why did hannah and ondreaz break up

Internet celebrity Lele Pons got emotional while talking about her best friend, Hannah Stocking. Stocking is still facing shocking charges against her boyfriend, Ondreaz Lopez. The incident was revealed in an audio clip, where the victim’s mother confronted him for his actions. In an interview with Hollywood Fix, Lele Pons opened up about Ondreaz Lopez’s plight and how Hannah Stocking coped with it. Heartfelt message: She also revealed that Hannah is slowing down. Post her comment. Fans hail Lele Pons as a great friend to Hannah Stocking.

Lele Pons extends support to close friend Hannah Stocking

Hannah Stocking and Ondreaz Lopez’s relationship apparently went down the drain after the relationship was later exposed for allegedly grooming minors. Hannah Stocking unfollowed Ondreaz Lopez on social media and deleted all their photos together.Read more: why do cats lie on your chest | Top Q&AS, she also shared a photo of herself crying, which further fueled speculation about the possibility of a breakup. Meanwhile, the Lopez brothers are fighting lawsuits.Image via The Hollywood Fix / YouTubeLele Pons and Hannah Stocking are best friends. They are also frequent collaborators and are two of the most popular female digital creators today. Read more: Why do girls wear Chokers? (Found 11 reasons) | Top Q&A Avatar

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