why did michael jackson wear a glove

Back in 1983, Michael Jackson captivated the world when he performed the moonwalk in 1983. The shimmering white gloves were resold in 2009 for $350,000. Jackson is a musician who is revered by people all over the world starting from his days with the Jackson 5 until he started winning Grammy Awards. The one thing that makes him stand out from the crowd aside from his iconic moonwalk dance and amazing vocals is the gauntlet. So, why is Michael Jackson wearing a glove?What makes Michael Jackson wear gloves?Read: why does michael jackson wear glovesOne of the most notable features of Jackson’s iconic musical career was his glove. It should be noted, however, that this glove did not start out as something of a choice. As you may already know, his appearance witnessed a drastic change at one point. This is mainly because he suffers from a skin condition known as vitiligo, a condition in which the skin loses some or all of its pigmentation. It is said that he wears a glove on one of his hands because the condition first started on one side of his hand (left hand). It first appeared during Billie Jean’s concert in 1983. This glove was intended to cover patches of skin that were about to spread to other parts of his body. This soon caused Jackson to lose his African-American look.

Where is Michael Jackson’s Glove?


Jackson has some gloves. For example, the one he wore at the very popular Motown 25 show is kept in a warehouse along with other possessions. Gloves worn for other performances have since been auctioned off and are now in a private collection. Some of them are on display at Hard Rock cafes around the world. One of them is on display at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. However, some gloves were loaned out during some of the tours.

Who is Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson was born on August 29, 1958 and finally died on June 25, 2009. He was an American entertainer who dominated the entertainment industry for more than four decades, starting as a musician. child star with Jackson 5 and then ventured into a solo artist. By the mid-1980s, it was clear that Jackson’s appearance had begun to change. The changes observed in his face, especially his nose, have sparked speculation that he has undergone plastic surgery and quickly his skin tone has become much lighter. . as well as sensitive to sunlight. To treat this condition, he used make-up and whitening creams to hide the effects of his illness. Then the creams will make his skin brighter. The lighter skin continues to cause a lot of criticism from those who claim that he has worked so hard to be whiter. However, he denied this claim and said that he also did not bleach because he was trying to be white.

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Jackson’s Many Challenges

Michael Jackson and his siblings testified that they had been physically and psychologically abused by their father. Their father Joe later admitted to hitting them when they were children, although he denied that he abused them. However, the beatings Jackson endured as a child may have caused some of the health problems he suffered later in life. Doctors speculated that he had a metabolic disorder. This drug use was then traced to a burn on his skin many years ago. With his dependence on drugs, Jackson’s health rapidly declined and he soon entered the rehabilitation phase. a heart attack in 2009. His doctor was sentenced to four years in prison for his death for involuntary manslaughter.

What’s the problem with Jackson’s skin color?

Michael Jackson’s skin had a medium brown tone in his youth. However, starting in the mid-1980s, his skin became increasingly pale. This change in his complexion has attracted media coverage with some claiming he has bleached. His dermatologist Arnold Klein said he saw signs that Jackson had vitiligo in 1983. In addition, he claims to have observed lupus erythematosus in humans. The effect of albinism on Jackson caused some psychological problems for Jackson. In 1993, Jackson told Oprah Winfrey that he knew nothing about bleaching and had never seen it. He made it clear that he has vitiligo and is using several techniques to bring about an even skin tone. This interview has been watched by more than 62 million people. This interview also stirred up a public discussion about the issue of vitiligo which was not a known disease at the time. several tubes of hydroquinone and benoquin were discovered in his home. These creams are known to be used to treat vitiligo. It is also recorded that Jackson covered his skin condition by wearing long pants and long sleeves. In addition, Jackson also noted to avoid wearing clothes with patterns to avoid drawing attention to his disorder.

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Jackson’s Autopsy

An autopsy performed on Jackson revealed he had vitiligo. It was discovered that his skin had reduced melanocyte, a skin cell active in skin pigmentation. In the case of epidermal hypopigmentation, only part of a person’s body is affected. On the other hand, generalized hypopigmentation involves many parts of a person’s body. However, it was discovered that Jackson had localized depigmentation in several areas of his body. In Jackson’s case, 5 areas were found to have been affected by the condition.

What cosmetic procedures did Jackson participate in?

Over time, it was discovered that Jackson’s facial structure began to change. Doctors speculated that he had undergone surgery to lift his forehead and change his lips and cheekbones. People close to the male singer confirmed that as of 1990, he had undergone ten surgeries. But in his book, Jackson claims that the changes in his facial structure are the result of puberty, weight loss, fasting, and stage lighting. In 1992, the Daily Mirror published a full-page photo allegedly of Jackson’s face, claiming that his face was horribly disfigured by plastic surgery. Jackson filed the allegation and the matter was settled out of court. However, media reports say that an autopsy conducted on him revealed a scar on either side of his nostrils and a scar behind his ears. It is also assumed that he has two scars on his neck. As for the cheekbones, he claims he got it from his father’s Indian bloodline.

What health concerns has Jackson expressed?

As the years passed, Jackson struggled with a number of medical problems as reported by the media. In 1984, he was treated for scalp burns after his hair was engulfed in fire during a scene. In 2009, he was admitted to the Santa Monica hospital to deal with chest pains. However, when tests were performed, it was discovered that he had no abnormalities. It was discovered that the pain was the result of the practice of dancing which led to the bruises. Several concerts have been canceled due to addiction problems.

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Last word

Every aspect of Jackson’s life is worth discussing. The gloves he wears are part of who he is and his image. Why he wears his trademark gloves is something that will be debated for years to come. Michael Jackson is definitely a living legend!You may also like these articles:Native American Body Traits: Native American Physical CharacteristicsNashville Star Miranda LambertRead more: Why do married men flirt? 6 reasons why and what to do about it

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