Why did Devon leave Letterkenny? What happened to Alexander De Jordy?

Why did Devon leave Letterkenny? Alexander De Jordy hasn’t reprised the character in a while, but what happened to him?Pitter pattern, come to ‘er! Letterkenny season 9 gave fans the perfect Christmas present of 2020, and it didn’t take long for audiences to get their hands on all seven episodes. Looking back at the nine seasons of Jared Keeso’s Canadian sitcom, there are countless highlights. However, it actually existed before, it started as a web series on YouTube called Letterkenny Problems and was later turned into a TV series. Since then, it has grown into a beloved cult hit, gradually consolidating a substantial viewership. On the other hand, some people are once again forced to question what happened to Alexander De Jordy’s character, Devon…

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Still from “Letterkenny”, New Means of Measurement

Why did Devon leave Letterkenny?

  • Still not sure why Devon left Letterkenny. However, the decision to report was probably influenced by Alexander De Jordy.

Devon has been a part of the show from the start, appearing in episode 1 of season 1 – titled ‘No Reason to Get Excited’ – and last appearing in ‘St. Perfect Holiday’. This Saint Patrick’s Day special aired between seasons 2 and 3 but Devon hasn’t been seen since. Of course, Stewart and Roald were defeated by Devon’s mysterious decision. is Gae.

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Alexander De Jordy: Where did he go?

Although Devon’s departure from Letterkenny was never explained, Alexander probably wanted to pursue other opportunities. appeared in Letterkenny. He then starred in the 2018 short Tick (he played Johnny) and then took on the role of Matty in the 2019 film Witches in the Woods, directed by Jordan Barker and starring Christopher Borrelli. also served as director, editor and producer on both 2017’s two short films Two Homeless Men Make Juice (in LA) and 2018’s Cheese. Additionally, he has a cinematographer credit on Two Homeless. Men Make Juice (in LA) and a screenplay credit to Cheese.

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Fans praise Letterkenny season 9

However, Letterkenny has continued to receive more critical acclaim with each passing season, and fans are loving the latest installment. Many took the time to praise it and voice their hopes for season 10 on Twitter. Check out a bunch of tweets: In other news, does Letterkenny season 10 have a release date?

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