Why Can’t I Comment On Live Chat On Youtube

What is YouTube Live Chat?

More than 30 million people post their interesting videos or watch other people’s videos on YouTube daily. A lot of people want to chat with video creators or discuss these videos with others in a timely manner. Google’s YouTube has extended its live streaming service to all users in good standing, so you can now chat live on YouTube through the Google+ Hangouts online service. When the live stream starts, a live chat box appears to the right of the video player. Once the live stream ends, the video and live chat content will be archived. If needed, people can review the video with live chat. Read: why can’t I comment on youtube live chat There are 2 types of YouTube live chat views:

  • Top chats: This view filters messages that could harm you.
  • Live chat: This view does not filter any messages.
  • Furthermore, if the channel or live stream is open to children, live chat will be disabled. Want to know more about some helpful suggestions for making YouTube safe for kids? Please read: Helpful Suggestions For You To Make YouTube Child Safe.

    How to comment on YouTube Live Chat?

    Once the live stream starts, YouTube users want to comment on the YouTube live chat. Here are instructions for commenting on YouTube Live stream chat.Step 1: Set up a YouTube account and sign in with your username/e-mail. If you are not signed in to your YouTube account, you cannot post any messages.Read more: why is youtube so slow 2016 | Top Q&AStep 2: Join the Live Stream. Select the live stream you want to watch, then click it.Step 3: To post in the live chat box, click where it says “Live Chat” and start typing what you want to post. Then click the send icon. Furthermore, a lot of YouTubers often complain that they can’t comment on any live streams or that their messages keep disappearing on live streams. The reason is that some comments are found to be spam and are filtered. There is no choice but to post words that do not harm anyone else, if you like the streamer or do not want to miss another live stream of the author. You can subscribe to the author’s channel. How to reply someone in chat feed by mentioning their username? Here’s the guide: Read more: 13 Reasons Why season 4, episode 9 recap – bring the prom back Dance the night awayStep 1: Type “@”.Step 2: Start typing their username.Step 3: Select a username. What’s more, if you want to see the live chat you’ve been in during your YouTube live stream. You can follow these steps.Step 1: Go into history.Step 2: On the right side of the website, click live chat.Step 3: Scroll down and find live chat messages. To delete a message, hover over it and click the X. Hope it can be useful to you. Read more: Why are Indian dads so mean

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