it personally.

5. Why does the cat sit on you? Your clothes matter!

Marilyn, who has three cats on her lap, notices that her cats won’t sit on her when she wears a plastic raincoat. My husband, Mark, noticed that when he put on his soft bathrobe, our cat Maddie, who usually sits on top of me, would sit on top of him. finally came and sat on my lap while I was wearing a soft fleece jacket. The first time I tried to pet her, she scratched me. But in the end, she let me pet her. She then began to sit next to me on a bench on the picnic table and gradually began to let me pet her while sitting next to me. Then, on a cold day, she brushed against my fleece jacket and I climbed in surprise onto my lap. Read more: The necessity of measurement in everyday life | Top Q&ACats want to be comfortable and warm, Marilyn said as I tell her this story, “and she trusts you.”

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6. Why does the cat sit on you? To show trust.

Marilyn said: “They really have to trust you to sit on their lap. She emphasizes the importance of not forcing the cat to sit on your lap and giving the cat the option to leave. “When you give them the choice to sit on your lap or not and leave when they want, the more they trust you.” Featured photo: © Erica Danger.

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