Why Democracy Is The Best Form Of Government

Why democracy is the best thing we haveVoting Instructions. CREDIT: Eric__I_E (CC) Alexandra Mork, 16 years old, is a 12th grader at Harvard-Westlake High School in Los Angeles. She competed nationally in the Lincoln Douglas Debate and participated in her school’s press broadcast. She believes that civic and democratic participation of the youth is vital to the strength of the nation and is very interested in international relations and politics in general. In her free time, she enjoys reading and writing.ESSAY TOPIC: Is it important to live in a democracy?Although the ongoing debate about the viability and effectiveness of living in a democracy paused after the end of the Cold War and the accompanying democratic revolutions, the international rise of Dictatorships and the simultaneous decline of freedom in the geopolitics make it possible to discuss democratic ideals Democracy is a system of government in which the citizens of a country determine determines its policy through elected representatives, direct voting, or in most cases, a combination of the two. Furthermore, in democratic elections, voters must be able to replace political parties and leaders based on popular support. Finally, a democracy must allow a majority of the population to participate in political processes and not exclude certain groups of people from the political sphere on the basis of race, sex, class, or preference. sexual orientation. equalize oppressed groups by giving people who would otherwise be excluded from politics the ability to vote for policies and people they believe in. oppressive policies prevalent around the world. Some argue that democracy alone is not enough in the pursuit of equality because the majority will still dominate the minority. While this may be true, the importance of democracy should be viewed through the lens of possible alternatives; Other systems of government, such as autocracies, theoretical states, and monarchies are relatively poor at achieving equality because they allow only one person or group of people to make decision for the entire population. Only democracy allows all groups, regardless of race, gender identity, class or sexual orientation, to participate in politics. government to adapt to changing ideologies. Because elected delegates have an incentive to maintain their positions of power, they attract public opinion to maintain popularity. Although many people criticize democratic politicians for their dishonesty, politicians who reflect people’s beliefs are actually positive because it ensures that the majority of citizens’ beliefs are respected. reflected in national policies. Furthermore, it functions as an important check on those in positions of power because if they act in an unpopular or unethical way, they are likely to be voted out of office. in reducing inter-state and internal conflicts. Director of Policy Studies at the Kroc Institute, David Cortright and his colleagues conducted a study to determine the validity of democratic peace theory and examine how regime type relates to violence. They conclude that democracies are less likely to go to war with other countries and engage in civil wars. This is possible because war, of any kind, is politically unpopular as it costs human lives, thereby encouraging democracies to avoid it by all costs. Civil wars are especially unlikely in democracies because democratic governments act as a safety valve for discontent; While disgruntled citizens living in democracies can express their grievances in the form of free speech or exercising the right to vote, citizens living in autocracies have no choice. They have no choice but to use violence if they hope for government change because of their lack of political power. Cortright also cites Rudolph Rummel’s book Death By Government, in which Rummel found that autocracies are three and a half times more likely to commit genocide than democracies. Cortright argues that this is a result of the prevalence of antisemitism reinforced by dictatorships compared with democracies. It is true that autocratic regimes are more likely to adopt and implement policies in a more timely manner. However, the strength of democracy lies in its capacity for gradual change. Complex issues should not be decided quickly and unilaterally by one person in power; They should be debated by large groups of people looking at both sides of the issue until a majority can find a consensus. While every voter is certainly not an expert on every topic, democracies encourage citizens to learn more about the world around them by creating shared accountability between each voter and his or her country. , and their world in general. Democracies promote voters to do research on key candidates and policies, while undemocratic governments promote political apathy because one person’s opinion has no impact to the world around them. in which democracy is on the decline. Even scarier, Freedom House reports that the global index of freedom has fallen for 12 straight years. Editor Gideon Rose emphatically wrote in the May and June 2018 issues of Foreign Affairs, “Some say global democracy is experiencing its worst failure since the 1930s and it will continue to retreat unless rich countries find ways to reduce inequality and manage the information revolution. Those are the optimists. The pessimists fear the game is over, the domination of democracy is over for good. “I am on the side of the optimists. In the face of the global decline of the rule of law, freedom of the press, equal representation, separation of powers, and free speech, democracy will be resilient — but only if we fight for it. Now is the time to support a more democratic world, and more people are doing the right thing. Countries like Ethiopia are undergoing democratic reforms as a new prime minister has freed political prisoners and promised fairer elections. Even in democratic countries like the United States, the impact of political movements like Women’s March and March For Our Lives, which is only possible because citizens’ rights are rallyed peace, obviously. political system, is undoubtedly an important tool in achieving equality, reducing conflict and increasing citizen participation, making it the best system of government available. Read more: Why are mattresses so expensive.

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