why did ice poseidon get banned from twitch

On April 28, 2017, popular streamer Paul “Ice Poseidon” Denino had just landed in Phoenix, Arizona on a flight from Los Angeles when the plane was surrounded by police. They quickly got up and removed the streamer from his seat. The caller learned about Ice’s flight information after he shared his terminal number during a pre-boarding broadcast. Although police confirmed the threat was not credible, the damage was still done. After that, Ice will be permanently banned from Twitch. comes with its own unique challenges. The bomb threat incident was a shock to both Ice and his community, and while things didn’t change immediately, this incident is a turning point that will inspire lasting growth in the relationship. his relationship with his community. Now, four years later, after switching from one streaming service to another, Ice is looking for only one thing: redeeming rewards on Twitch.Screengrab via YouTube (Poseidon Highlights) During his time on Twitch, Ice has been at the forefront of the IRL category, initially using Pokémon Go as a loophole to get around the streaming platform’s previous ban on with non-game content. Thousands of fans have flocked to his stream eagerly waiting to see what happens when the streamer interacts with the outside world. However, this also creates a dark trend of cheating and cheating. One of the catalysts that helped his community get to this point is the r/Ice_Poseidon subreddit, where thousands of Ice’s viewers will gather to discuss the stream. Others have used the forum as a place to share racist and offensive material. “You know when you have Reddit, rights viewers can basically favor other entitled viewers and create a really toxic environment that leads to my chat room and that’s not the time. fun time,” said Ice in an interview with Dot Esports. “I don’t know maybe it’s just me because I haven’t moderated it enough, but I mean if you give people a chance to say negative things, it starts to get out of control — unfortunately. You can’t give viewers a chance to criticize you in a forum like Reddit because they start to become ignorant and they don’t know where the boundaries are and then you lose control. ”Ice swattingScreengrab via YouTube (EleGiggle) Ice’s biggest problem is in the form of swatters and callers, a broad term used for viewers who use Ice’s location to call nearby businesses to harass streamers. . While these incidents are often highlighted on forums, Ice doesn’t believe his subreddit is to blame. ‘ said Ice. “It happened because if you’re walking in public with 20,000 viewers, I mean you’re putting too much power on your audience right? I don’t know, walking into a store with 20,000 people watching, walking down the street with 20,000 people watching. Chances are something weird will happen because you know, you have viewers who want attention and they want something weird to happen. The maliciousness eventually led to Reddit banning the forum in October 2019. At that point, Ice abandoned the platform. With no plans to reopen his Reddit, Ice has moved to Discord to communicate with his viewers. While using the new platform, Ice says much of the harassment he has faced has disappeared. It also gives him a way to connect with his audience on a more personal level, where he treats him like a person rather than an object. about harassment as they arise on the stream. Now he just ignores them, turns off the stream at the first sign of trouble, and moves on. Using this approach, Ice says these situations have virtually stopped.Screengrab via YoutubeScreengrab via YouTube (Ice Poseidon) In early 2019, shortly before moving to Mixer, Ice made major changes to all aspects of its stream, including expanding the content style and interpretation solve toxic problems in his community. “I started Ice speaking. “You know, I had a very bad sorta community at the time, very toxic and it was all against me. Microsoft shut down its Mixer streaming service last summer, forcing its creators to find a new home for their content. The closure leaves Ice in the position he’s been in before, one where he’s been forced to look for a new home for his live stream. It’s a bit weird — I really don’t want to do that,” says Ice. “I really like Mixer, it’s a pretty good platform. It’s just a pity that they don’t know what they’re doing in my opinion. They have a very distant vision of what their creators really want. Read more: Do cats eat their kittens? | Top Q&AD Despite this, Ice still feels like Mixer has some vision for its creators, something YouTube is currently lacking, according to the streamer. lacks basic features. “The discoverability is very poor and you have to constantly grind to get into the algorithm and the recommendations and it is very difficult to do that as a streamer,” said Ice. “If YouTube wants to do anything like if they can add a better chat room where, like everyone has a badge and more intrinsic options to customize who they are in the conversation. That would be a great start to building a healthy community, because YouTube chat is just spam right now. “After Mixer was shut down, Ice released a video and accompanying statement urging Twitch to reevaluate the ban on his account in 2017. As for Ice, a streamer who became famous on the internet. this platform, his return to Twitch is more than just a new site to host his stream. It’s also a way to reunite with old friends. “I mean I want to partner with literally any other streamer without some weird stipulations,” says Ice. “And Twitch is clearly a better streaming platform than YouTube, so I want to stay there and be a part of it. However, unfortunately, the main thing is not being able to collaborate with others. It’s very hard, it’s very frustrating, and it’s sad to be honest with you. “Ice has yet to receive a response from Twitch regarding its appeal. But the feedback from his colleagues has been very positive. “I don’t know if the Twitch staff liked it, but my friends liked it and they gave me some positive feedback,” says Ice. “I don’t know what Twitch thinks about it and I don’t know if they’ve seen it. I just based on what people told me but I’m pretty sure they did. ”DtmNg3SU4AA4lOMImage via Instagram (Ice Poseidon) Nearly 4 years after the plane crash, the streamer has had a lot of changes and he’s working hard to modify his actions and reshape his community to better accommodate back to Twitch. But it remains to be seen whether the platform decides to bring the streamer back.

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